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When I moved to the village of Parton, on the Cumbrian coast, I wanted to read about the local history, but found that nobody had ever written a book on the subject... so I decided to do it the hard way.

The first book, "Parton Part one" covers Parton's history up to 1930.

The sequel, "Parton Part off", tells the story of the transformation of Parton between the 1920s and the 1970s

The second sequel, "Parton Party on", looks at life in the village during the same "transformation" period

The books can be ordered via my commercial site, but for anybody who likes to study history from the sources, here are my transcripts and abstracts of some of the bits and pieces I've found.

There are two Partons in Cumbria


Source notes for "Part one" ("Page 57")

Source notes for "Part off" ("Page 70")

Source notes for "Party on"

Directory entries, 1828-1929

Census population figures

The "rebuilding" of the Pier, 1695-7

The Parton Harbour Act, 1705

Moresby christenings, 1704-1709

"The Project"- a satirical poem, c1716

The Parton Harbour Acts, 1724 & 1732

Land tax assessment, 1767

The end of the Pier, part 1

The end of the Pier, part 2

Householders list from 1810 Poor Rate

A reconstructed plan of Parton in 1810

A plan of Parton in 1835

Details of the tannery, 1817

Details of the brewery, 1844

Map index to Foundry Road building leases

Local alehouse licensees 1822-24 (+ 1767)

Full census returns from 1841

Householders list from 1847 Poor Rate

A preacher's life in 1860s Parton

List of Coroner's Inquests, 1700-1875

Building Control plans list, 1883-1934

Moresby Church Bazaar, 1907

Householders list from 1910 Land Tax

The U-boat attack on Lowca, 1915

Where to find old deeds for houses in Parton

Find those obscure Parton place-names

A short essay on Parton's schools, 1900-1939