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3 Sep 1778:

As in previous issues:
Fothergel's Drops sold by A. Coutts

For sale by auction at the Globe (Mr Thompson's) in Distington, 25 Sep, 4-7pm: a freehold estate called Pika-Side, in Distington parish, 4 miles from Whitehaven, 3 from Workington. 50 acres, "well fenced and watered", free from tithes, "pays only Three Halfpence a Year to Lord EGREMONT, and Three Pence Halfpenny to the Purvey." "The Houses are very convenient and all New. The Royalty of a good Part of the Estate belongs to it." Let at present for £31/15/0 yearly to tenant at will.
Enquiries to the owner, Mr Peter Gale; John Valentine, the present farmer, will show the premises. 20 guineas payable in hand; £100 in 3 months, the balance at Lady Day next; or part of the money may remain as a mortgage on the estate, "on reasonable interest". Willing to sell by private contract; if this happens, notice will be given in this paper.

CUMBERLAND REGISTER OFFICE, at A. Coutts' shop, Market Place, Whitehaven:
Usual range of services advertised: loans; property; employment/apprenticeships etc. Charge only 1s.
"Wanted at the above Office:
The Several Sums of 400£. 300£. 200£. 100£. on undeniable Security."

Trustees of the turnpike roads from Carlisle to Penrith and Penrith to Emont-Bridge are to apply to the next session of Parliament for a renewal of the Act for repairing the said roads. The next trustees' meeting will be held at the house of Michael Beck in Carlisle, 26 Sep. Signed George Blamire, clerk.

[New edition of John Browne's "General Law List" to be published in November]

EDITOR'S NOTE: as last week.

3 Sep 1778- NEWS:
Whitehaven, last Tue evening: "the assembly for the ensuing season began at Mrs Hayton's rooms in Howgill-street, forming a most brilliant appearance of thirty-one Ladies and twenty-seven Gentlemen; Colonel Myddleton, his Lady, and most of the Officers of the Militia, quartered here, were present. The decorum and regularity with which the whole was conducted by the Master of Ceremonies gave general satisfaction. We hear that the rooms are intended to be beautified, and made more commodious; and that several new rules and regulations have been proposed and agreed upon, to render this assembly, what it ought to be, a polite amusement."

"We hear from Chester, that Messrs. Austin and Whitlock were to open the Theatre Royal there on Monday last."

"We have the pleasure to learn from different parts of the county, that the harvest is begun, if the present fine weather continues it will soon become general, and there never was a finer crop of all kinds of grain."

Mon morning: "the men allotted to serve in the militia for this county marched from hence to Sunderland."

The Whitehaven vessel Golden Rule (Capt. Thompson) returned home from Archangel last night.

Last Sun: a petition on behalf of "the unfortunate James McGee, under sentence of death at Carlisle", signed by a number of gentlemen in Whitehaven, was forwarded by express to Judge Willes at Lancaster.

"A Correspondent, who lately visited the Lakes near Keswick, in this County, informs, that after leaving Mr. Brockbank's, the Royal Oak, in Keswick, he had an agreeable ride, of about eight miles, in view of Bassenthwaite Water, to Ouze-bridge, where he was much pleased at seeing a New Inn erecting there, joining to the road and near the Lake- for tho' there has usualy been a house of public entertainment at that place, this building when finished will be more convenient- its situation is very pleasant, for from thence may be observed the whole expanse of the beautiful lake of Bassenthwaite, with a near view of Armathwaite, Scareness, and of many other places at a greater distance, well worth the attention of the traveller, for their improvements in building and agriculture, the whole surrounded and diversified with hills and mountains forming a most delightful and extensive prospect."

The new frigate Mars (Capt. White), "pierced for 32 guns, and built by Messrs. Ellwood, and Co. of Workington, is now ready to sail from that port."

Law case tried at Carlisle last week, before the Hon. Sir Beaumont Hotham, to recover £2/12/6 wages for a voyage from Milford to Dublin and home to Workington. Plaintiff, a common seaman; defendant, a sea captain. Plaintiff had left defendant's vessel at Dublin, but had not obtained defendant's leave to do so. The Court and Jury decided that a seaman who deserts before the end of a voyage should forfeit his wages, so the cause was lost.

According to news from the Dispatch (Capt. Martin), recently arrived at Robin Hood's Bay, the American privateer Mifflin has lately taken a number of vessels, including the Chatham of Whitehaven (Capt. Townshend)- plundered and burnt. The Dispatch was also taken and plundered, but given to the captured crews so they could get home.

Mon last week at Penrith, by the Rev. Mr Cowper: Mr Thomas Monkhouse "an eminent Mercer in Carlisle", & "the amiable Miss Elizabeth Preston, of Penrith, with a fortune of 5000£. and every other accomplishment requisite to make the marriage state happy." [but see next week]

Last Sun: Mr William Chambers, "an eminent School Master" in Whitehaven.

3 Sep 1778- SHIPPING:

[Name, Captain, From/to]
26 Aug- Success, Pierrie, Stranraar; Archibald, Boyle, Drogheda; Hussar, Gurley, Seas; Nancy, Spedding, Workington
27 Aug- Jenny & Betty, Bell; Esther, Bell, Carlisle; Jenny, Lindsey, Water Orr
28 Aug- Benjamin, Simm, Kirkcudbright
29 Aug- Richmond, Smithson, Dublin; Charming Jenny, Carson; Prosperity, McNeel, Kirkcudbright; Active, Teare, Isleman; King George, Stobridge, Chester
30 Aug- Chatham, Pearson; Linnet, Bell; Eagle Packet, Maxwell, Isleman; Industry, Atkinson; Senhouse, Watson; Benn, McMellon; Sedgwick, Allison; Thompson, Johnson; Commerce, Robinson; Nelly, Woodburn; Neptune, Bacon, Dublin; Allison, Adamson, Newry; Neptune, Bell; Blessing, Curwen, Newport; James & Thomas, Benn, Londonderry; Assistance, Hutchinson, Highlands
31 Aug- Lark, Anderson, Mallowhide; Prosperous, Thompson; Mally & Peggy, Walker; Vigilant, Williamson; Loyalty, Thompson; Dallomtower, Fell; Ledger, Hodgson; Hector, Pearson, Dublin; Michael, Lacey, Youghall; Elizabeth & Mally, Black, Glasgow
1 Sep- William, Howard, Isleman; Jenny, Stuart; Jenny, Minnah, Whithorn; Peggy, Sloan, Liverpool; Mally, Messenger, Dublin; Brothers, Mokinson, Highlands
2 Sep- Industry, Cragg, Dublin

26 Aug- Elizabeth, Fletcher; Endeavour, Moor; Resolution, Banks; Radcliffe, Hodgson; William & Thomas, Piper; Britannia, Allison; Hazard, Pearson; Williamson, Phillipson; Good Intent, Mathers; Hannah, Mossop, Dublin; Endeavour, Burn, Wexford; Saltom, Dawson, Waterford; Benjamin, Simm, Kirkcudbright; Eagle Packet, Maxwell; Chatham, Pearson; John, Kelly, Isleman; Jenny, Minnah; Jenny, Stuart, Whithorn
27 Aug- Rodgers, Benson; Dove, Dargue; Jackson, Sharp; Mary & Betty, Jackson; Hartley, Fanning, Dublin; Catharine, Power, Dungarvon; Lynx, Banton, Seas; Matty, Sharp, Harrington
28 Aug- Mally, Pennyman; Powell, Huddlestone, Dublin; Michael, Newgin, Dungarvon; Esther, Bell, Parton; Jenny & Betty, Bell, Carlisle; Benjamin, Simm, Kirkcudbright
29 Aug- Batchelor, Ellwood, Workington; Margaret, Beca, Water Orr; Swan, Bacon; Echo, Allison, Dublin; Jane, McGowen, Wigton; Mary, English, Wexford; Happy Return, Dawson, Maryport; Rigby, Losh, Liverpool
31 Aug- Ann, Watson, Stranraar; Friendship, Pearson, Dublin; Hannah, McCreedyk Greenock; Active, Teare, Isleman
1 Sep- Tryal, Dalglish, Dumfries; Nancy, Spedding, Workington

Thu, 07.56am, 08.22pm
Fri, 08.47am, 09.12pm
Sat, 09.37am, 10.02pm, clock slow 1m
Sun, 10.26am, 10.51pm
Mon, 11.14am, 11.38pm
Tue, 12.02am, 12.07pm
Wed, 12.26am, 12.50pm

10 Sep 1778:

As in previous issues:
Pika-Side estate sale
Penrith Turnpike
List of medicines etc. sold by A. Coutts

Cumberland Register Office: as last week but with postscript: "Those who choose to apply at the above Office may be assured, that the Proprietor has no Connection with Mr. Skelton, a Partner in the Register-Office formerly managed by Mr. DUNN, nor is the said Skelton in the least connected with the Public's Most obedient, humble Servant, ALEXANDER COUTTS."

"WANTED in a Gentleman's Family, a Person of good Character, well qualified for a Housekeeper and Cook; and, as she is to act in both Capacities, high Wages will be given." Inquiries to the Chronicle office.

"A FAIR will continue to be held for HORSES, and BLACK CATTLE, on the Market-hill, at Wigton, in Cumberland, the 25th Inst. and 20th of February next, and Annually on those Two Days, for the future, where every Accommodation will be made, suitable for the Purpose; and as the First FAIR will now fall on a suitable Time, before Brough-hill, it is expected there will be a very great Show, of both Horses and Black Cattle.

[New partwork: "A New and Authentic History of England", by William Augustus Russel Esq., in 80 weekly parts, starting next Sat, 6d each]

[STATE LOTTERY, 1778: Advert for Nicholson's Old State-Lottery Office, Cornhill, London]

10 Sep 1778- NEWS:
"LAST Monday being a field-day for the Westmorland militia, the battalion marched to the White Park, and went through a great variety of evolutions, and fired in the various positions with very great exactness; a great concourse of people attended and were highly entertained. Many Gentlemen, judges of the military art, declare that this corps is not inferior, in point of discipline, to the best regular troops in the Kingdom.

Last Tue, "a fine new vessel, pierced for 16 guns, called the General, to be commanded by Capt. Isaac Sharp, was launched from the yard of Messrs. Speddings, & Co."

A letter from Scotland, received yesterday by Messrs. Skyrin, Coupland, Bailiff, & Co. of Whitehaven:
"As five French privateers have appeared off Campbelton, and have sunk the Satisfaction armed ship, of Greenock, I thought it prudent to give you this intelligence, that the people of Whitehaven may be upon their guard, as it is thought that John Paul is of the number. I hope you will be prepared for a visit. I have given you a copy of Collector Ferguson's letter to Mr. McNaight, which came by express to Stranraer, and from thence to our Custom-House this day. If any thing new occurs, I will advise you" Signed Alex. Hooks, Wigton [i.e. Wigtown] 6 Sep.
The copied letter, from R. Ferguson at the Ayr Custom-House, also dated 6 Sep, requests the addressee, Patrick McNaight, to have the information sent on as quickly as possible to Stranraer and Ireland.
The Whitehaven response: "Since the arrival of the above intelligence, every practicable means has been used to make the best defence possible, should the above vessels, or any of them, approach this harbour- great numbers of seamen have been engaged, to man the batteries, the different guards have been doubled, and out-picquets placed on different parts of the coast; a battery for several large pieces of cannon, is erecting on the high ground on the South-side of the harbour. The Spy cruizer has also been dispatched to procure information."

"The Mars frigate, Capt. White, sailed from Workington, for Corke, on Monday night. As the wind has been favourable, it is generally believed she would make her passage."

Last Thu "there was a very great show of sheep at Threlkeld fair, near Keswick, in this county. A great number of chapmen attended, and we are informed that near four thousand sheep were sold."

"The marriage of Mr. Monkhouse, of Carlisle, mentioned in our last, is an imposition on us and the public. We are sorry that we should become the means of offending any- but hope the impostor will be discovered, and we shall then hold up the character to the contempt and derision it deserves."

Last Thu at Workington: Capt. Thomas Bell & Miss Mally Jackson, both of that place.
Last Sat, at Workington: Capt. Thomas Key, & Miss Mally Tully of that place.

"Da vela Ventis" (tune: "The Banks of the Dee"), by G.P. of Newcastle, dated 3 Sep. Encouragement to our sailors in their fight against "Gallia's false sons".

10 Sep 1778- SHIPPING:

[Name, Captain, From/to]
2 Sep- Sophia, Smith, Killough; Peace, Ritson; Betty, Wood; Fox, Salkeld; Catharine, Williams, Dublin; Frederick, Donnaugh; Thomas, Crelly, Isleman; Beaver, Bushby, Rush; Golden Rule, Thompson, Archangel
3 Sep- Betty, Knail, Dundalk; Mally, Caffrey, Mallowhide; Peter, Pagen; Peggy, Ness, Isleman
4 Sep- Open Boat, Henry; Nelly, Teare, Isleman; Peggy, Dailey, Balbriggan; Dolphin, Hesket, Carlisle; Betty, Palmer, Dublin; Happy Return, Danson, Maryport; Matty, Cragg, Workington; Peter, Brown, Kirkcudbright
5 Sep- Seahorse, Kirkpatrick, Parton; Chatham, Pearson, Isleman
6 Sep- Venus, Kirk, Kirkcudbright; Olive Branch, Angus; Jenny, Thompson; Thomas, Westray; Curwen, Younghusband, Dublin; Prosperity, Monkhouse, Plymouth; Eagle Packet, Maxwell, Isleman; Margaret, Beca, Water Orr; Jenny & Betty, Bell, Carlisle
7 Sep- John & Thomas, Yowart, Dublin
8 Sep- Tryal, Briggs, Dumfries

2 Sep- Eagle Packet, Maxwell; Chatham, Pearson; Nelly, Tear; William, Howard, Isleman; Fly, McDonald, Liverpool
3 Sep- Adventure, Jackson; Frederick, Donnaugh; Thomas, Crelly, Isleman; Blessing, Curwen, Workington; Charlotte, Stuart; Joanna, Fisher, Dublin
4 Sep- Assistance, Hutchinson, Workington; Howgill, McDonald; Kitty, Fisher; William, Bratney; Betsey, Armstrong; Lark, Anderson; Jane, Winks; Bella, Steele; Grace, Brownrigg; Richmond, Smithson; Ann, Fisher; Cumberland, Fleming; Rose, Harrison; Blake, Corkhill, Dublin; Mary Ann, Robinson, Belfast; Granville, Williams, Newry; Nelly, Briggs, Water Orr; Neptune, Bell, Workington
5 Sep- Peggy, Ness; Peter, Pagen; Linnet, Robbs; Nelly, Teare, Isleman; Hussar, Gurley, Seas; Nicholas, Lindsey, Water Orr; Seaton, Cragg, Corke; Prosperity, Piper; Benn, McMellon; Allison, Adamson, Dublin; Linnet, Robbs, Isleman
6 Sep- Rising Sun, Fennell, Dungarvon; Boscawen, Smith, Liverpool; Beaver, Bushby, Drogheda; Happy Return, Danson, Islemane Inchinquin, Button, Plymouth
7 Sep- Industry, Cragg; Ann, Briggs; Ann & Francis, Whitfield; Vigilant, Williamson, Dublin; Sophia, Smith, Killough; Michael, Larey, Dungarvon; Brothers, Mokinson, Workington; Jenny & Betty, Bell, Carlisle; Industry, Broadfoot, Wigton

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Fri, 02.06am, 02.30pm
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Mon, 04.54am, 05.24pm
Tue, 05.54am, 06.24pm
Wed, 06.54am, 07.23pm

17 Sep 1778:

As in previous issues:
Penrith turnpike trust meeting
Wigton fair
Housekeeper/cook wanted
Freeman's Antiscorbutic Bitter Drops sold by A. Coutts

Some person or persons entered the house of Mr John Smith at Braistones (St. Bees parish) on the night of 9-10 Sep and stole £66 of his money from a drawer there. Mr Smith therefore offers "a Handsome Reward" for information against the thief or thieves.

[New edition of John Browne's "General Law List"]

17 Sep 1778- NEWS:
"The intelligence received from Scotland, and inserted in our last, respecting five French frigates, or privateers, said to be seen of Campbelton, seems to be false. The Spy Cruizer, sent out to procure information, returned on Saturday; by her we learn that the satisfaction, armed vessel, reported to be sunk, was in Belfast Lough, on Thursday last, in company with the Boston frigate, the Harpy and Wolfe, sloops of war, and that they had not seen any privateers."

Whitehaven: "The three new batteries erecting for the defence of this Town and Harbour are in great forwardness, the guns are already mounted, and the parapets, or walls, are nearly completed. About one hundred men have been employed for this week past, on that business, and the whole will be finished in a few days.
The great attention paid by the principal Gentlemen of this Town, in order to put it in a proper state of defence, deserves particular notice, while the conduct of Colonel Moore, of the Westmorland Militia, and Capt. Pemble, of the Royal Navy, now regulating Captain here, in accepting the management of erecting the new batteries, is not less worthy of remark.
From the situation of the batteries at this port, very little is to be feared, from any attempt the enemy may make by sea- the two new batteries erected on the high ground (near the Bowling-Green) which cover the Half-moon battery, command the bay and the entrance of the harbour to the southward; and the new battery, erecting on Redness Point, commands the bay and the entrance of the harbour to the northward.- These batteries are all mounted with forty-two pounders.- New guard-houses are also erecting."

"We are informed that Capt. Moutray, lately promoted to the command of the Britannia of 100 guns, is Son-in-law to Thomas Pemble, Esq; the regulating Captain here."

Last Thu: "the whole battalion of the Denbighshire Militia met on a convenient piece of ground, between Workington and Harrington; a sham engagement was represented, in which the Officers displayed great skill and dexterity, and the men went through their various evolutions and firings with great spirit."

"Lieutenant Denton (late of the Cumberland Militia) is promoted to the rank of Captain-Lieutenant in the Westmorland battalion.
Mr. Trevor Jones is appointed an Ensign in the Denbighshire battalion."

"Last week, the house of Mr. John Smith, of Braistones, was robbed of upwards of sixty-six pounds. Several persons are suspected, and it is not doubted but the offenders will be discovered, a handsome reward being offered for that purpose.- It is somewhat remarkable that upwards of thirty pounds of the above were in half-crown pieces. [See the Advertisement"...

Report from Chester on the Austin & Whitlock Company's performance of the comedy "Know Your Own Mind".

Whitehaven?: "Last Saturday morning, a person was discovered stealing ropes from a vessel in this harbour. He was properly secured, and care will be taken to prevent him from making such depredations- for some time at least."

Whitehaven?: "Several vagabonds, having no visible way of living, have been taken up here within these few days, and secured for his Majesty's service, agreeable to the late Act of Parliament."

Last Sun at St. Bees Church: Mr Joseph Mossop of Pearling in Beckermouth [sic] parish, & Miss Bella Lewthwaite, of the Paper-mill near Egremont.

17 Sep 1778- SHIPPING:

[Name, Captain, From/to]
9 Sep- Joyce & Ann, Saul, Carlisle; Active, Teare; Jane, McGowen, Isleman; Garland, Piper; Truelove, Littledale; Assistance, Farish; John & Betty, Hamit, Dublin; Sanhouse, Hewes, Liverpool; Friends, Fisher, Cork; Mayflower, Barnes, Lancaster
10 Sep- Sally, Mellon, Belfast; Richard, Wraith, Wexford; Tanner, Hamilton; Lively, Clark, Isleman; Augusteen, Poot, Dungarvon; Thomas, Carrel, Skirries; Betsy, Yowart, Dublin; James & Ann, Peele, Dunlary; Rigby, Losh, Liverpool
11 Sep- Seaflower, Gibbins; Minerva, Jackson; Prince of Wales, Briggs; Mally, Pennyman, Dublin; Peggy, Ramsey, Wicklow; Britain, McNamara, Balbriggan; Fanny, Whinn, Carlisle
12 Sep- Betsy, Younghusband; Juno, Jackson; William & Mary, Moor; Moor, Booth; Powel, Huddlestone; Hartley, Fanning; Renown, Bacon, Dublin; Felicity, Monkhouse, Chepstow; Hannah, Pritchard, Carnarvon; Nancy, Spedding, Workington; Nicholas, Lindsey, Water Orr; Chatham, Pearson, Seas; Jackson, Sharp, Newry; William, Crosthwaite, Baldoyle; John & Betty, Lowes; Providence, Brown, Dumfries; Prosperity, McNeel, Kirkcudbright
13 Sep- Hannah, McCreedy; Jenny, McGowen; Jane & Sally, Nelson, Whithorn; Mary & Ann, Maddox, Waterford; Blessing, Curwen; Betsy, Armstrong, Dublin; Betsy, Miles, Youghall; Adventure, Jackson, Isleman
14 Sep- Content, Holiday, Maryport; Hannah, Mossop; Rose, Harrison; Wilson, Benson; Rodgers, Benson; Bella, Steele; Elizabeth, Fletcher; Blake, Corkhill; Charlotte, Stuart, Dublin; Eagle Packet, Maxwell, Isleman; Commerce, Sprawl, Memel; Mary Ann, Robinson, Belfast
15 Sep- Dove, Dargue; Allison, Adamson, Dublin; Mary & Nancy, Anns, Isleman

8 Sep- Content, Woodall, Dublin
9 Sep- Mally, Caffrey, Parton; Archibald, Boyle, Drogheda; Eagle Packet, Maxwell; Active, Tear, Isleman; Jenny, Lindsey, Kirkcudbright
10 Sep- Chatham, Pearson, Isleman; Orange, Losh, Liverpool
11 Sep- Charming Jenny, Carson, Kirkcudbright; Joyce & Ann, Saul; Sally, Mellon, Liverpool
12 Sep- Peggy, Sloan, Highlands; Loyalty, Thompson; Frederick, Reed; Brayton, Harrison, Dublin
13 Sep- Mayflower, Barnes, Harrington; William & Catharine, Garmain; John, McNelly; Lively, Clarke, Isleman; Sedgwick, Allison; Jenny, Thompson; Mally, Messenger; Nelly, Woodburn, Dublin
14 Sep- Jenny, Stuart; Jenny, Minnah, Whithorn; Peter, Brown, New York; Renown, Bacon, Harrington

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Fri, 08.46am, 09.11pm
Sat, 09.37am, 10.01pm
Sun, 10.25am, 10.47pm
Mon, 11.10am, 11.32pm
Tue, 11.55am, 12.07pm
Wed, 12.17am, 12.39pm

At the end of the last page, the Chronicle quotes the following from the London paper "Lloyd's Evening-Post":
"A Good Wife should be like three things; which three things she should not be like:
1. She should be like a Snail, always keep within her house- but she should not be like a Snail, to carry all she has upon her back.
2. She should be like an Echo, and speak when she is spoken to- but she should not be like an Echo, always to have the last word.
3. She should be like a Town Clock, always keep time and regularity- but she should not be like a Town Clock, to speak so loud that all the Town may hear her.

24 Sep 1778:

As in previous issues:
Turlington's Original Balsam of Life sold by A. Coutts
[Nicholson's Old State Lottery Office]

For sale by auction, by Skyrin, Coupland & Bailiff of Whitehaven, 1 Oct: thousands of Bergen deals (length 6-12 feet; width 7-8 inches; thickness 2-2.5 inches); 40 barrels of Norway tar; 20 of Stockholm tar; & 150 of Archangel tar. To be sold in lots "agreeable to the Purchasers then present"; viewing at any time before the sale. Advert dated 23 Sep.

For sale by auction at the house of Isaac Nicholson, inn-holder of Roper Street, Whitehaven, 2 Nov, by the assignees of the estate & effects of William Gilpin, merchant of Whitehaven:
Gilpin's former share (one eighth, plus a seventh part of one sixteenth) in the Nether-Hall Furnace, near Maryport (company accounts, balanced to 1 Jun, may be seen on application to the assignees; it produced "a handsome Profit by the last Year's Trade, and promises to do very well in future"). Purchaser's partnership will be backdated to 1 Jun; must pay 10 gns in hand, and give security for the balance, payable in 3 months.
Parcel of ground in Six Acre Field, in the demesnes of Clathrop, Westmorland (approx 1a 2r 1p), plus parcel of ground in Thornton Nook field, also at Clathrop (approx 1r 26p): yearly free rent 1/4, payable to Lady Litchfield or her assigns, plus yearly payment of 2d to Lord Suffolk or his assigns. "The Purchaser to be intitled to all the Rents in arrear, the account of which are kept by Mr. WHEATLEY of Lowther; is also to take upon him the Payment of all Lord's Rent and Taxes in arrear". Purchase terms as first lot.
A parcel of ground on the west side of Howgill-Street in Whitehaven (street frontage 14.5 yards; extends 66 yards back), adjoining Thomas Hartley's house on the north. Yearly free rent £2/18/0 payable to Sir James Lowther, Bart. "and subject to Covenants for Building thereon which expired the 17th day of March last past." Purchaser to take immediate possession; 5 gns payable in hand, the remainder at Candlemas. 2 freehold houses with a parcel of ground (total 15 yards frontage; extending about 33 yards back) on Charles-Street in Whitehaven- farmed out to William Gilpin, weaver (1 house), and to Mary Waugh & Mary Johnson (other house & land). Yearly free rent £1/3/3, payable to Sir James Lowther, Bart.
These houses & ground "will first be put up in two separate Lots, and then together, and sold to the highest Bidders, and if more is bid for them separately than together, then the Lord's Rent will be apportioned at the Time of Sale." 5 gns payable in hand on each (i.e. 10gns if sold together), balance after 3 months, subject to security. Purchaser entitled to rents from Martinmas next.
A thirty-second share of the brigantine Bella of Whitehaven (master, Henry Steele) and a thirty-second share of the snow Resolution (master, Joseph Banks), "with the Profits since the last Dividend." Purchaser of each share to pay 2 gns in hand, balance at 3 months.
Sale begins 6pm, and will continue at 6pm the next day if all lots are not dealt with. Enquiries to the assignees, Messrs Oswell Sumpton & John Beck, in Whitehaven, or to Mr Henry Littledale, attorney at law.
All those indebted to the bankrupt's estate should make immediate payment to the assignees at the office of Messrs Anthony Ponsonby & Co. in Lowther-street, Whitehaven, "in order that a Dividend may be made as soon as possible." Dated 22 Sep.

For sale by private contract: one sixth share of the stock in trade of Messrs Speddings & Co. Enquire to Mr William Fletcher, merchant of Whitehaven. Dated 24 Sep [and inserted at head of news column].

A. Coutts, Market Place, Whitehaven, has lately received from London "a large Assortment of STATONARY WARES, which, the Public may be assured, are of the very best Quality". List includes sealing-wax (English & Dutch), shining sand & sand-boxes, rulers, pencils, ink, ink-stands, paper & notebooks; ass-skin pocket-books; also pilot books for the coasts of Britain and the West Indies; sea-charts; mariner's compass etc.; also Bibles, books of Common Prayer, and "A SERMON occasioned by the Death of THOMAS BENSON, Esq.; of Carlisle", by Robert Miln, A.M. (price 6d)

24 Sep 1778- NEWS:
Last Tue morning, "the Westmorland Militia marched to the White Park, and, in various divisions, represented an engagement, with the methods of attack and defence. The firings were esteemed very regular, and well timed; and all the different evolutions were performed with a degree of spirit which reflects great credit on the Officers and Men.- Troops thus employed and manoeuvred, as on Tuesday last, wll be taught the modes of attack and defence, the nature of grounds to occupy; they will be accustomed to the hurry and tumult of real action, and thus feel the spirit and emulation of enterprise and glory."

"A letter, received here last week, from a seaman, now a prisoner at Brest, who belonged to the Patience, Capt. Moore, taken some time ago by the Ranger privateer, Paul Jones, commander, mentions that the Boston and Providence frigates, and the Ranger privateer, sailed from Brest, for New England, about the 21st of August."

"A respite, during his Majesty's pleasure, for Joseph McGee, arrived at Carlisle last Saturday."

The Whitehaven vessel Littledale (Capt. Kelsick), voyaging from Glasgow to Halifax, Nova Scotia, carrying troops etc., "fell in with two privateers, one of 16, the other of 14 guns, and, after a smart engagement of five hours, beat them off. The Littledale mounted only 6 carriage guns, but, with the help of the musquetry, cleared the decks of the privateers two different times. The Littledale was much damaged in her rigging, and three of her men were wounded lightly."

A letter from Halifax says the the Whitehaven vessel Dunmore (capt. Lowes "has been very successful in taking some American, and retaking several other vessels, on her passage to Halifax. The arrival of the above ship at Halifax may be considered as a very fortunate cicrumstance, she having, as we are informed, a number of masts, and several tons of rigging and sails on board, for the use of the line of battle ships, on the American station."

Whitehaven: "The weather has been very mild and warm here, for some time past, which has greatly forwarded the harvest in this neighbourhood."

Whitehaven: "Thomas Dainty, one of the privates of the Denbighshire Militia, died here on Tuesday. The different companies, from Workington and Maryport, it is said, will join those here, and that the whole battalion will attend the funeral, this afternoon. The corpse will be interred with the usual military ceremonies."

Tue last week at Ireby: Mr Thomas Scott, draper, & "the much fam'd Nelly Fleming, of the same place; and what is remarkable, the husband's former wife died only ten days before."
Last Thu at Workington, by the Rev. Mr Addison: Capt. Henry Hayston, & Miss Peggy Mason, "an agreeable young Lady, with a large fortune."

LETTER: from C. H.
I HAVE read your Good Wife (see out last) give me leave to tell you three things I expect my Good Husband (when I get one) must be like; which three things, I am determined, he shall not be like.
1. He should be like a Musical Instrument, and never raise his voice beyond a certain pitch; Yet he must not be like a Musical Instrument, and suffer himself to be played upon by every woman that pleases.
2. He should be like a Turtle Dove, and think the greatest happiness consists in being his Wife's company; Yet he must not be like a Turtle Dove, and suffer himself to be taken in every snare that is laid for him.
3. He should be like a Watchman, and keep the peace; But he must not be like a Watchman, to stay out all hours in the night.

Anonymous but "For the CUMBERLAND CHRONICLE":
"Story of a COCK and a BULL" [a protest against the sports of cock-fighting and bull-baiting], ending:
"Methinks I hear, from out the sky,
'All will be better by and by.'
When bloody, base, degenerate man,
Who deviates from his Maker's plan,
Who Nature and her works abuses,
And thus his fellow-servants uses,
Shall greatly, add yet justly, want
The mercy he refused to grant,
And, when his heart his conscience purges,
Shall wish to be the brute he scourges."


Thu, 01.02am, 01.22pm
Fri, 01.45am, 02.08pm
Sat, 02.31am, 02.54pm
Sun, 10.25am [sic], 03.41pm
Mon, 04.06am, 04.31pm
Tue, 05.56am [sic], 05.22pm
Wed, 05.46am, 06.11pm

1 Oct 1778:

As in previous issues:
William Gilpin bankruptcy sale
Speddings' stock sale
List of medicines etc. sold by A. Coutts of Whitehaven
[Nicholson's Old State Lottery Office]

To let by auction, on the premises, 22 Oct 1778: estate called High Common Gate, in Morresby parish (c80 acres), "at the convenient Distance of Two Miles from the Town of Whitehaven, upon the great Turnpike Road from thence to Cockermouth, &c. Has good arable, meadow & pasture land, "well watered and fenced". The present tenants, Jacob Hudson & Thomas Greenhow, will show the premises; enquiries to the Rev. Mr Huddleston in Whitehaven.

1 Oct 1778- NEWS:
"We hear, that Messrs. Austin and Whitlock intend paying their most dutiful respects to the Ladies and Gentlemen of Whitehaven, this Winter, and have given orders to have the New Theatre in Roper-Street, new painted and fitted up in the most elegant and fashionable manner- they hope to be able to perform here about the 12th of November, have engaged several new performers, and have got up several of the new pieces which will be dressed in the greatest elegance, having been at a very considerable expence, to tender all their performances in as superb a manner as on the London Theatres."

"Last week, the New Chimes at Cockermouth Church, were finished by Mr. William Porthouse, of Penrith, which Chime four tunes in a very musical manner, viz. God save the King, Britons Strike Home, Foote's Minuet, and a Psalm Tune for Sundays.- It would not be doing justice to the merit of Mr. Porthouse, were we not to remark, that the above s esteemed a most excellent piece of mechanism and in as small a compass as any thing of the kind in England."

"A Correspondent informs us, that there are now in the parish of Bridekirk, two young Ladies whose ages together do not make more than 30 years, yet they weigh upwards of 24 stone, or 336 lb."

Whitehaven: "Yesterday evening arrived here, the Lowther and Senhouse, Capt. Hinde, in eight weeks from Antigua, with sugars, tobacco, indigo, and cotton; she sailed from St. Kitt's, in company with the Richardson, Capt. Hogg, the Equity, Capt. Richardson, of this port, and 60 sail of other vessels, under convoy of the Deal Castle. twenty sail were separated from the fleet, on the passage."

Last Fri night at Carlisle, "in an advanced age": the Worshipful and Reverend Dr. Wilson, Dean of Carlisle, and Rector of Turpenhowe.

"Suggested by seeing certain Advertisements in a WEEKLY PAPER"*, by "W---" (for the Chronicle)
"* The Cyprian Preventive, and Chinese Lotion, which the Proprietors tell us will prevent the Infection of a certain Disease."

1 Oct 1778- SHIPPING:

[Name, Captain, From/to]
23 Sep- Birmingham, Wills; Jenny, Bell, Carlisle
24 Sep- Lynx, Banton, Seas; Jenny, Lindsey, Water Orr
25 Sep- Diligence, Henry, Dumfries; Jenny, Stuart, Whithorn; Charming Jenny, Carson, Kirkcudbright; Brayton, Harrison, Dublin; Isabella, Fisher, Chester
26 Sep- Eagle Packet, Maxwell, Isleman; Mally, Caffrey, Dublin; Kitty, Jones, Harrington; Tryal, Briggs, Dumfries; Esther, Bell; Jenny & Betty, Bell, Carlisle; Nancy, Spedding; Peter, Cowart, Workington
28 Sep- Friends, Cabstaff, Carlisle; Ann, Rudd; Tryal, Plasket; Portland, Watson, St. Petersburgh; Jane, Donaldson, Water Orr
29 Sep- Linnet, Bell, Isleman; Brothers, Peele, Memel; Betty, Thomas, Belfast; Beaver, Bushby, Newry; Adventure, Jackson; Nelly, Teare, Isleman; Farmer, Stockdale, Dublin; Jenny, Kinailough, Wexford; Catharine, Watkins, Londonderry

23 Sep- Hannah, McCreedy, Wigton; Mary, Pearson, Workington
25 Sep- Hope, McJachoa, Cambletown; Nicholas, Revell, Wexford; James, Thompson; Jenny, Thompson; William & Nancy, Richardson; Mally, Messenger; John & Thomas, Yowart; Prosperous, Thompson, Dublin; Jenny, Irven; Industry, Howard, Isleman; Jane & Sally, Nelson, Whithorn; Golden Rule, Thompson, Cork
26 Sep- William & Mary, Moor; Thompson, Johnson; Hector, Pearson; Betsy, Yowart; Lark, Anderson; William, Stamper; Mally & Peggy, Walker; Mally, Pennyman; Industry, Atkinson; Seaflower, Gibbins, Dublin; Ceasar, Greenhow, Dundalk
29 Sep- Peter, Cowart, Harrington; Birmingham, Wills, Lancaster; Esther, Bell, Carlisle

Thu, 06.36, 07.02
Fri, 07.26, 07.51
Sat, 08.15, 08.40
Sun, 19.04 [sic], 09.29
Mon, 09.53, 10.17, clock slow 11 min
Tue, 10.42, 11.07
Wed, 11.32, 11.57

8 Oct 1778:

As in previous issues:
High Common Gate to let
William Gilpin bankruptcy sale
Speddings & Co. stock for sale
Combined ad for books & stationery sold by A. Coutts
Freeman's Antiscorbutic Bitter Drops sold by A. Coutts
Panacea for the Itch sold by A. Coutts

Sarah Buck, widow of the late John Buck, announces to the "NOBILITY, GENTRY, and PUBLIC" that she intends carrying on the business of the King's Arms Inn at Whitehaven "where she humbly hopes for a Continuance of their Favours, and shall always exert her utmost Endeavours for their Accommodation"
"Neat POST CHAISES, with Able Horses, and Careful Drivers."

For sale by auction, 22 Oct 1778, at Mr Haile's Coffee Room in Whitehaven: "The Good SNOW
About 200 Tons Burthen, with all her Materials, a very fast sailor, of an easy Draught of Water, and remarkably well-calculated for the Coal, Norway, and East Country Trade." 20 guineas payable in hand, the remainder at 3 & 6 months, subject to security. Inventories may be seen at the place of sale, the King's-Arms (Mr Coulthard's) in Workington, and the Golden-Lion (Mr Nelson's) in Maryport. Enquiries to Fletchers & Co., who also have for sale:
"A Quantity of Baltick Oak Billets, from 2 and 1-half to 4 Feet long; 2 and 1-half and 3 inch Dantzick Deck Plank; with a variety of Pine Planks of different Lengths and Thicknesses: small Spars; Pipe, Hogshead, and Barrel Staves; choice Madeira Wine, per the Quarter Cask, or by the Dozen; London Porter, by the Barrel, or Bottled; a Quantity of very fine new made up Herrings; some sweet Old Barley and Black Oats."

General details as usual [including the note about Mr Skelton] plus, wanted at the above office:
"Several Sums of Money, from 1000£ to 100£ on undeniable Security.
Also an APPRENTICE to a PAINTER in full Business."

FROM ANTIGUA, and to be Sold
A Choice Cargo of Scale Sugars,
36 Hogsheads of James' River Tobacco,
A Quantity of Demarara Cotton, and
A few Planks of Mahogany.
They have also for Sale, St. Petersburgh HEMP; Twelve-Head FLAX; New and Old SABLE IRON; Sweedish and Archangel TAR; and Choice TIERCE BEEF."

John Matthison, engraver and watchmaker of Turdoff near Gretna-Green is charged on oath with counterfeiting Bank of Darlington 5 guinea notes. Rewards are offered for his capture: (£50), capture in the act (£100 on conviction, plus a pardon if the person who turns him in is an accomplice), or for delivering the printing plate he has used to Mr James Backhouse at the Darlington Bank, or to Mr John Mitchinson at Carlisle (£20). Matthison is described in detail, with a suggestion that he is likely to be headng for a seaport.

8 Oct 1778- NEWS:
Letters received on Tue advise that the Eliza (Capt. Allen) lately built in Whitehaven, with 18 guns and c90 men, sailed from Dublin on 11 Sep, laden with provisions for Jamaica, but about 5am on 16 Sep, about 48 degrees N, 8 degrees W, found they had sailed during the night into the middle of the French fleet from Brest. Capt. Allen was obliged to strike his colours, and was escorted into Brest harbour by the 40-gun Resolution.

Last Sun, the George (Capt. Askew) and the Revenge (Capt. Grayson), letters of marque belonging to Samuel Martin Esq. of Whitehaven, sailed from thence after saluting the town.

The Whitehaven vessels Richardson (Capt. Hogg), from Dominica, and Equity (Capt. Richardson), from Montserrat, have both arrived off Dover.

Last Sun, "Colonel Pennington (eldest son of Sir Joseph Pennington, Bart.) lately married to Miss Campion, a near relation to the Earl of Northampton, arrived at Muncaster Hall, with his Lady."

We hear from Newcastle, that on Friday sennight the new engine constructed on Mr. Watts' principles, was for the first time set to work, at Byker colliery, in the presence of many spectators, among whom were the Viewers of several neighbouring collieries. [Describes the advantages of the Watts engine over the old Newcomen design]

A phaenomenon in the Bridge way is now erecting over the River Severn, at the ferry between the towns of Shifnall and Broseley, in Shropshire; it is totally constructed of cast iron, is to consist of one arch only, measuring at the base one hundred feet. It is the workmanship of the Mess. Darbys, & Co. of Colebroke Dale, who have engaged to complete it for 5000 guineas."

Last Sat at Bridekirk, by the Rev. Mr Bell: Mr Jonathan Spencer of Great-Broughton & Miss Sally Westray "of the same place"

Last Sat, in his 45th year: Mr John Buck, master of the King's Arms Tavern in Whitehaven, "greatly respected and much lamented".

Anonymous but "For the CUMBERLAND CHRONICLE": "An ADDRESS to LIFE". Last stanza:
"But happy he, whom conscious Virtue gives
A soul serene, a firm, undaunted mind;
In peace secure, and hope, content, he lives,
And when his fate demands him dies resign'd!"

8 Oct 1778- SHIPPING:

[Name, Captain, From/to]
30 Sep- Success, Peele, Cork; Joyce & Ann, Fearon, Newry; Lowther & Senhouse, Hind, Antigua
3 Oct- Margaret, Beca, Kirkcudbright; Seahorse, Kirkpatrick, Dumfries; Mally, Hannah, Wigton
4 Oct- Hussar, Gurley, Seas; Active, Tear, Isleman; Venus, Kirk, Kirkcudbright; Hawke, Robbs, Carlisle
6 Oct- Loyalty, Thompson; Robinson, Todhunter; Orange, Losh, Dublin

1 Oct- Jenny & Betty, Bell, Annon
3 Oct- Fanny, Whinn, Carlisle; Olive Branch, Angus; Chriswell, Johnson; Britain, McNamara; Thomas, Carrel; Peggy, Martin; Williamson, Crosthwaite; Wells, Collin; Assistance, Farish; Hartley, Fanning; King George, Stobridge; Allison, Adamson; Betty, Palmer; Juno, jackson, Dublin; Richard, Wraith; Mary, Doyle, Wexford; Kitty, Jones, Ulverstone; Mary & Ann, Maddox, Waterford; Industry, Broadfoot, Whithorn; Peter, Barwise, New York
4 Oct- Rose, Harrison; Fox, Salkeld; Joanna, Fisher; Betsy, Younghusband; Peace, Welch; Britannia, Bowman; Blessing, Curwen; Moor, Booth; Friendship, Pearson; Senhouse, Watson; Charlotte, Stuart; James & Ann, Peele, Dublin; Nancy, Losh, Malaga; Catharine, Watkins, Peelafouther; Nelly, Tear, Isleman; Charming Jenny, Carson, Kirkcudbright; Diligence, Henry, Dumfries; Olive Branch, Powe, London; Jenny, Lindsey, Water Orr; Saltom, Dawson, Waterford; Revenge, Grayson; George, Askew, New York
5 Oct- Nancy, Spedding; Farmer, Stockdale; Jenny, Walker; Success, Peele; Portland, Watson, Workington; Brothers, Peele, Maryport; Jedny, Stuart, Whithorn
6 Oct- Mally, Caffrey; Truelove, Littledale; Hannah, Mossop, Dublin

Thu, 12.07am, 12.24pm
Fri, 12.52am, 01.20pm
Sat, 01.48am, 02.18pm
Sun, 02.48am, 03.18pm
Mon, 03.49am, 04.19pm
Tue, 04.49am, 05.18pm
Wed, 05.47am, 06.14pm

15 Oct 1778:

As in previous issues:
Dixon & Littledale sugars etc.
Kings Arms, Whitehaven
High Common Gate to let
Darlington banknote forgery
William Gilpin bankruptcy sale
Snow Commerce for sale
List of medicines etc. sold by A. Coutts

"At the ASSEMBLY-ROOM, In HOWGILL-STREET, On WEDNESDAY the 21st of OCTOBER, Inst. Will be performed, a CONCERT OF VOCAL and INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC", to be followed by a ball. Begins 7pm, tickets 2s each, from Mr Howgill in Roper-Street and at Mr Ware's in King-Street. "Copies of the Songs will be delivered to the Ladies and Gentlemen at the Doors."

"NOW selling off at Prime Cost, for ready Money, the STOCK in TRADE of THOMAS BIGLAND, at his Shop the lower End of Roper-Street; consisting of an exceeding goog Assortment of Irodmongery Goods.
N.B. He would be glad to treat with any Person or Persons, who may be inclinable to Purchase the whole of said Stock." Dated 14 Oct.

For sale by auction at Mr Haile's Coffee Room, Whitehaven, 26 Oct: Freehold house & ground in Queen-Street, near St. James's Church (present occupiers Robert Wilkin, James Carnon & others, tenants at will). 7/6 yearly ground rent payable to Sir James Lowther, Bart. Possession from Martinmas next; purchaser to pay 10 guineas in hand, the balance after 3 months (subject to security). May be purchased by private contract before the auction- contact Mr John Grayson in Whitehaven.

Joseph Ridley "has begun the Business of a COMMON CARRIER, betwixt WHITEHAVEN and the City of CARLISLE, having provided himself with good covered Carts, and able Horses, for the Safety of Goods, and the Convenience of those Persons who choose to take this Way of Conveyance." Proposed schedule: leave his house in Roper Street early Thu morning, then via the Cockermouth road and Wigton, arriving at the White Lion in Carlisle Fri morning. Return later that day to arrive back in Whitehaven Sat night. "most reasonable terms".

To be published 6 Nov: "Browne's General Law-List" for 1779 (details given; London publisher). "N.B. Those Gentlemen of the Law, in Cumberland who choose to have their Names inserted in the above Publication, are requested to send their Address (Post-paid) to the Publisher of this Paper, without delay."

"Now fitting out to cruise for three Months, and then to proceed to Montego Bay, in Jamaica, where she will be immediately loaden,
Caleb Fletcher, Commander,

Mounts Eighteen Six-Pounders, with Cohorns, and Swivels; carries 120 Men, is most completely fitted up for their Accommodation, and has a safe Protection.
All brave SEAMEN and LANDMEN, who are willing to Enter, are desired to apply to Capt. FLETCHER (at Mr. JOSEPH FLETCHER's, in Duke-Street, Whitehaven who will give them the greatest Encouragement.
One Fourth Part of all the PRIZES to be divided among the CREW.
GOD save the KING,

15 Oct 1778- NEWS:
Last Mon, Maurice Coulthard Esq. was elected Mayor of Carlisle, "after which, he gave a splendid entertainment, in Mr. Beck's Assembly-Room; most of the principal Gentlemen of Carlisle, and for many miles round, honoured him with their company, and expressed their satisfaction at the elegance of the entertainment- among other rarities, there was a turtle which weighed above two hundred weight."

"A privateer is now fitting out here, called the Hazard, to mount 12 carriage guns, besides swivels, and to have 70 men; she is to be commanded by Capt. Richard Jackson, and will sail in about three weeks."

Whitehaven, last Thu: "a great number of able seamen, who had been engaged for the Bellona, Capt. Fairweather, went from hence for Liverpool. The Bellona is an exceeding fine vessel, and mounts 24 nine and six pounders, with 150 men."

Whitehaven, last Tue: "a woodcock was killed near this town, which is the first we hear has been killed in this neighbourhood this season."

Whitehaven: "Yesterday evening, at tide time, some boys amusing themselves in a boat, at the mouth of the harbour, went as far out as the buoy, one of them got on it and the others loosing their hold of it, could not fetch it again. Some people on shore, observing the critical situation of the boy, went to his assistance and brought him off."

Last Tue night: "some villains broke into a house at Burton High, near this town, and carried off six geese."

Last Mon at Cockermouth: Mr Winder, grocer, & Miss Sally Jones; both of Cockermouth.
Lately at Great Broughton: Mr Palmer, & Miss Whittaker, "both of the same place."

Last Sun at Cockermouth: Mrs Younghusband, wife of Mr Younghusband, "formerly of the George Inn there".

"The FALL of the LEAF" (anon.)

15 Oct 1778- SHIPPING:

[Name, Captain, From/to]
7 Oct- Kendal, Clark, Maryport
9 Oct- Open Boat, Allison, Maryport; Jenny & Betty, Bell, Carlisle
10 Oct- Boscawen, Smith, Liverpool; Orten, Pagen, Dublin
11 Oct- Nancy, Spedding, Workington; Success, Pirrie, Stranraer
12 Oct- Esther, Bell, Carlisle; Mary & Kitty, Eglon, Wigton; Jenny, Minnah, Whithorn
13 Oct- Prosperity, McNeel, Workington; Eagle Packet, Maxwell, Isleman
14 Oct- Jane, McGowen, Wigton; Albion, Birket, Cork

8 Oct- Open Boat, Hasting, Allonby; Seahorse, Kirkpatrick, Parton; Eagle Packet, Maxwell, Isleman
9 Oct- Betty, Clark, Isleman; Kendal, Clark, Liverpool; Lady Jennet, Darney, Carron; Edward, Noddy, Wexford; John & Betty, Hamit; Peggy, Montgomery; Prosperity, Piper; Catharine, Williams; Garland, Piper, Dublin; Jenny, Kincilough, Wexford
10 Oct- Betty, Thomas, Isleman
11 Oct- Ann, Wetton, Newry; Joanna, Summers, Youghall; Williamson, Phillipson; Elizabeth, Fletcher; Thomas, Westray; Wilson, Benson, Dublin; Hussar, Gurley, Seas; Active, Teare, Isleman; Spy, Briggs, Glasgow
12 Oct- Orten, Pagen, Maryport; Endeabour, Moor; Dove, Dargue; Granville, Williams, Dublin; Jane, Donaldson; Margaret, Beca, Water Orr
13 Oct- Tryal, Briggs, Dumfries; Jenny, & Betty, Bell, Carlisle; Mally, Hannah, Wigton; Linnet, Bell; William & Thomas, Piper, Dublin
14 Oct- Resolution, Branthwaite; Mary & Betty, Jackson; Powel, Huddlestone; Rodgers, Benson, Dublin

Thu, 06.41am, 07.06pm, clock slow 14m
Fri, 07.32am, 07.56pm
Sat, 08.20am, 08.43pm
Sun, 09.06am, 09.28pm
Mon, 09.50am, 10.11pm
Tue, 10.33am, 10.55pm
Wed, 11.17am, 11.39pm

22 Oct 1778:

As in previous issues:
High Common Gate to let
House etc. in Queen-Street for sale
Joseph Ridley, Carlisle carrier
The ship Jamaica (Old England for Ever)
Snow Commerce for sale
Dixon & Litttledale, sugar etc. for sale
Kings Arms Inn, Whitehaven
Thomas Bigland ironmongery sale
Darlington Bank forgery
Turlington's Original Balsam of Life sold by A. Coutts

"WANTED an APPRENTICE or two to the COOPER'S BUSINESS, apply to Messrs. RICHARD FLETCHER, & Co." Dated Whitehaven, 18 Oct.

"WANTED against February next or sooner, the sum of Two Hundred Pounds for which good security will be given." Contact the Chronicle office.

22 Oct 1778- NEWS:
Whtehaven: "Last night, at Mr. Howgill's Concert, at the Assembly-Room, in Howgill street, there was a most numerous and brilliant assembly of Ladies and Gentlemen, who expressed their approbation of the different pieces performed.- After the Concert there was a Ball."

"There are two men, now living at Cockermouth, able to go to church and market, one aged 96, the other 97 years."

The Whitehaven letter of marque Hero (Capt. Blakeney) "from Corke with provisions, arrived at New York the 28th of August, with a prize she had taken."

William Readshaw Esq., of Richmond [Yorks.?] has been chosen as Mayor of Appleby for the coming year, with Mr Parkin of Appleby as his deputy.

"A few weeks since a house, in the parish of Brigham, was broke into; but, as it did not then appear that any thing had been carried off, the affair made little noise; however, a short time after, as the maid was making her mistress's bed, she perceived a hole in the floor, of which she acquainted her mistress, who immediately went to the place, and to her utter astonishment found she had been robbed of upwards of fifty pounds, but expressed her surprize at the theft, and declared, that place had been used as a privy purse for many years, and unknown to any of the faily but her father and herself- luckily she had taken out some rings, and other articles of great value, a short time before."

Whitehaven: "Parties still continue to beat up in this town for the privateers fitting out at Liverpool, and meet with great success: In addition to those mentioned in our last, a party is beatling up for the Jamaica, a fine vessel mounting 18 guns, besides cohorns and swivels, and commanded by Capt. Caleb Fletcher." [See advert]

Note: Order to discontinue Kings Arms advert came too late, as that part of the paper was already in the press.

Last Sun at Trinity Church, Whitehaven: Capt. Joseph Dickenson & Miss Rebecca Westray.

9 Oct, in his 88th year: Mr Christian, of Balla-Hutchan near Douglas, Isle of Man.

"The PLAINTIVE SWAIN, A PASTORAL, To the Memory and in Imitation of the late Mr. JOHN CUNNINGHAM". Anonymous.

22 Oct 1778- SHIPPING:

[Name, Captain, From/to]
14 Oct- Open Boat, Folder, Allonby; Peter, Cowart, Ulverstone; Albion, Birkhead, Cork; Jane, Peele, Highlands; Mayflower, Barnes, Lancaster
15 Oct- Jannet, Walker, Liverpool
16 Oct- Delight, Matthews, Lancaster; Open Boat, Howen, Isleman
17 Oct- Thomas, Harris, St. Petersburgh; Isaac, Young, Liverpool; Sucess, Casson, Kirkcudbright
18 Oct- Industry, Chapman, Glasgow
19 Oct- William & Mary, Clegg; Eagle Packet, Maxwell; Industry, Henry; Dallomtower, Fell; Nelly, Teare, Isleman; Royal Oak, Griffis, Cardigan; Robert & Mary, Morrison, Newry; Sedgwick, Allison; Allison, Adamson; Frederick, Reed, Dublin; Diligence, Henry, Dumfries
20 Oct- Rigby, Losh, Liverpool; Senhouse, Watson, Liverpool; Dispatch, Danson, Lancaster

14 Oct- Peggy, Parker, Harrington; Venus, Kirk, Kirkcudbright; Eagle Packet, Maxwell, Isleman; Adventure, Jackson, Dublin; Friends, Cabstaff, Newcastle
15 Oct- Jane, Peele, Workington
16 Oct- Nancy, Spedding, Workington; Grace, Brownrigg; Kitty, Fisher; Blake, Corkhill; Howgill, McDonald; Cumberland, Fleming, Dublin; Mary & Kitty, Eglon, Wigton; Success, Pierie, Stranraer
17 Oct- Echo, Allison; Bella, Steele; Loyalty, Thompson, Dublin; Mary Ann; Robinson, Belfast; Jenny, Minnah, Whithorn; Jane, McGowen, Wigton
18 Oct- William, Bratney, Dublin; Isaac, Young, Workington
19 Oct- Prosperity, McNeel, Kirkcudbright; Ann, Fisher, Dublin; Peter, Cowart, Dumfries
20 Oct- Richmond, Smithson; Benn, McMellon; Jane, Winks, Dublin

Thu, 12.02am, 12.07pm
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Sun, 01.59am, 02.24pm
Mon, 02.49am, 03.14pm
Tue, 03.39am, 04.04pm
Wed, 04.28am, 04.53pm

29 Oct 1778:

As in previous issues:
Thomas Bigland ironmongery sale
Joseph Ridley, Carlisle carrier
Sugars etc. imported by Dixon & Littledale
William Gilpin bankruptcy sale
Crew required for ship Jamaica

"WANTED an APPRENTICE or two to the COOPER's BUSINESS". Apply to Messrs. Richard Fletcher & Co. Dated Whitehaven, 18 Oct.

For sale by auction at Mr Haile's Coffee-Room, Whitehaven, 12 Nov: "The Good SHIP" Hartley "With all her materials; 5 Years old, built at Norfolk in Virginia for this Port, Burther 250 Tons, of an easy Draught of Water." 20 guineas payable in hand, the rest at 3 & 6 months, subject to security. Inventories may be seen at the place of sale, at the King's-Arms (Mr Coulthard's) in Workington and the Golden-Lion (Mr Nelson's) in Maryport. Enquiries to Fletchers & Co. "Who have for sale, A Quantity of Baltick Oak Billets, from 2 and 1-half to 4 Feet long; 2 and 1-half and 3 Inch Dantzick Deck Plank; with a variety of Pine Planks of different lengths and Thicknesses; small Spars; Pipe, Hogshead, and Barrel Staves; choice Madeira wine, per the Quarter Cask, or[ by the Dozen; London Porter, by the Barrel or Bottled; a Quantity of very fine new made up Herrings; some sweet old Barley and Black Oats."
"The Brig ALBION, Capt. BIRKET, with Letters of Marque, will sail in about a Fortnight for DOMINICA. For Freight or passage apply as above."

"WANTED, FOR the GEORGE and REVENGE, Letters of Marque, Twenty-five or Thirty OLD WOMEN, who can recommend themselves as perfectly conversant in the Management of Prizes, and the conducting of Vessels in Opposition to the Wrath of the Winds, and the Fury of the Waves.
Apply to the Captains of the said Vessels, who will gratefully acknowledge any Instructions, on these Points, from those Ladies whose Knowledge in these Branches is universally admitted, but whose Circumstances may prevent them from attending in any other Manner to this Advertisement." Dated Whitehaven, 28 Oct.

29 Oct 1778- NEWS:
Last Sat afternoon, the Whitehaven letters of marque George (Capt. Askew) and Revenge (Capt. Grayson) appeared off the harbour there: "a boat was sent out which brought intelligence that they had taken a prize, and had parted from her in a gale of wind in the channel." The two vessels entered the harbour that night.
"Tuesday about 3 o'clock was safely brought into our new pier by Mr. Robinson, First Lieutenant of the George, as Prize-master, the ship Johanna, Capt. Mulder, taken by the George and Revenge. The Independent Artillery Company saluted the Prize, and the universal joy of the whole Town cannot be expressed."

"The Officers of the Jamaica meet with great encouragement in entering seamen, she is a frigate built ship, fights her guns under cover, is esteemed one of the best sailing vessels belonging to the port of Liverpool, and has frequently been employed as a convoy to the fleet from the West Indies" ... "Capt. Fletcher, of the Jamaica, is a native of this town" [i.e. Whitehaven].
"A report has been circulated in town, that the Jamaica is intended for the coast of Guinea- we have the authority for assuring the public, that such report is false, and that the vessel is to proceed as set forth in the advertisement."

Whitehaven, last Mon: the anniversary of the King's accession to the throne "was observed here wits great demonstrations of joy. At noon the Prosperity tender, decked with a variety of colours, hauled out of the harbour and fired a royal salute. A detachment of the Denbighshire Militia marched up to the Bowling-green, and fired three excellent vollies. And the Westmorland Militia marched to the New Quay, and fired three vollies with their usual exactness."

The Rev. Mr Wilfred Huddleston, of Whitehaven, has been appointed a Justice of the Peace.

Prices at Carlisle Corn Market last Saturday: wheat 10/6 to 19s per bushel; best wheaten flour 1/10 per stone; rye 11/3 & 12/2 per bushel; barley 9/5 & 10s; oats 6s & 7s; white pease 16s; grey pease 12s; beans 12s.

Report on the latest Austin & Whitlock theatrical performance in Chester, including the new tragedy "The Battle of Hastings".

Last week at Threlkeld, by the Rev. Mr Martin: Mr William Edmondson of Threlkeld & Miss Mary Banks of Righead

Last Thu: Mrs Twentyman, wife of Mr Twentyman, a tidesman at Whitehaven

"Written at the End of HARVEST" (anonymous, but for the Chronicle)
"PROLOGUE To the CAMP" by Richard Tickell Esq.

29 Oct 1778- SHIPPING:

[Name, Captain, From/to]
23 Oct- Mally, Pennyman; Industry, Atkinson; Mally & Peggy, Walker; Olive Branch, Angus; Peace, Welch; Ledger, Hodgson; William, Stamper; Prince Wales, Briggs; Curwen, Younghusband; Commerce, Robinson; Boyne, Coulthard; Friends, Fisher; Fox, Salkeld; Joanna, Fisher; Integrity, Peele; Juno, Jackson; Prosperous, Thompson; James & Ann, Peele; Nelly, Woodburn; Assistance, Farish; Tryton, Martindale; Hector, Pearson; Minerva, Jackson; Minerva, Jackson [sic]; Mally, Caffrey; Hartley, Fanning; Jenny, Thompson; Chriswell, Johnson; William, Crosthwaite; Friendship, Pearson; Lark, Anderson, Dublin; John & Mary, Mayson, Dunlary; Peggy, Martin, Wicklow; Esther, Bell, Carlisle; Open Boat, Dockray, Allonby; Providence, Peters, Beaumoris
24 Oct- Rose, Harrison; Betty, Yowart; Catharine, Williams; Dorset, Allison, Dublin; Batchellor, Ellwood, Chepstow; Betty, Wood, Dunlary; Clifton, Priestman, Drogheda; Love, Lawrence, Chepstow; Matty, Halcsow; Martin, Birkhea, Drogheda; Vulcan, Harrison, Skinburness
25 Oct- George, Askew; Revenge, Grayson, Seas; Jenny, McGowen, Wigton
26 Oct- Providence, Brown, Dumfries; Mally, Hannah, Wigton; Seaflower, Gibbins, Dublin; Jenny, Clementson, Carlisle; Charming Jenny, Carson, Kirkcudbright; Hawke, Robb, Wigton
27 Oct- Truelove, Littledale; James, Thompson; Tronnick, Robinson, Dublin; Eagle Packet, Maxwell, Isleman; Thomas, Carrel, Wexford; Nancy, Cable, Liverpool; Mary & Betty, Boadle, Waterford; Theodosia, Lease, Strangford; Betty, Palmer, Cork; Tryal, Briggs, Dumfries; Johanna, Mulder, a prize

22 Oct- Betty, Irven, Duddon; Lovely Nelly, Postlethwaite, Dublin
24 Oct- Dispatch, Danson, Workington; General, Sharp, New-York
25 Oct- Allison, Adamson; Swan, Bacon; Industry, Cragg; Senhouse, Watson; Radcliffe, Hodgson; Ann, Briggs; Content, Woodell, Dublin; Vulcan, Harrison, Liverpool; Delight, Matthews, Lancaster; Nelly, Tear; Industry, Henry; Royal Oak, Griffin, Isleman
26 Oct- Beaver, Bushby; Brothers, Falcon; Love, Machell; Ann & Francis, Whitfield; Frederick, Jackson, Dublin; Mally, Caffrey; Joanna, Fisher; Lark, Anderson, Parton; Providence, Peters, Carlisle; Esther, Bell, Maryport; Open Boat, Dockray, Allonby
27 Oct- Diligence, Henry, Dumfries; Industry, Chapman; Dorset, Allison, Workington; Orange, Losh; Sedgwick, Allison, Dublin; Friendship, Pearson, Parton; Robert & Mary, Morrison, Dungarvon

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