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Coroners for the area betwen the rivers Esk and Derwent were formerly appointed by the lords of Cockermouth, and their records were therefore kept at Cockermouth Castle. Today they form part of the Leconfield series of documents, which can be ordered for study at Whitehaven Record Office (ref. D/Lec/CRI). Note that this list does not include information on what documentation survives for any particular inquest, except in a few cases where it seems likely that none is available at all. Researchers should check with the Record Office staff.
N.B. Inquests after about 1750 are filed by the date of the Quarter Sessions at which their verdicts were presented. Approximate ages of the victims are often given (in brackets after the name)

1714 (Mar 25)PartonMary Hornby (age 6)struck by piece of timber
1723 (May 22)MoresbySarah & Hannah Bragg (infants)drowned on the seashore
Xmas 1756 (5 Jul)PartonRobert Grahamkilled in harbour by swinging boom of the "Mary" of Waterford
Xmas 1757 (13 Nov)PartonMatthew Winderdrowned in sinking of a sloop
Xmas 1816 (31 Aug)MoresbyJohn Webbdrowned in sea by boat overturning during storm
Xmas 1821 (2 Nov)PartonMary Potts"suspicious circumstances" - but no inquest
Xmas 1829 (15 Jan)PartonWilliam Shilton (5)drowned in a pond [documents may be missing]
Xmas 1830 (17 Nov)PartonJohn Mackiedrowned while in a rescue party during the sinking of the brig "Alexander"
Michaelmas 1831 (11 Oct)PartonAdam Cummins (6 months)died in bed- natural causes
Easter 1832 (13 Feb)PartonDaniel Littlefell from a horse
Michaelmas 1834 (26 May)PartonGeorge Irvingdrowned in sea while bathing- intoxicated
Easter 1835 (1 Nov 1834)Partonunknown personfound dead on seashore [several other bodies washed up on shore over the next few days at Harrington & Workington; all possibly from the wreck of the "William Scott"]
Easter 1836 (25 Jan)Partonunknown mandrowned after wreck of the "Hardings"
Easter 1837 (21 Nov 1836)PartonJoseph Irwinfell down shaft at coal pit
Easter 1838 (25 Dec 1837)PartonHenry Jenkinsonroof fall at Lamb Hill Pit
[Christmas 1838 (26 Oct 1838)Harringtondisaster in John Pit]
Michaelmas 1840 (16 Jun)PartonIsaac Anderson (39)fall of stone in Countess Pit
Michaelmas 1840 (21 Sep)MoresbyThomas Murray (14)fell down shaft at Countess Pit
Easter 1841 (21 Jan)MoresbyEdward Gibson (35)explosion of Stythe in Countess Pit
Michaelmas 1841 (26 Aug)PartonRibton Hayton (23)roof fall at Countess Pit
Michaelmas 1841 (29 Aug)PartonWilliam Messenger (25)roof fall at Countess Pit again
Easter 1842 (26 Dec 1841)PartonJohn Ditchburn (20 months)burned by clothes catching fire
Easter 1843 (22 Oct 1842)PartonWilliam Nutter (11 weeks)given laudanum by mistake
Easter 1843 (11 Jan)PartonWilliam Maxwell (58)fell down shaft at Countess Pit
Easter 1843 (21 Feb)PartonMary Murray (54)dead in bed-natural causes
Michaelmas 1843 (23 Jul)PartonAnthony Carr (21)burned in gas explosion at Countess Pit
Michaelmas 1844 (9 Sep)PartonRobert Loraine (46)drowned in sea by falling from the 'Hannah'
Michaelmas 1844 (4 Oct)PartonJoseph Gilpin (40)drowned on sea shore
Michaelmas 1844 (7 Oct)LowcaJohn Lawson (72)caught in machinery at Foundry
Christmas 1844 (7 Dec)PartonJohn Shilton (46)roof fall in Countess Pit
Midsummer 1845 (2 May)PartonJohn Kelly (38)roof fall at Countess Pit
Midsummer 1845 (20 May)PartonJohn Holmes (29)roof fall at Countess Pit
Michaelmas 1845 (8 Sep)PartonJoseph Carter (13)drowned in sea while bathing
Easter 1846 (11 Feb)PartonMary Burney (50)dead in house- apoplexy
Easter 1846 (31 Mar)PartonRobert Miller (35)cut his throat
Michaelmas 1846 (14 Sep)PartonThomas Crelling (44)buried by fall of stone at Countess Pit
Easter 1847 (13 Feb)PartonJames Litster (57)fell from ladder
Midsummer 1847 (1 June)PartonEzekiel Wilson (24)roof fall at Countess Pit
Michaelmas 1847 (25 Aug)PartonJoseph Davidson (53)fell down shaft at Countess Pit
Michaelmas 1848 (11 Oct)PartonThomas Smith (18)fell into sea from the main yard of the 'Pomona'
Easter 1849 (2 Mar)PartonJohn McNeil (38)drowned after falling from the ship 'Whitehaven' in Whitehaven harbour
Michaelmas 1849 (21 Aug)PartonJoseph Stevenson (6)drowned in a pond
Christmas 1849 (3 Nov)PartonJohn Fitzpatrick (65)roof fall at Countess Pit
Easter 1850 (4 Mar)PartonPhilip Goulding (10)run over by coal wagon
Midsummer 1850 (24 Jun)PartonWilliam Hewitt (25)killed by lobelia inflata administered by William Tate [intended as an emetic, to cure stomach pains, according to the inquest report in the "Cumberland Pacquet"]
Michaelmas 1850 (10 Sep)PartonWilliam Golding (12)crushed by wagon in coal drift
Easter 1851 (9 Jan)PartonTimothy Morton (31)roof fall in colliery
Easter 1851 (7 Feb)PartonMargaret Irving (4)burned by clothes catching fire
Easter 1851 (19 Feb)PartonJoseph West (42)drowned by boat overturning in sea
Christmas 1851 (3 Jan 1852)PartonJohn Sands (65)dead in bed- natural causes
Easter 1852 (3 Feb)PartonMary Wilson (53)drowned in a ditch on the Green
Easter 1852 (25 Mar)PartonRobert Wilson (31)hit by falling coal at Countess Pit
Michaelmas 1852 (19 Jul)PartonJohn Forster (37)roof fall in coal pit
Christmas 1852 (8 Nov)Partonfemale child (newborn)found on sea shore
Midsumer 1854 (17 Jun)PartonEleanor Green (71)fell downstairs
Easter 1855 (29 Jan)PartonGeorge Thompson (8)burned by falling into a boiler when taking a vapour bath at the Brewery
Easter 1855 (18 Feb)PartonMary Cockbaine (35)burned to death
Easter 1855 (5 Mar)PartonJosiah Hodgson (4)burned to death
Christmas 1855 (16 Nov)PartonSarah Allan (10 months)burned to death
Michaelmas 1856 (30 Jun)PartonWilliam Raven (51)visitation of God
Michaelmas 1856 (8 Jul)PartonJohn Kitchen (49)caught in a steam engine at the foundry
Easter 1858 (27 Mar)PartonRobert Barnes (63)caught in thrashing machine
Michaelmas 1859 (21 Jul)Partonfemale child (newborn)found on seashore (cause of death unknown)
Easter 1860 (20 Feb)LowcaGeorge Mottershead (13)killed by falling boiler
Easter 1861 (29 Jan)PartonJoseph Goudy (55)natural causes
Easter 1861 (23 Feb)PartonJuani Morin
Juani Antonio Camalic
Matteo Nicholae
Juani Sassenac
Giovanni Camalic
found drowned on shore
Easter 1861 (27 Feb)PartonMatteo Knessechfound drowned on shore
Easter 1861 (4 Mar)Harringtonunknown manfound drowned on seashore
Michaelmas 1861 (20 Aug)Lowca Iron WorksWilliam Nutsford (17)hit by falling lathe-rest
Christmas 1862 (11 Dec)Partonfemale child (newborn)murder by person or persons unknown
Christmas 1862 (25 Dec)PartonThomas Cummings (2)scalded (no medical attendance)
Easter 1863 (14 Feb)Lowca [works?]John Wilson (64)killed by machinery
Easter 1863 (23 Feb)MoresbyRosanna Devling (5)burned by clothes catching fire at Countess Pit
Midsummer 1865 (24 Apr)PartonElizabeth Bateman (18)drowned herself while pregnant- temporary insanity
Midsummer 1867 (13 Apr)PartonJohn Spedding (56)intoxication & exposure
Christmas 1868 (2 Dec)PartonRichard Waite (32)hanged himself- temporary insanity
[Midsummer & Michaelmas 1869 not deposited at Record Office]
[Midsummer] 1873 (13 May)PartonJoseph Vilimekshot himself- temporary insanity
Michaelmas 1873 (21 Aug)PartonHenry Huddart (19)found drowned on seashore
Easter 1874 (28 Mar)Partonman unknown [later identified as W. John Neil?]found drowned on seashore
Michaelmas 1874 (28 Jul)PartonBridget Bibby (45)overdose of laudaum- misadventure
Michaelmas 1874 (5 Oct)PartonJames Tyson (57)fell from roof of a house