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Over the three days 31 October to 2 November 1907, a bazaar was held in the Oddfellows' Hall at Whitehaven, in aid of Moresby parish. It was themed on "The Cottage Homes of England", and its aim was to raise funds for the church expansion then under way in Moresby, including the development of a Parish Room in the old foundry building on Parton sea-front.
Family tickets for all 3 days cost 4s, but centenarians could get in free. The printed programme (a copy of which is preserved at Whitehaven Record Office, ref. DH 522/4) is packed with adverts, mostly for Whitehaven businesses but including one for Corlett's Grocery Stores in Parton. It has also, of course, details of the participants, and of the projects to be supported. Here are the bits most relevant to Parton:

A new Holy Table and Reredos were given in 1901... and the good ladies of Parton set to work sewing, sold the articles they made, and with the proceeds, amounting to £33, completed the panelling in oak of the east end of the church.
The programme includes a small but lovely picture of the interior of the Parish Room, and the following description: ...the Parish Room at Parton is essentially a room for church organisations, and has already proved of great value, since the schools are less suitable than formerly, and also less available for meetings, classes, and other church work. The old foundry building has been changed from a shed for moulding iron into a place for moulding character, and nearly every evening in the week some work is going on there- on Monday night the Juvenile Rechabites, conducted by Mr Mongahan; on Tuesday the Band of Hope, conducted by Mr Spencer; on Wednesday the Sewing Party; on Sunday the Sunday School. We must not omit the Church Brass Band, which holds its practices there on Tuesdays and Fridays, under the able conductorship of Mr Jas. B. Smith. That concerts, socials, and other recreative meetings are held in the room occasionally is a matter for congratulation rather than regret...
The fitting up of the Parish Room, which was in a ruinous condition, will cost nearly £300, of which about £100 has been raised and spent. The roof was half-destroyed and no floor existed...
Mr Arthur Jackson, of Moresby Hall, has not only given £5 in money but has helped us in a very substantial manner, supplying wood for floor and furniture on favourable terms. That Mrs Jackson is also giving a stall at the Bazaar renders us most grateful for such munificence from the present occupiers of the historic mansion. £5 each has also been gratefully received from the Earl of Lonsdale, Col. Bain, G.W. Hartley Esq., J.S. Simpson Esq., and the Whitehaven Colliery Company. Other contributions, including a grant of 30 from the Diocesan Church Extension Society, have brought the amount as yet received up to £100.

Stalls at the Bazaar included
Stall 3: Parton Junior Sewing Party (stallholders: Misses Renwick, Alice Little, Annie Stewart, Ethel Gunn, Eva Bibby, M.A. Shaw and M. Martin;
  workers: Misses J. Stewart, E. Jackson, C. Anderson, L. Southward, A. Holmes, M. Williamson, M.E. Orr, M. Bell, H. Bennett, J. Boyd, M.E. Hutchinson, M. Balfour, M. Black)
Stalls 7 & 8: Parton Working Party (stallholders: Mrs Spencer, Mrs Tweddle, Mrs Stewart, Miss Holliday, Mrs Brown & Miss Carruthers;
  workers: Mrs Spencer, Mrs R. Tinkler, Mrs Mann, Mrs Magee, Mrs Greaves, Mrs Black, Mrs Stewart, Mrs Wise, Mrs Tinkler, Miss Greaves, Miss Holliday, Mrs Jackson, Mrs Brown, Mrs Glaister, Mrs Tweddle, Mrs Williamson, Mrs Ramsay, Mrs Little, Miss Carruthers, Miss Wilson, Mrs R. Robinson, Miss Boyd, Miss Carlton, Miss Ramsay, Miss Agnew, Miss B. Davidson, Miss Robinson)