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40: Locomotive EllenArticle on its journey to Maryport, "Cumberland Pacquet" 7 Apr 1840
40: Crampton "T.R. Crampton (1816-1888) and his locomotives" (Copeland Borough Council, 1984) +
 Marshall, John "The Guinness book of rail facts and feats" (1971)
40: Iron shipArticle in the "Whitehaven Herald" 30 Jul 1842, announced that work on an iron schooner had begun so my date is strictly speaking wrong; however, its launch was reported in the "Whitehaven Herald" of 29 Jul 1843 (having taken place the previous Wednesday).
 NB: The panoramic picture of Parton at JLC can be dated by (a) Its omission of the railway line- i.e. before 1845, and (b) its depiction of a sailing ship under construction at Lowca; i.e. probably the "Lowca" shortly before launch
41: Other productsMorton "Origins of Lowca engine works"
41: Matthewson deathObituary in "Cumberland Pacquet" 2 Sep 1824 (then "in his 33rd year"; to be buried at Dundee)
41: Seaton works saleMorton "Origins of Lowca engine works"
41: end of Tulk & LeyDocuments (relating to the firm's property in Parton) in CRO D/LONS/W.9/Box 1713
41: Fletcher, Jennings & Co.Kyle, Ian "Steam from Lowca" (1974) +
 Lancaster & Wattleworth "Iron & Steel Industry"; see also
 Peile & Nicholson's Directory of Whitehaven, 1864 (See extract)
41: 1866 expansionBuilding lease plan in CRO D/LONS/W.10 plans album 3, dated 12 Nov 1866 (for deed executed 1 May 1867)
41: 1883-4 changesWear, Russell "Some further notes on the Lowca Works" (in "Cumbrian Railways" Feb 2002)
41: Samuel CroasdellDiane Waters (nee Croasdell) pers. comm.: Samuel and his older brother John (raised in the Furness area) lodged in Parton with William & Eleanor Morton (whose daughter,also Eleanor, John eventually married) during their apprenticeships at Lowca. John became an engine fitter, Samuel a consulting engineer.
 (For Samuel's business, see also Workington trade directory entries)
41: 1889 companyWear "Further notes on the Lowca Works" +
 note in "The Industrial Locomotive" No. 81 (1996)
41: Peter GunnUndated newspaper cutting (c1978) in Whitehaven Local Studies Library file on Lowca Engineering, from the "Copeland Notes & Queries" series by "Scribe", interviewing Gunn's son Walter, who says his father's apprenticeship began in August 1872 +
 "View Firth" building control plan in WRO SRDED 3 local authority collection, dated 2 Jul 1903 (See listing)
41-42: New LowcaWear "Further notes on the Lowca Works" +
 "Industrial Locomotive" No. 81.
Further information and corrections on updates page.
42: Magazine of CommerceCopy of article available in Lowca Engineering folder at Whitehaven Local Studies Library
42: TractorFletcher, David "Two experimental military tractors" (in "The Road Locomotive Society Journal" Vol 35, No. 4, Dec 1982).
 "Tractor" is of course here used in its proper sense of "machine for hauling things around"- the War Office wasn't taking up farming.
42: 1912 fire "T.R. Crampton" (Copeland BC)
42: End of LowcaWear "Further notes on the Lowca Works"
43: Brewery to HarrisonSee page 32 notes. The confusion is compounded by the "Thomas/John" Harrison problem.
 Thomas Harrison's acquisition of additional premises is in CRO D/LONS/W.9 Box 1713, dated 12 Aug 1799.
 The firm is also named "Thomas Harrison & Co." in the 1810 Poor Rate records (CRO QF/21/3; See abstract)
 In W.9 Box 1713, tantalisingly, is another deed, dated 17 Dec 1795, for a field at the south end of Parton which was then being rented to "the Parton Brewery Company".
43: Harrison & Co.Trade directories, 1828-34 (See extracts) +
 Whitehaven section in Holden's Directory, 1805-7 (Harrison's then at Irish Street)
43: Harrison to ClementsonDeed in CRO D/LONS/W.9 Box 1713, dated 28 Jan 1845
43: AldrichTrade directories 1847 + 1848 (See extracts) +
 advert for sale of brewery in "Cumberland Pacquet", 1851 Sep 2, page 2a
43: sale to LonsdaleAdvert as above (and see issue of 1852 Mar 16, page 1g) +
 deed in CRO D/LONS/W.9 Box 1713, dated 3 Mar 1852
43: Dalzell early years Lease in CRO D/LONS/W.9 Box 1713, dated 11 Nov 1863, premises "now used as a Common Brewery" +
 trade directories (Whitehaven entries, some noted in extracts)
43: Brewery planOrdnance Survey 1:2,500 First Edition (surveyed c1861) +
 plan for 1863 lease (dated Dec 1863) in CRO D/LONS/W.10 plan album 3, page 50 +
 plan dated Feb 1852 in CRO D/LONS/W.10 plan album 2, page 21
43: Harrington BreweryHarrington brewers entries in trade directories:
 Jackson 1880 "Kendall, A- High Harrington
   White, James- 1 Church Road
   Williamson, Mrs J.- Church Road"
 Bulmer 1883 "Dalzell, Joseph- High Brewery
   Kendall, Abraham- New Brewery"
 Kelly 1894 "Dalzell ... Church Road" etc.
 The brewery building can still be seen in 2002
43-44: Limited companyWRO D/BT/11/22, statement in case Dalzells v Biddell

Company foundation reported in Carlisle Journal, 13 May 1892 p5 [thanks DP]
You may like to know that company records for "Joseph Dalzell's Parton & Harrington Breweries Ltd." (Company number 36121) are available at the Public Record Office.
44: Pub acquisitionsWRO D/BT/11/22, copy of the 1906 working agreement with Jennings of Cockermouth, includes full list of licensed premises, plus separate (apparently incomplete) list of deeds, with dates.
44-45: 1903-7 ructionsWRO D/BT/11/22 + D/BT/11/24, documents from both sides of the Dalzells & Biddell actions, containing much background information.
44: PublicityThis advert from the "Cumberland County Annual" (1904 edition)
45: 1907-25WRO YDB10/92, Dalzells' annual reports
45-46: Primitive MethodistsWRO YDCFM/2/383, Primitive Methodist "station reports" +
 Burgess, John "A History of Cumbrian Methodism" (1980)
46: PM chapel sitePlan in CRO D/LONS/W.10 plan album 1a, page 24, dated 10 May 1855 (proposed building on site eventually used, but dimensions 10 yards E-W, 8 yards N-S
46: United MethodistsWRO YDFC/M/2/426, centenary booklet (1962) +
 list of leases in CRO D/LONS/W.9
46: Independent chapel to 1868Bulmer's Directory, 1883 (Parton introductory notes) +
 Parton Independent Church, record book (photocopy in Whitehaven Local Studies LIbrary file on Parton) +
 Pool, Rev John J. "The Life Story of a Village Pastor (Robert Pool)" (1897, copy at JLC & see extracts)
46: 1868-72Parton Independent Church, record book
46: Sunday SchoolBulmer's Directory, 1883: "The Wilson Memorial Sunday School was erected in 1876" (I have an itchy feeling I should have done more research on that name)
47: Christian BrethrenName in official documents (e.g. WRO YPR15/45) and in Kelly's Directories is Christian Brethren, but
 newspaper reports refer repeatedly to "Church of Christ" (e.g. "West Cumberland Times" 1896 Dec 30, page 4b, and many other notices of Annual Teas, Sunday School activities etc.)
47: Unanswered questionSee trade directories
47: ShoppingThe lack of specialised facilities is particularly notable in the full versions of Slater's directories, where Parton information is included within the Whitehaven listing, which contains dozens of categories unrepresented in the village (e.g. no butcher or doctor)
47: Post OfficeTrade directories +
 census 1871: house 105 head: Elizabeth Lightfoot, age 74, post mistress (in the 1861 census there were two extra Elizabeth Lightfeet, a confectioner aged 28, already a widow, and her 5-year-old daughter, plus another daughter Sarah)
 The Post Office is labelled on the First and Third (1925) editions of the Ordnance Survey 1:2,500 plan (sheet LXI.14)
48: Cornthwaite/ NewallMore research needed on this intriguing family.
 The Whitehaven and Maryport railway Act, 1844, refers to a group of houses owned by Jane Cornthwaite aka Jane Newall, and occupied by John Cornthwaite aka John Newall, and others. Jane is also mentioned in other documents such as a deed in
 CRO D/LONS/W.9/Box 1711, dated 14 Feb 1850, by which Miles Cornthwaite buys unwanted land in the former harbour area from the Railway Company.
48: Miles snr. & IsaacTrade directories from 1847.
 Oddly, Isaac is described in the 1861 census as a shoemaker, but in the 1871 census as a labourer.
48: Victoria FoundrySee the corrections and updates section for an apology about John Cornthwaite.
 The 1872 map is in CRO D/LONS/W.10 plan album 4(i), page 40-41, dated 18-23 December 1872
 First trade directory appearance of "Cornthwaite, M & J.", ironfounders, is Jackson's 1880
 There are later (1905) plans of the site at WRO YPR15/53 (with elevations) and in CRO D/LONS/W.10 plan album 6, page 65
 NB In CRO D/LONS/W.10 plan album 5 is a building lease plan for Holmes Villas on Foundry Road, dated 1 Jul 1882, the developer being Miles Cornthwaite, ironfounder.
48: Foundry saleAdvert in "West Cumberland Times" 1887 Mar 12 page 1c "FOUNDRY FOR DISPOSAL. To be Let or Sold as a going concern, owing to one of the firm going abroad, VICTORIA FOUNDRY, PARTON.- For particulars apply, M. & J. CORNTHWAITE on the works."
 Miles is absent from the 1891 census listing for Parton
48: Ironworks backgroundLancaster & Wattleworth "Iron & Steel Industry" +
 Harris, A. "Cumberland Iron" (1970) [a slightly cheeky title for a history of Hodbarrow Mine, near Millom] which includes on page 47 a summary of ex-mine prices of ore from 1865 to 1874 +
 Burne, Jerome (Ed.) "Chronicle of the World" (1989)
48-49: Ironworks originsLancaster & Wattleworth "Iron & Steel Industry" +
 WRO D/BH/24/9, Blair family records +
 site plan in D/LONS/W.10 plan album 4(i), pages 40-41, dated 18-23 Dec 1872 [+ undated site plan in album 4(2), page 107]
49: 1874-89Lancaster & Wattleworth "Iron & Steel Industry" +
 West Cumberland Times 1883 Apr 21 page 8e & 1883 May 2 page 2e (on the winding-up) +
 WRO DH 225 + DH 532/2 (1890 auction)
49: Ironworks planCrudely sketched from 1890 sale plan in WRO DH 225
49: Lease surrenderCRO D/Lons/W.9 leases/ bundle 16
49 extra:
Ironworks news items
The references found by Dennis Perriam in the Carlisle Journal are:
8 Jul 1881 (page 5). Fatal fall at Parton Ironworks
13 Apr 1883 (p5). Petition for winding up of the Parton Hematite Co.
26 Dec 1884 (p5). Parton Ironworks now in hands of Daniel Adamson & others (named), who have plans for renovation and extension.
6 Aug 1897 (p5 col 5). Demolition of Parton ironworks chimney- at 200 ft high the tallest chimney on Cumberland's west coast
49: Beach HousePrivate residents" listings in directories 1894 onward
49-50: Lonsdale ironworksHistorical summary in Lancaster & Wattleworth "Iron & Steel Industry", page 58 +
 Reservoirs shown on plan dated dated 13 Jan 1879 in CRO D/LONS/W.10 plan album 5; also shown drained as "Old reservoirs" on Ordnance Survey 1:2,500 Second Edition, 1898.
 Buildings at N end of Lonsdale complex (just S of Parton boundary) also shown on OS 2nd edition. Bases of walls visible in 2002.
50: Lonsdale TerraceLease plans in CRO D/LONS/W.10 plan album 4(2), showing row of 12 cottages, +
 album 5, showing row of 15 cottages, both for lease dated 18 Aug 1872
50: Foundry RoadLease plans in CRO D/LONS/W.10 plan albums (online summary may follow sooner or later; for the time being see the Parton Place-finder).
50: Other housingCensus statistics (see summary & graph) +
 Ordnance Survey 1:2,500 First & Second editions comparison
50: Distington railwayJoy "Railways of Great Britain 14"
51-52: Co-opRule book in the Ian Kyle collection, WRO YDX 297/30, with accompanying memo, dated 18 Sep 1875 +
 Lease plans in CRO D/LONS/W.10 plan album 4(2), page 69, dated April 1874 (6 houses) & page 98, 24 Sep 1875 (as built) +
 Statistics for Parton & Cleator Moor societies from Marshall, J.D. & Walton, J.K. "The Lake Counties from 1830..." (1981), based on the "CWS Annual"
 Other details from trade directories, 1876-1880
52: The ToriesWRO SRDED 3, plans 95-96, submitted July 1883 +
 opening announcement in "West Cumberland Times", 1883 Dec 22 page 8
52: The Liberalsopening announcement in "West Cumberland Times", 1883 Nov 7 page 4a-d
52: Sports & clubsWest Cumberland Times" 1888 Apr 21 page 5b (cricket club);
 1888 Sep 29 page 5d (football club);
 1888 Dec 22 page 5e (improvement society)
52: Temperance"West Cumberland Times" 1894 Sep 19 page 2e (Good Templars);
 1896 Aug 26 page 4e (Band of Hope);
 1885 Jun 27 page 5g (BWTA);
 1898 May 11 page 4g (Rechabites)
52: Williamson SchoolAllen "History of the Church ... Moresby" +
 attendance figures in Kelly's Directories +
 Bulmer's Directory 1901
52-53: Accidents etc.Time for an extra Without Whom.
 These references are all taken from an index to the West Cumberland Times, in the Local Studies department at Workington Library, compiled about 1977-8 by workers on what was then called, I think, the Community Programme. Many such indexes were made in libraries and museums across the country in the 1970s and 80s (Whitehaven has one for the Cumberland Pacquet) and they are tremendously useful. I have just two regrets about them: first that the funding always seemed to run out with the job half-done, and second that they were compiled just before cheap computers became available- on thousands and thousands of cards or slips of paper (handwritten, so scanning would not be practical). The job was well worth doing though; thanks again to everyone.