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This map index to building leases is based mostly on the lease plans in the Lowther Estate plan albums at Carlisle Record Office (ref. D/Lons/W 10)

Building leases on Foundry Road, Parton, from the Lowther estate Notes on lessees:

Miles Cornthwaite- ironfounder of Holmes Villas
John Croasdell- connected with Lowca works
Joseph Dalzell- of Moresby House, boss of Parton Brewery
James Fisher- joiner of Whitehaven
John Glaister- foreman brewer, with wife Mary
Thomas Glaister- coal miner of Parton
Walter Gribbins- coal miner of Parton
Biggins Johnston- of Whitehaven
Thomas Merrin, with wife Mary. Original site plan 2/2/1869
John Thomas Spencer also leased garden ground behind Fern Cottage, 2/12/1892
Robert Young- stone mason of 14 Croasdell Terrace, with wife Hannah