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PRINTED by and for ALEXANDER COUTTS, at the PRINTING-OFFICE, in the Market-Place.
This Paper is regularly filed at the London Coffee-House, Ludgate-Hill, at the Chapter Coffee House, Pater-Noster-Row, and at the Chancery Coffee House
and may be had of Mr. PETER BRETT, Stationer, opposite St. Clement's Church in the Strand, London.

7 Jan 1779:

As in previous issues:
Andrew Whelpdale property auction
Gentleman's Complete Memorandum Book
"Forthergel's" Drops sold by A. Coutts
Numbered list of medicines etc. sold by A. Coutts
[School for Scandal & other books]
[Chambers' Cyclopaedia]

Main advert as usual, still at A. Coutts' shop in Whitehaven Market Place, still 1s registration fee.
"Wanted at the above Office,
Several Sums of Money, from 1000£. to 100£. on undeniable Security.
Several ready-furnished Lodgings.
Also an APPRENTICE to a PAINTER in full Business.
A young Man, who can be well recommended, wants Employment as a Clerk or as an Assistant to a Schoolmaster.
A good Dwelling-House in Plumbland's-Lane to be let."

To be performed at the Theatre, Roper Street, Whitehaven, 8 Jan, by His Majesty's Servants: "A COMEDY (never performed here) called The Good-natur'd Man." At the end of Act II, Mliss McGeorge will perform a new hunting song called "Tally Ho", and the play will be followed by "(for the last Time)" the farce called "The QUAKER". Cast lists given, booking via A. Coutts' Printing Office.

7 Jan 1779- NEWS:
Whitehaven, last Thu: "we had a most violent gale of wind about N.E. which did very considerable damage among the shipping in this harbour. It blew excessive strong from West till N.N.E. during the day; in the evening, the wind came to the N.E. and increased to a hurricane, which continued all night, with very little intermission. On acount of the great number of vessels in the harbour, several that lay without the New Tongue were most exposed to the storm, which was the most violent ever remembered by the oldest seaman at this port. The Speedwell, Capt. Harrison, of Parton, coal loaden, for some port in Ireland, was put back during the storm, and wrecked on the outside of the New Tongue; the Caesar, Capt. Wetherald (from London with merchant goods for Dublin) which had been forced in here the day before by stress of weather, received some damage by another vessel bearing against her stern, occasioned by the breaking of the stone posts, on the Tongue, to which they were moored. A large vessel moored to the inside of the New Tongue broke loose, by the breaking of the pillars, and damaged many vessels. Several ships in the inner parts of the harbour, though less exposed, broke from their moorings, and lost their bowsprits. At tide-time, the sea broke with such violence over the Quay, and New Tongue, that no person cold stand to render assistance when most needful. Notwithstanding the dangers many were exposed to, during the time the vessels were afloat, we do not hear of any lives being lost."
Also mentions an express message being received from Liverpool about two ship losses in that area.

New Year's Day: "the morning was ushered in, at Penrith, by ringing of bells, which continued at intervals all day. It being the Annual Feast of the FRIENDLY SOCIETY, the Members of that ancient Club assembled, at ten o'clock in the morning, at their room at Mr. Wilkinson's, the Swan, from whence they proceeded in procession to the Church, where an excellent sermon was preached upon the occasion, by the Rev. Mr. Robinson, Curate of the Parish of Penrith, from Romans, xii, 10. Be kindly affectioned one to another with brotherly love; in honour preferring one another. The discourse was well delivered, and suitable to the occasion. The Mebers afterwards dined at Mr. Wilkinson's, where an elegant entertainment was provided, and the remainder of the day spent in social harmony.- The utility of this laudable Society has already been happily experienced, by such of its Members as have stood in need of its assistance, and, from the number of admissions applied for, the vacancies will all very soon be filled up."
"Same day the FRIENDLY SOCIETY at Cockermouth, went in procession to church, where an excellent sermon was preached by the Rev. Mr. Gilbanks, from Ephesians, iv, 25. We are all members one of another. From church they repaired in the same order to the club-house, where a genteel entertainment was provided, and an hymn (composed for the occasion by one of the Members) was sung. The harmony and good-humour which pervaded the whole meeting reflects great credit on the Society."

Parish register statistics for Whitehaven, 1 Jan 1778-1 Jan 1779 inclusive.
Old Church: 124 christenings; 24 marriages; 112 burials.
Trinity Church: 64 chr; 22 mar; 64 bur.
St. James's Church: 63 chr; 38 mar; 39 bur.

A few days ago at Carlisle: James Spedding Esq., of Whitehaven, & Miss Harrington of Carlisle.
Last week at Workington: Mr Thomas Martin, white-smith of Whitehaven, & Miss Nelly Hastings of Workington.
A few days ago at Caldbeck, by the Rev. Mr Wilmot: Capt. Richardson jun., of Folds, & Miss Mally Scott of Branthwaite

At Penrith on 30 Dec: Mrs Munkhouse, widow of the late Mr Munkhouse "who formerly kept the George in that town."

"Here's to the maid of bashful fifteen" from "The School for Scandal".

7 Jan 1779- SHIPPING:

[Name, Captain, From/to]
30 Dec- Rchardson, Hogg, London
31 Dec- Eagle Packet, Maxwell, Isleman; Caesar, Wearhrall, London; Duke, Fletcher, Maryport; Speedwell, Harrison, Parton
2 Jan- Fanny, Barton, Carlisle
3 Jan- Hannah, McCreedy, Kirkcudbright; Jenny, Minnah, Whithorn; Hussar, Gurley, Seas
4 Jan- Moor, Booth, Newrey; John & Thomas, Yowart, Dublin; Fanny, Stuart, New York

2 Jan- Ann, Rudd; Ann, Briggs; Assistance, Farish; Lowther & Senhouse, Hind; Britannia, Allison; Peace, Ritson; Benn, McMellon; Peggy, Martin; John & Betty, Hamit; Endeavour, Carlisle; Willam; Bratney; Tryal, Ryley; Hannah, Mossop, Dublin; Good Intent, Farish, Dublin

Thu, 02.30am, 03.00pm
Fri, 03.18am, 03.42pm
Sat, 04.06am, 04.31pm
Sun, 04.54am, 05.20pm
Mon, 05.42am, 06.06pm
Tue, 06.30am, 06.55pm
Wed, 07.18am, 07.42pm

"WHITEHAVEN. Printed by ALEXANDER COUTTS (Successor to J. DUNN) at the Printing-Office, in the Market-place, where Printing in general is Neatly and Expeditiously Performed. SUBSCRIPTIONS, ADVERTISEMENTS, &c. for this PAPER, are taken in by Mr. T. Evans, Book-seller, Pater-noster-row, London; Mr. Wilson, Book-seller, Dublin; Mr. Schaw, Book-seller, Edinburgh; Mr. Charnley, Newcastle upon Tyne; Mr. Gore, Printer, Liverpool; Mr. Monk, Chester; Mr. Harrop, Manchester; Mr. W. Blanchard, & Co. York; Mr. Ward, Sheffield; Mr. Ashburner, Lancaster; Mr. Ashburner, Printer, Kendal; Mr. Furnass, Appleby; Mr. Tait, Printer, Glasgow; Mr. Wilson, Book-seller, Dumfries; Mr. Murray, Kirkcudbright; Mr. John Milliken, Bookseller, in Carlisle; Mr. Blair, Bookseller, Wigton; Mr. A. Soulby, Penrith; Mr. Scott, Post-master, Keswick; Mr. J. Meals, Cockermouth; Mr. Sibson, at the Brewery, Mary-Port; Mr. Atkinson, Workington; Mr. Jackson, Harrington; Mr. Jackson, Saddler, Egremont; Mr. Blair, Hesket-New-Market; Mr. Newby, Inn-keeper, Broughton; Mr. Parke, Ulverstone; Mr. Cloud, Merchant, Abbey Holme; Mr. Robinson, Annan; Mr. Peter Moore, Merchatt, Douglas, Isle of Man; and by the PUBLISHER in WHITEHAVEN."

14 Jan 1779:

As in previous issues:
Whelpdale property sale
Numbered list of medicines etc. sold by A. Coutts
Dr. Millers Original and Genuine Panacea for the Itch sold by A. Coutts
[Middleton's New Complete Dictionary of Arts & Sciences partwork]

"WILLIAM GILPIN, sensible of the many Favours he has received from his Creditors, and from the Public in general, begs Leave to return them his most sincere Thanks, and takes the Liberty of informing them, that by the kind Assistance of his Friends, he is enabled once more to attempt the Wine Trade. That in about ten days his Cellars will be opened, where will be for Sale, on moderate Terms, British and Foreign Wines, Brandy and Rum; but as his Capital is small, hopes his Friends, who are pleased to favour him with their Commands, will not take amiss his requesting an early Payment." Dated Whitehaven, 11 Jan.

For sale by private contract: "ONE SIXTH SHARE of Messrs. SPEDDINGS, and Co's Concern of TIMBER TRADE and BREWERIES. If the whole should be thought too expensive for one Person to purchase, two, three, or more, may be treated with for the same.
The said Company's Accompts of Stock is made up to the 1st of January instant, and may be seen at their office."
Enquiries to Mr William Fletcher, merchant in Whitehaven.

"LOST, on Sunday the 3d Instant, on the Road between Penrith and Temple Sowerby, a SILVER WATCH, Maker's Name, WILLIAM GARNETT, London, No 9895. Whoever has found the same, and will return it to Mr. JONATHAN TODD, of Brough, to Mr. RICHARD BOULT, near Crakeinthrop, or to Mr. PARKIN, at the Three Tuns, in Strand Street, Whitehaven, shall receive half a Guinea Reward.
N.B. If the above Watch should be offered to Sale, or to mend, it is requested to be stopped, and the Person who detains it, and gives Notice as above, shall receive the same Reward."

Whitehaven Theatre [no cast lists this week, so advert given in full]:
"For the B E N E F I T of
Mr. and Mrs. McGEORGE.
By His MAJESTY's Servants.
At the THEATRE in Roper-Street,
On FRIDAY the 15th of January, 1779,
Will be presented,
A COMEDY (never performed here by this
Company) called The
W O N D E R !
Woman keeps a Secret.
End of Act I.
Nay prithee be quiet, by Mr. JEFFERYS.
End of Act II.
A New Hunting Song, called Tally Hoe,

End of Act IV.
A Favourite Musical Dialogue called
A R C A S and R O S E T T A,
By Mrs. BOGLE and Miss McGEORGE.
End of the Play,
The Favourite Medley Epilogue,
Betwixt the Play and Entertainment,
Rule Britannia, to be Sung by Mr. CRANESON
With a Full Chorus of SAILORS.

To which will be added the Dramatic Romance of
C Y M O N.
With the Procession of the
Knights of the different Orders of Chivalry
To celebrate the Nuptials of
C Y M O N with S Y L V I A.
TICKETS to be had at A. COUTTS's Printing-Office
in the Market-Place, where Places for the BOXES
are to be taken.
Nothing under full Price will be taken, nor any Person admitted behind the Scenes.

14 Jan 1779- NEWS:
"We are informed, that the Annual Hunt at Ouzebridge will be held on Friday the 22d of this Instant- John Langton, Esq; in the Chair."

The Tyger (Capt. Storey), bound for Whitehaven from Jamaica, was captured on 7 Sep last by the Montgomery (Capt. Patterson, 14 guns & 90 men) and taken to Salem, New England.

"Letters in town mention, that the Tyger, Capt. Qualtrough (letter of marque belonging to Douglas, Isle of Man) is put into Mount's Bay dismasted."
[I have included this item mainly as an excuse to apologise to Manx readers. When I started this project, I decided to exclude all those items in the "local" news column which did not relate to Cumbria, the vast majority of which were simply abstracted from newspapers produced in other towns. I suspect, however, that some stories from the Isle of Man may not have appeared in any other paper...]

"The Rev. Thomas Cookson is instituted by the Bishop of Carlisle to the Vicarage of Kirkby-Stephen, Westmoreland, to which he was presented by the Rev. Henry Claytor, D.L."

"Last week as Mrs. Nicholson, of Randlehow, in Ashdale, was lifting water out of a well, she unfortunately fell in and was drowned."

"A Correspondent wishes us to remark, that the entertainment prepared for the Cockermouth FRIENDLY SOCIETY, at Mr. James Major's, was extremely elegant and conducted with the greatest decorum.- The following Verses, composed by one of the Members, were sung:
GRANT us, kind Heav'n, what we request!
In love divine let us be blest!
Conduct us to that happy place
Where Friendship smiles in ev'ry face;
Where Friendship and sweet Innocence,
Enlarge the mind and clear the sense.
No prying eye can view us here,
Or fool or knave disturb our cheer;
Our well form'd laws set mamkind free,
And give release to misery:
The poor opprest with woe and grief,
Gain, from our bounteous hands, relief.
Our Club the Social Virtues grace,
And Wisdom's rules we fondly trace;
Whole Nature, open to our view,
Points out the path we should pursue:
Let us subsist in LASTING PEACE,
And may our HAPPINESS increase!

Lately, Mr. William Dowson (a merchant in Liverpool, son of Mr Dowson of Roper Street, Whitehaven) & Miss Parkinson of Lancaster
Last Sun at St. Bees Church: Mr John Rennie, of the Isle of Man, & "the agreeable Miss Foord, of Egremont".

2 Jan at Broughton in Furness, aged 89: Mrs Dorothy Reay, formerly of Whitehaven.
3 Jan at Broughton in Furness, aged 88: Mr Henry Dimont.
4 Jan at Broughton in Furness, aged 93, Mr Philip Ormandy.
[The above 3 entries appeared together in the News section]
Last Sun at Carleton Hall, Drigg: Miss Lucy Burrow, youngest daughter of the late Rev. Mr Burrow

14 Jan 1779- SHIPPING:

[Name, Captain, From/to]
6 Jan- Tryal, Briggs, Dumfries; Mally, Jones, Workington
7 Jan- Providence, Henry; Jenny, McKey, Dumfries; Friends Adventure, Barnes, Lancaster; Rigby, Losh, Liverpool; Mayflower, Barnes, Carlisle
8 Jan- Curwen, Younghusband, Workington; Grizie, Cracket, Dumfries; Jannet & Agnes, Thompson, Carlisle; Leven, Satherthwait, Peelafouther
9 Jan- Kitty, Hodgson, Liverpool
10 Jan- Nancy, Spedding, Workington; Content, Bouch, Maryport; Thomas, Heslop, Dumfries
11 Jan- Success, Jelly, Kirkcudbright

2 Jan- Ann, Rudd; Ann, Briggs; Assistance, Farish; Lowther & Senhouse, Hinde; Britannia, Allison; Peace, Ritson; Benn, McMellon; Peggy, Martin; John & Betty, Hamit; Endeavour, Carlisle; Tryal, Ryley; Hannah, Mossop; William, Bratney, Dublin
6 Jan- Fanny, Barton, Carlisle; Senhouse, Murray, West Indies; Boscowen, Smith; Prosperity, Piper; Mally, Caffrey; Industry, Cragg; Garland, Piper; Truelove, Littledale; Elizabeth, Fletcher; Catharine, Williams; Kitty, Fisher; Thomas, Carrel; Loyalty, Thompson; Nelly, Woodburn; Powel, Huddleston; Jane, Winks; Cumberland, Fleming; Lark, Anderson; Mary & Betty, Boadle; Rosamount, Kirkwood, Dublin; James, Brownrigg, Liverpool
7 Jan- Commerce, Robinson; Resolution, Sharp; Wilson, Benson; Thomas, Westray; John & Bella, Priestman; Rodgers, Benson; William & Thomas, Piper; Swan, Bacon; Williamson, Phillipson; William & Nancy, Richardson; Endeavour, Moor; Hartley, Fanning; Joanna, Fisher; Howgill, McDonald; Tanner, Conkey; Fox, Salkeld; Richmond, Smithson; James, Thompson; Ann & Francis, Whitfield, Dublin; Felicity, Monkhouse; Echo, Allison; Prosperous, Thompson; Hector, Pearson; William & Mary, Moor; Johnson, Kennell; Dallomtower, Fell; Thompson, Johnson, Dublin
9 Jan- Providence, Henry, Liverpool; Hawke, Douglas; Mally, Hannah, Wigton; Friends, Walker, Endfoot; Glory, Jackson; Isabella, Fisher; Friends, Fisher; Ledger, Hodgson, Dublin
10 Jan- Jane, Addy, Annon; Mally, Jones, Milford; John, Watson, Dublin; Martin, Birkhead, West Indies
11 Jan- Jannet & Agnes, Thompson, Workington

Thu, 08.10am, 08.30pm
Fri, 09.00am, 09.18pm
Sat, 09.40am, 10.09pm
Sun, 10.30am, 10.51pm
Mon, 11.26am, 11.50pm
Tue, 12.06am, 12.31pm
Wed, 01.00am, 01.30pm

21 Jan 1779:

As in previous issues:
Share of Spedding & Co. businesses
William Gilpin, wine merchant
Turlington's Original Balsam of Life sold by A. Coutts
Freeman's Antiscorbutic Bitter Drops sold by A. Coutts
Numbered list of medicines etc. sold by A. Coutts

"Now LOADING for GLASGOW, The Brig DIDO, A Constant Trader, (FRANCIS TELFER, Master,) and expected to sail from Whitehaven, about the 10th of February next.
For Freight or Passage apply to the said Master on board, or to Messrs CHRISTOPHER ROBINSON, and Co. Merchants." Dated 20 Jan.

Cumberland Register Office: usual advert; this week:
"Wanted at the above Office,
Several Sums of Money, from 1000£. to 100£. on undeniable Security.
Several ready-furnished Lodgings.
A young Man, who can be well recommended, wants Employment as a Clerk or as an Assistant to a Schoolmaster.
Two Dwelling Houses, with Stables and other convenient Back-buildings, situate in King-street, with a Passage into Strand-street to be Sold." [i.e. in Whitehaven]

To be performed at the Theatre in Whitehaven, 22 Jan, "(Positively the last Night but Five.) For the BENEFIT of Mr. G.GRAHAM & Miss McGEORGE" the tragedy "Edward and Eleanora". At the end of Act 2, Miss McGeorge will sing the new hunting song "Tally Hoe", and at the end of the play, Mrs McGeorge will give a new epilogue, "To which will be added a New FARCE called A Trip to Portsmouth. With a Transparent Scene representing KEPPEL's FLEET at SPITHEAD". Details as usual.

21 Jan 1779- NEWS:
The Whitehaven vessel Hopewell "(which was some time since taken by an American privateer on her passage from the Bay of Honduras) is retaken by the Conqueror letter of marque, and sent for London."

[All other news in this section relates to places outside Cumbria]

A few days ago: Mr Atkinson, surgeon, & Miss Brockbank of the Royal Oak Inn, both of Keswick.
Lately at Caldbeck: Mr Jacob Wharton of the Royal Artillery, & Miss Mally Stanger, daughter of the late Mr Daniel Stanger of Whitehaven.

A few days ago at St. Bees Abbey: Mrs Smith, wife of John Smith snr.; "she was an affectionate wife, a tender parent, and a good christian, and is greatly lamented by all who had the pleasure of her acquaintance."
A short time ago at Dalton: the Rev. Mr Topping.
Lately at Folds in Caldbeck parish: Mr Stamper Dobson snr.
10 Jan in Birmingham: Mr Richard Potter, son of Mr Potter, mercer in Whitehaven, "a most promising youth in the 16th year of his age."
Lately at Keswick, "in an advanced age": Mr Edward Nicholson, "one of the Trustees for the late Mr. Nicholson's charity."

NO POEM [much of this week's paper is occupied by reports from the trial of Admiral Keppel]

21 Jan 1779- SHIPPING:

[Name, Captain, From/to]
3 Jan [mistake for 13 Jan?]- Mary Ann, Robinson, Belfast
14 Jan- Ponellapy, Harrison, Bana; Betty, McGarr, Water Orr
15 Jan- Ann, Briigs, Dublin
16 Jan- Assistance, Farish; Allison, Adamson, Dublin; Thomas, Carrel, Rush
17 Jan- Eagle Packet, Maxwell, Isleman
18 Jan- Powell, Huddleston; Ann, Rudd; Peace, Ritson; Benn, McMellon; Sedgwick, Allison, Dublin; Two Sisters, Hewes, Conaway; Lark, Anderson, Mallowhide; William & Mary, Lowden, Workington; Isaac, Young, Liverpool
19 Jan- Ashlin, Miller, Chichester

13 Jan- Hussar, Gurley, Seas; Leven, Saterthwaite; Boyne, Coulthard, Dublin; Jackson, Sharp; Jenny, Clementson, Carlisle
14 Jan- Kitty, Hodgson, Parton; Wells, Collins; William, Stamper; Rose, Harrison, Dublin; Rigby, Losh, Workington
15 Jan- Mayflower, Barnes, Lancaster; Britain, McNamarra, Dublin; Tryal, Briggs, Dumfries; Success, Jelly; Dumfries, McWhirr, Kirkcudbright
16 Jan- Nancy, Spedding, Workington; Content, Bouch, Harrington; Brothers, Knail, Isleman; Friendship, Pearson, Dublin; Ann, Fisher, Londonderry; Diligence, Brown; Grizie, Cracket; Jenny, McKey, Dumfries
19 Jan- Thomas, Heslop, Dumfries

Thu, 01.20am, 01.41pm
Fri, 02.06am, 02.30pm
Sat, 02.50am, 03.21pm
Sun, 03.44am, 04.08pm
Mon, 04.29am, 04.54pm
Tue, 05.16am, 05.38pm
Wed, 06.21am, 06.30pm

28 Jan 1779:

As in previous issues:
Share of Speddings & Co.
William Gilpin, wine merchant
Fothergel's Drops sold by A. Coutts

To let by auction at the Royal Oak Inn, Keswick, 13 Feb 1779, 2pm-6pm: tolls for 4 years at the Brow-Top, High-Hill and Brigham (near Keswick) turnpike gates on the roads from Cockermouth to Penrith and from Keswick to Dunmail Rays.
Last year, the tolls were let for: Brow-Top £26/4/6 per annum; High-Hill £85/11/0 per annum; Brigham £39/10/0 per annum, over and above the expense of collection. Winning bidders must give sufficient sureties, to be approved by the Trustees present at the auction, for the monthly payment of the agreed rent.
"By Order, JOHN WREN, Clerk."

At the Theatre in Whitehaven on 29 Jan will be performed, "(Positively the last Night but Two.) For the BENEFIT of Mr. JEFFERYS & Mr. FOWLER", the comedy "Never Performed Here" called "The Fathers" by Henry Fielding Esq., with a new prologue & epilogue written by david Garrick Esq., and featuring several songs [details given], followed by "a New COMIC OPERA, called The FLITCH OF BACON" featuring a Rural Dance in the second act.
[NB: As that was probably the last Theatre advert ever published in the Chronicle, this is the last chance to explain that, to keep costs down while keeping the local press happy, the theatre company advertised their Friday performances in the Chronicle, and Wednesday performances in the rival Cumberland Pacquet. The Pacquet, unlike the Chronicle, named various ticket-agents for ordinary seats, but boxes could only be booked at A. Coutts' printing office]

Full column advert from A. Coutts, listing [sometimes with much detail] various books in stock (including "The Seaman's Guide", "INSTRUCTIONS for them that come to be CONFIRMED", "The New Polite Instructor", "Crossman's Introduction to the Christian Religion", "Croxall's Aesop Fables", Charles Cotton's "Sarronides", "Brown's General Law-List" etc. and, of course, "A SERMON occasioned by the Death of THOMAS BENSON, Esq; of Carlisle" by Robert Miln AM- price 6d). Also stationery items (including sealing wax, shining sand & sand-boxes, folding knives, rulers, ink and ink-stands, pencils, message cards, paper and paints); plus "Cakes for making Shining Liquid Blacking, for Shoes, Boots" etc., and finally "Helft's famous powder for taking iron-moulds or ink-spots out of table-linen" etc.

[The January 1779 issue of The Westminster Magazine will contain both a picture of Admiral Keppel and background information (illustrated) on the circumstances which led to his Court Martial- plus a free index for the 1778 issues]

[Just published in London: "Price's New Book of Cookery", by Mrs Elizabeth Price, price only 1s]

[Just published in London, "The New Young Man's Companion", by the Rev. George Brown, MA]

28 Jan 1779- NEWS:
Wed last week: the Right Hon. the Earl of Darlington arrived at The Castle near Whitehaven, "and on Monday morning set off for Raby Castle."

Whitehaven: "The Theatrical Seasou will positively close here on Wednesday next."

Whitehaven: "A stranger, on the Old Quay the other day observed, that the several sea ports of this County had furnished, since the commencement of hostilities, upwards of 500 able seamen, to distress the commerce of our enemies; a striking instance of their loyalty and public spirit.- 'We shall soon be able to spare all our foremast men (said a bye-stander) for there is a scheme in agitation to man the vessels of this port with Masters and boys; as a proof of what I say, that vessel (pointing to a ship going out) by way of trial, is navigated by Five Captains and three boys.'"

Whitehaven: "The Right. Hon. the Lords of the Treasury have made the following appointments in the Customs of this Port, viz.
Mr. John Kelsick, to be Land-Waiter in the room of Mr. Bowness, promoted to be Land-Surveyor. Mr. Anthony Fothergill, appointed Land-Waiter. Mr. Benjamin Seelby, Tidesman, and Mr. John Little, Boatman, of this Port. Mr. John Shepherd, Boatman, at Millom, and Mr. Roger Sawrey, to be Riding-Officer, at Annaside."


NO POEM [but lots of reports from the Keppel trial]

28 Jan 1779- SHIPPING:

[Name, Captain, From/to]
20 Jan- John, Hannah, Wigton; Peggy, Martin, Isleman; William, Bratney; Elizabeth, Fletcher; Dido, Telfer, Dublin; John & Mary, Mayson, Dunlary
23 Jan- Kitty, Jones, Ravenglass; Loyalty, Thompson; Hartley, Fanning; Cumberland., Fleming; Kitty, Fisher; Garland, Piper, Dublin; Industry, Henry, Isleman
24 Jan- Providence, Henry, Liverpool; Seaflower, Slater, Strangford
25 Jan- Betsy, Armstrong; Johnstone, Kennell; Haanah, Mossop; Hector, Pearson, Dublin

19 Jan- Isaac, Young, Liverpool
24 Jan- Providence, Henry, Dumfries

Thu, 06.50am, 07.21pm
Fri, 07.43am, 08.09pm
Sat, 08.25am, 08.49pm
Sun, 09.20am, 09.46pm
Mon, 10.06am, 10.32pm
Tue, 11.00am, 11.32pm
Wed, 12.10am, 12.29pm

4 Feb 1779:

As in previous issues:
Speddings & Co. shares
Turnpike tolls to let, 13 Feb
Books & stationery sold by A. Coutts
Dr. Miller's Panacea for the Itch sold by A. Coutts
[Price's New Book of Cookery]
[Westminster Magazine]

Basic advert as usual. "Wanted at the above Office,
Several Sums of Money, from 1000£. TO 100£. on undeniable Security.
Several ready furnished Lodgings.
Wanted immediately, a young man, or boy, for an Apprentice to a Painter, one of a tolerable genius for design or drawing, would be most acceptable.
To be Let, a small shop conveniently situate in the Market-Place, which might be very suitable for one who attends on Market Days.
To be let, several sittings in sundry Pews, situate in Trinity Church.
A young =Man, who can be well recommended, wants Employment as a Clerk, or as an Assistant to a Schoolmaster.
Two Dwelling Houses, with Stables and other convenient Back-buildings, situate in King-street, with a Passage into Strand-street, to be Sold."

John Clementson, cabinet-maker of Whitehaven, proposes moving to London, and will therefore sell his stock in trade and household furniture by auction at his shop in Sand hill-lane. On 12 Feb, from 10am: "various Pieces of Cabinet Work suitable for Dining and Drawing Rooms, Parlours and Chambers, well worth the attention of Ladies and Gentlemen who have occasion for such Articles". On 13 Feb: "mahogany in Planks (and Boards suitable for Dining-Tables) well seasoned, and other kinds of Wood, Vinnears, &c. together with Benches and other Articles suitable for carrying on said Branch of Trade, a very good Chest of London Tools with Cramps and Screws, &c. Books of Drawings well worth the Attention of the People in the Trade. Also a Seat or Pew in St. James's Chapel No. 6, situate in the middle Aisle."
Clementson's creditors should bring in their accounts, and debtors should pay him before 1 April, "which will much oblige their most obedient humble Servant".
"N.B. The Remainder of the Time of his two Apprentices, and a convenient Work Shop, wth Yard and Saw pit till Whitsunday next, (it being the most eligible Situation in this Town for carrying on the said Branch) may be treated for by Private Contract by applying to John Clementson."

NOTICE: Abigal Newton, executrix named in the last Will and Testament of the late William Singleton Esq., of Drigg, having proved the said Will, requires all money owed to him "whether due by specialty or upon simple Contract" to be paid to her "and to no other Person or Persons whatsoever"; she makes it clear that she now holds the various bonds, promissory notes etc. relating to these debts, in addition to Singleton's business records and accounts. Also, "all Persons having any Demands on the Estate and Effects of the said William Singleton, are desired to apply for Payment for me, at Drigg, unless they have received some particular Notice or Invitation for that purpose from some other Person or Person." [sic]. Dated Drigg, 30 Jan.

"NOW on SALE, by Private Contract, A Quantity of Choice JAMES RIVER LEAF TOBACCO, And Two or Three Hogsheads of LUG. Apply to POTTER & STALKER."

[Tobacco etc. from American ships captured by the Bellona (commander, Patrick Fairweather) to be sold by auction in Liverpool, 17 Feb]

4 Feb 1779- NEWS:
Whitehaven: "LAST night the Theatrical Season closed here with the Comedy of the Tender Husband, or Accomplish'd Fools, and the Entertainment of Don Qioxote in England, for the Benefit of Mr. Austin. The whole entertainment was received with universal applause, by a very genteel and crowded audience. The Company will proceed for Newcastle, and open the Theatre there next week."

On 26 Dec, the Whitehaven privateer Hazard (Capt. Jackson) "fell in with and re-took the Hanover privateer, belonging to Glasgow (which had been taken a few days before by a French privateer) and sent her for this port, under the command of Mr. Stamper. On the 14th ult. as the Hanover was entering the North Channel, the Frenchmen (sixteen in number) having knocked off their irons, suddenly rose and took possession of the vessel. They then put the English into the long boat (except two of the Hazard's people whos they detained) who were taken up by a buss. A short time after, the buss was boarded by a tender, who pressed all the men but two."
[NB: This is a good example of poaching; the Cumberland Pacquet on 2 Feb had printed the actual letter from which this information was derived.]

12 Jan: "a terrible fire broke out in the barn and stable of Thomas Kendal of Suberthwaite in the parish of Ulverstone in Lancashire, which raged with great violence for two hours, and consumed the same to ashes; together with a considerable part of his hay, barley and oats, a quantity of oak timber, and several articles of husbandry gear."

The privateer Revenge (Capt. Chapman) damaged when entering Whitehaven harbour on 28 Dec, "is now completely repaired and nearly ready for a cruize."

Whitehaven: "Three persons died lately in one house, in this town, within fourteen days of each other, whose ages together amounted to 231 years."

Last Sun: Mr William Penny, "an eminent Tinman and Brazier" in Whitehaven, & Miss Nancy Levingstone, Milliner.
Last Mon: Capt. Clark & Miss Kay, both of Workington.
Last week: Mr Smith, mercer of Wigton, & Miss Smith of Gamelsby.

Last Thu, at Great Orswick near Ulverstone, Lancs., "after a long illness, which she bore with true christian fortitude": Mrs Briggs, mother of Dr. Briggs of Ulverstone.
Lately at Beck, in Millom, in her 95th year: Mrs Mary Troughton.
Last week at Whahouse in Millom: Mrs Cooper, mother of John Cooper Esq., Major of the Cumberland Militia, "sincerely regretted by all who had the pleasure of her acquaintance."

NO POEM [but more reports from the Keppel trial]


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11 Feb 1779:

As in previous issues:
Share of Speddings & Co. for sale.
Tolls to let by auction
John Clementson sale
James River leaf tobacco for sale.
Turlington's Original Balsam of Life sold by A. Coutts
Numbered list of medicines etc. sold by A. Coutts
[Tobacco etc. sale at Liverpool- modified advert]
[The New Young Man's Companion]

"For Cork and the Leeward Islands
Capt. HOGG
Will sail with the first Convoy from Cork, and is now ready to take in Goods."
For freight & passage, apply to the Captain, or to Mr Thomas Harrison at the Brewery, Whitehaven.

For sale by auction at St. Bees, 27 Feb, at the house of Mr John Smith, St. Bees Abbey, in parcels or lots ("Each Lot to be first offered to Sale; and the whole Premisses to be afterwards put up together, and which brings most to conclude the sale"): "good Dwelling-House, Barn, Byer, Stable, and othe out Offices; together with about Eighteen Acres of Land (late the Property of Capt. HENRY BRAITHWAITE, deceas'd) situate in and near St. Bees". 9s 7.5d payable annually to the Free Grammar School at St. Bees, + 2d to the purvey; may be entered at Lady Day next. If sold together, 30 guineas payable in hand, the rest at 3 & 6 months; proportionate payments if sold in lots (all subject to security) "A Part of the Purchase Money may remain on the Premisses, if agreeable to both Parties."
Enquiries to Mr William Grayson, or Mr Nathaniel Wilson, Whitehaven.

To let, immediate entry: "a very compact and convenient Farm" in Brougham parish, about 0.5 miles from Clifton, 2 miles from Penrith; c90 acres of land (tithe free) "with suitable Buildings". John Wilkinson of Clifton Dykes, near the farm, will show the premises; enquiries to Thomas Workman at Brougham or Mr Stockdale at the Penrith Brewery.

For sale on 25 Feb [by auction on the premises?]: "a good strong well built new Dwelling House, in a pleasant Situation, near the School-house at Distington; fit either for a Gentleman's Family, as a Country Seat, or for Public Business, as it joins to the Turnpike Road betwixt Distington and Whitehaven.
The Building is about Nine Yards Square, with Four Ground Floors, Four Rooms, and two Garrets over the whole. Together with a Parcel of Ground behind the same, containing Fifteen Yards in Breadth, and between Forty and Fifty Yards in Length. Also about Six Yards of Ground in Front, and the Breadth of said Premisses.
The whole is clear of all Taxes, except such as is commoon, or imposed on such like Houses by Act of Parliament."
Freehold. 10 guineas payable in hand, half the price at 3 months ("on receiving the Title") and the remainder at 6 months- subject to security. Enquiries to James Scott of Distington. Dated Distington, 1 Feb.

11 Feb 1779- NEWS:
"EARLY one morning about a fortnight ago, some villains broke open the shop of Mr. Robert Ellwood, at Haltcliff-Bridge, nigh Hesket-New-Market, and robbed it of sundry articles to a considerable amount: The noise they made awakened Mr. Ellwood, who, imagining it some of the family, called out; which alarming the villains, they fled with their booty without further discovery."

Whitehaven: "Yesterday being the day appointed by Proclamation, for the General Fast, the same was observed in this town with becoming attention and solemnity."

William Hasell Esq., of Dalemain, has been appointed Sheriff of Cumberland for 1779.

Letters from Halifax [Nova Scotia] dated 22 Dec mention the death of Mr Joseph Grayson, second mate of the Whitehaven vessel Littledale, on 11 Dec.

"The Blessing, a beautiful new vessel built for Capt. John Course, was launched from Mr. Falcon's Yard in Workington, on Tuesday sennight."

Whitehaven: "The following direction was copied from a letter in the window of the Post-office in this town. 'To Mr. Henry Townley England in Scarborough to Whiteheven in Cumberland militi in the Cornols company or else wher.' "

"Messrs. Austin and Whitlock will open the Theatre in Newcastle, to-morrow evening, with the comedy of She stoops to Conquer; and the Contrivances, for the benefit of the Infirmary."

Whitehaven: "Last Monday morning, a Court-Martial began to be held in the Assembly-Room in Howgill-street, to try the merits of an affray between Ensign Fothergill, of the Westmorland Militia, and Ensign Mostyn, of the Denbighshire.- The following is a list of the Members of the Court-Martial:
PRESIDENT, Brigadier-General, JOHN Earl of Darlington.
Major Hewitt, of the 2d battalion of West Riding Militia
Major Taylor, of the Durham,
Major Cooper, of the Cumberland,
Capt. Robinson, of the Durham,
Capt. Barnes, of the Cumberland,
Capt. Hutchinson, of the Durham,
Capt. Benning, of ditto,
Capt. Harrington, of the Cumberland,
Capt. Vevers, of the Yorkshire,
Capt. Cathrick, of the Durham,
Capt. Wiggons, of the Yorkshire,
Lieut. Wiggons, of ditto.
John Rudd, Esq; Deputy Judge Advocate.
The evidence closed on Tuesday evening, and the Court met again yesterday, but the result has not yet transpired."
[According to the Cumberland Pacquet for 16 Feb, the verdict was sent to the War Office, not immediately announced to the public]

Lately at Egremont: Mr John Ponsonby, smith in that place, & Miss Barrass, of Hagard-End.

Last Fri at Egremont, in her 84th year: Mrs Bragg
Last Tue at Harrington, after a short illness: Capt. Andrew Green, "a man much beloved and regretted."


NO SHIPPING [but lots more from Admiral Keppel's trial]

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18 Feb 1779:

As in previous issues:
Speddings & Co. share sale
Ship Richardson to sail
Estate at St. Bees
James River leaf tobacco
Dr. MIller's Panacea for the Itch sold by A. Coutts
Freeman's Antiscorbutic Bitter Drops sold by A. Coutts
Books etc. sold by A. Coutts

No new adverts.

18 Feb 1779- NEWS:
Grain prices at Carlisle last week: Wheat 13s to 15s per bushel; Rye 11/6 & 12/6; Barley 7/8 & 8s; Oats 5s & 5/6; White Pease 16s.

Whitehaven: "YESTERDAY morning the Hawk Packet, Capt. George Brown, from Liverpool, with passengers for Dublin, put in here. The Hawk sailed from Livepool on Monday last, in company with the Friendship letter of marque, which vessel, unfortunately, ran foul of Capt. Brown, about one o'clock on Tuesday morning: By this accident the Hawk's main mast was carried away, and she received other considerable damage.- Basil Connol, a seaman of this port (a passenger on board, going to the Hope, Capt. Perry, at Corke) was very active and serviceable to Capt. Brown, in bringing the vessel into this harbour."

"A Correspondent at Penrith informs us, that Wednesday the 10th inst. being the day appointed for a General Fast, the same was observed there with becoming solemnity. In the morning Divine Service was performed in the Church, and an excellent sermon, well adapted to the occasion, was preached by the Rev. Mr. Cooper, to a crowded congregation, from 1 Tim. chap. ii ver. 1 & 2. I exhort therefore, that, first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks, be made for all men; For Kings, and for all that are in authority, that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty."

"Upon the arrival of the news of the honourable acquittal of Admiral Keppel, at Penrith, on Monday evening, the bells were set a ringing, bonfires lighted, and the whole town illuminated. Such was the spirit of the inhabitants, upon this occasion, that they strove with each other who could the most express their approbation of the sentence of the Court Martial. The Beacon was fired; and every other demonstration of public rejoicing prevailed. The Gentlemen of the town, and neighbourhood, assembled at the principal inns, where Admiral Keppel, the President and Masters of the Court Martial, and many other loyal and constitutional toasts were drank upon the occasion. A large quantity of ale was distributed amongst the populace, and the evening was spent in public joy, while good rule and order were observed by every class of people."

Whitehaven: "A few days ago, a man was taken up and carried before the Magistrates of this town. He appears to be a foreigner, and answers the description of the person advertised by the Lords of the Admiralty, and supposed to have made an attempt to set fire to the dock yard at Plymouth. He is now in custody, and a short time will determine how far he is likely to prove the person advertised."

Whitehaven: "Two seamen belonging to this town, who were taken and carried into Brest, by that disappointed incendiary Paul Jones, have made their escape from thence; they write, that near 300 British seamen are confined on board a prison ship in Brest water: and that a French frigate was fitting out for Jones, but his destination was not publicly known."

Last Mon at Penrith: Mr Thomas Hodgson, attorney at law in Carlisle, & Miss James of Penrith, "an accomplished young Lady with a genteel fortune."
Lately at Workington: Mr John Atkinson, & "the agreeable Miss Bell".
Last Mon at St. Bees Church: Mr James Young & Miss Ann Smith, of Braystones.

A few days ago at Wood-Head, near Sedbergh in Yorkshire, aged 94: Mrs Mary Waller.
Wed last week at Douglas, Isle of Man, in his 58th year: Thomas Durie Esq., "greatly respected and lamented".

NO POEM [but long reports on the losing stages of the Keppel trial]

18 Feb 1779- SHIPPING:

[Name, Captain, From/to]
9 Feb: Britain, McNamara, Drogheda
10 Feb- Robinson, Todhunter; Wells, Collins, Cork
11 Feb- Adventure, Thompson, Isleman Prosperity, Monkhouse, Plymouth; Boyne, Coulthard, Dunlary; Linnet, Bell, Biddyford
12 Feb- Eagle Packet, Maxwell, Isleman
14 Feb- Mally & Peggy, Pritchard, Liverpool
15 Feb- Mally, Martin, Isleman; William & Mary, Moor; Brothers, Falcon; Lowther & Senhouse, Hinde, Dublin; Betsy, Power, Cork
16 Feb- James, Brownrigg, Liverpool

10 Feb- Fanny, Bell, Belfast; William & Mary, Clegg; Nelly, Tear, Isleman; Lynx, Banton, Seas

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25 Feb 1779:

As in previous issues:
Spedding & Co. share sale
Estate at St. Bees for sale
Ship Richardson for the Leeward Islands
List of books etc. sold by A. Coutts

"JUST arrived and to be SOLD by FLETCHERS and Co. CHINA ORANGES in Half Chests; SEVILLE ditto. in ditto. LEMONS in ditto. JORDAN ALMONDS, per the Stone or Cwt. RAISINS in Quarter Barrels. CORK WOOD, by the Cwt. or Ton." Also Madeira wine; oak billets; hogshead, pipe & barrel staves; herrings. Also, the sloop Nancy is to be sold by auction on 3 Mar, "with all her materials" at the house of Mr Smith, pier-master, Workington. Dated Whitehaven, 22 Feb.

Details as usual. This week's wants & offers:
"Wanted the Sum of 700£. upon unquestionable Security of a Freehold Estate.
Also the Sum of 100£. upon good Security.
Several ready-furnished lodgings.
Wanted imediately a young man, or boy, for an Apprentice to a Painter, one of a tolerable genius for design or drawing, would be most acceptable.
To be let, a small shop conveniently situate in the Market-Place, which might be very suitable for one who attends on Market Days.
To be Let, several sittings in sundry Pews; single or double, situate in Trinity Church.
A young Man, who can be well recommended, seeks Employment as a Clerk or as an Assistant to a School-Master.
Two Dwelling Houses, with Stables and other convenient Back buildings, situate in King-street, with a passage into Strand-street to be sold."

"JOHN HUDDLESTON begs Leave to acquaint the Public, that he proposes to do Business in this Town as a BROKER, for those who shall be pleased to favour him with their Orders in that way. Persons who want Insurances done in London either on Ships, Goods, Freight or Seamen's Wages, may depend on his getting such Business transacted on the best Terms,and without any other Charge, on his part, than Postage. And he assures the Public, that his Friends in London have for several Years been employed as Insurance Brokers, and have given general Satisfaction, being connected with many respectable UNDER-WRITERS. Those who chuse may be furnished with the original Policies."
Dated Whitehaven, 25 Feb.

[New partwork: "The Modern Universal British Traveller" in 80 parts, part 1 published 6 Mar, price 6d]

[New partworks: "The Holy Bible"... "the smallest ever printed in the English Language" and "The Psalms and Hymns of Isaac Watts, D.D."]

25 Feb 1779- NEWS:
[Main item is an account of the capture of St. Lucia in the West Indies by the Royal Navy, reported when the Rawlinson arrived at Lancaster after a 5-week voyage from St. Vincent's]

Last week, the Militia Commanding Officer in Whitehaven received an express message from the Judge Advocate General, regarding the recent Court Martial there: "The sentence ordered one of the Officers in the affray to ask pardon of the Prosecutor at the head of the two battalions; and the other two Officers, charged, to be reprimanded, at the head of their own corps, by the Commanding Officer. We must also observe, that His Majesty has signified his disapprobation of the Prosecutor's conduct. On Saturday last, the sentence was accordingly fulfilled on the common, between Distington and Cockermouth, where the battalions were drawn up."

"We have authority to assure the public, that there was no quarrel happened between Lieut. Thompson and Ensign Fothergill at the King's Arms, as reported."

Whitehaven?: "Two companies of the Westmorland Militia marched from hence for Carlisle, on Tuesday morning."

Whitehaven: "The Revenge privateer, Capt. Chapman, is now compleatly manned, and will sail the first fair wind. The owners gave a ball to the officers and crew, on Tuesday evening, at the Assembly-Room in Howgill-street."

Last Thu, Whitehaven's inhabitants "were agreeably surprized, by the appearance of tha Hazard privateer, Capt. Jackson, which came into port, after saluting the town.- On the 13th inst. in the morning, she fell in with a fleet of upwards of 40 sail of French merchantmen, under convoy for the West Indies; about eleven o'clock, observing a brig to leeward, Captain Jackson stood for, and came up with her about twelve, and ordered her to strike, on which the Frenchman attempted to run him down, but failing in the attempt, and carrying away her own bowsprit and foremast, she struck and proved to be the Dragon, Capt. Jean Ecorceville, a brig of about 200 tons, bound from Rouen to St. Domingo.
The weather being foggy, Capt. Jackson parted with his prize, on Monday morning, and it is reported she is put into Corke."
"The French prisoners brought in here by the Hazard privateer were sent off to Carlisle, on Saturday morning."

Whitehaven, Tue morning: "William Cughtry and Edward Bowes, two apprentices, belonging to vessels in this port, were found dead near the head of the old tongue. It is supposed they had fallen into the water, attemptng to get on ship-board in the night-time, as they were seen in town pretty late."

Lately at Kendal: Mr Charles Johnstone, in his 50th year, & Mrs Martha Armen, "a widow lady in her 75th year".
Mon last week: Mr Richard Thompson, age 85, & Miss Ann Newby of Layrggs, age 40
Lately at Westward, by the Rev. Mr Halifax: Mr Peter Pearson & Miss Grainger, of that place.

9 Feb, at Ramside Furnace, Lancs., "in an advanced age": Mrs Barker, "a woman of great charity, and much lamented by all who knew her."

"P-RTSM--TH WONDER": by ___y of Eg_____t


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