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53: Co-op "West Cumberland Times" 1902 Dec 6 page 8a +
 Trade directories 1906 onward; see also
 WRO SRDED 3/ 911, building control plan re alterations, 10 Sep 1931
53: Civil parishMore work needed on this. Parish status referred to in various sources, e.g.
 CRO D/LONS/W.10 plans album 6, page 7, plan of proposed Brewery Brow road widening for Parton Parochial Committeee, 1893
53: Parish HallWRO YPR 15/53-57 (plans, suggested rules etc., 1905-7) +
 Caine, Caesar "A History of the Churches of the Rural Deanery of Whitehaven" (1916) +
 Allen "History of the Church ... Moresby" +
 Announcement in Carlisle Journal, 2 Feb 1906, page 4 column 8. [Thanks DP]
53-54: Bazaar + hall useWRO DH 522/4, bazaar programme (See extracts)- also includes a small but attractive picture of the interior of the renovated Parish Hall
54: Young Men's ClubWRO YPR15/57, plan & elevation dated 6 May 1907 +
 WRO SRDED3/553, building control plan & elevation, drafted before 12 Oct 1908, passed 31 Dec 1908 +
 names of officials in the "Cumberland County Annual" (set at Whitehaven Local Studies Library) +
 name of secretary in Kelly's directories, 1914 on
54: U-boatLowca School "Lowca Survey" +
 official report in the "Whitehaven News", 19 Aug 1915 +
 unofficial poetic account by Joseph Holmes (see online text compiled from slightly differing versions in Lowca bombardment file at Whitehaven Local Studies Library) +
 detailed historical account by F.J.Carruthers in the Evening News & Star, 3-4 October 1968
54-55: Coal industryWood "West Cumberland Coal
 NB: My phrase "early part of the century" is a bit clumsy for Harrington No. 10, which was sunk about 1912 +
 CRO D/LONS/W.10 plans album 6 page 77, royalty to be let to Bain & Co., about Oct 1906 +
 WRO YPR15/38 (calendar description), letter re proposed coal workings under Moresby church, 1885
55: Striking coalEastwood "Geology of the Whitehaven and Workington District" +
 Lowca School "Lowca Survey"
55: Moresby TerracePrivate residents" sections of trade directories, 1883 on
55: Brewery Brow housesWRO SRDED 3, building control plans (see list)
55: Brisco Crescent landCRO D/LONS/W.10 album 7 page 43, drawn before 16 July 1926


Sorry for the lack of photographs in the book, but I'll leave that to those who have collections of original pictures. Small but interesting selections of Parton photos have already been published in two books:

  Fancy, Harry "Around Whitehaven in old photographs" (1992) has:
Lowca works exterior; Lowca works machine & erecting shop interior; cogging mill machinery made at Lowca for Moss Bay ironworks; the 1908 Lowca experimental light tractor; view over Foundry Road towards the station yard (detail from a postcard of Parton from the north); coal pickers during the 1921 strike; view up Foundry Road; children riding in the local ash cart; Moresby Hall.
  Routledge, Alan "Around Whitehaven, the second selection" (2001) has:
Briscoe Crescent newly built; view from the shore below the Pit Gate; brewery workers shortly before closure; Williamson School rugby team; Litt's stores & Post Office; Parton Council, 1895; Moresby Hall & church; Lowca works (as in Fancy); workers at the Lowca chemical plant; view up Foundry Road (as in Fancy, but better quality); Beach House.

And finally, here's the whole of the postcard used for the two photos in "Parton Part one"
The north end of Parton, looking towards Lowca