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The following detailed description of the old tanyard at the south end of Parton is based on an advert in the 7 Jan 1817 issue of the Cumberland Pacquet newspaper (most issues of this and other Whitehaven newspapers are available to view on microfilm at Whitehaven Local Studies Library). Part of the property advertised here was acquired by the Lowthers and became the site of Parton Pit:

"To be SOLD in Public Sale", 6pm, Thu 9 Jan 1817, at The Globe, King Street, Whitehaven; property at Parton as follows:
Lot 1: Tanyard with water mill for grinding bark "and well supplied with Water for carrying on the Tanning Business". Includes "Bark House, Drying Loft, Leather House, Hammering House, Stable and Hayloft, a neat Counting House detached, with other convenient Shades &c. and 54 Vats or Cisterns, 3 Lecks, 12 Handlers, 6 Scourings, 2 Baits, 5 Limes, and 9 Water Pits."
Lot 2: "A newly erected Morocco Factory" adjoining lot 1, "with Tan House, Puer and Dye House, Finishing Rooms, Stove, Warehouse and Counting House, and excellent Drying Shade, 51 feet by 16, with 12 Handlers under Cover of the Premises, 3 Lecks, 2 Limes and 2 Water Pits, and also a Glue Boiler and Shade.
The said Premises are well supplied with Water for carrying on the SKINNING and MOROCCO Business."
Lot 3: Freehold field adjoining lots 1 & 2, c2 acres "good Pasture Land"
Lot 4: Freehold field adjoining lot 3, called Spinner Field "good Arable and Pasture Land, well watered and fenced".
Lot 5: Good garden or orchard adjoining lot 2, "well walled round and stocked with thriving Fruit Trees", plus small piece of land adjoining, "very suitable for Building upon".
Lot 6: "A good modern built Dwelling House" on the east side of Parton, occupied by Henry Bragg; 6 yard frontage with "good Parlour and Lobby in Front; Back Parlour, and Kitchen backwards, with Drawing Room, and Five Lodging Rooms, with a pleasant Garden behind the same."
Lot 7: Dwelling house on west side of Parton "with a good Yard in Front, and a good Common Oven attached thereto", occupied by tenant William Hodgson.
Lot 8: Reversionary estate in a house on east side of Parton, lately occupied by tenant William Steele, "having 2 Parlours in Front, Drawing Room, and 4 Lodging Rooms, Kitchen, and other Conveniences, together with a GARDEN behind the same."
   To view the premises, contact Henry Bragg.