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5 Nov 1778:

As in previous issues:
Thomas Bigland ironmongery sale
Ship Hartley for sale by auction [and brig Albion still sailing in about a fortnight]
[Nicholson's Old State Lottery Office]

Wilson & Robinson, coach-makers of London, "have begun the COACH and HARNESS MAKING BUSINESS, in Tangier-street, WHITEHAVEN, where they make all Sorts of Coaches, Chaises, and Single-Horse Chairs, in the newest Fashion." Service "genteel and punctual", "reasonable rates". "Old Carriages taken in Exchange. They also make All Sorts of Carts, and Cart Wheels, together with Cabinet Work, and Inlaying in any Kind of Figures, by the most modern and approved Methods."
"A BILLIARD TABLE to dispose of."

All Gentlemen Seamen and able bodied LANDSMEN, who are desirous to enrich themselves upon the Spoils of the French and Americans, have now an Opportunity in
Capt. JOHN ASH, Commander,
(Now fitting out at Liverpool.)
[Details given, including an assurance that the Terrible will be going to the West Indies, not the Guinea Coast]: Whitehaven contact, Mrs Alkin in Marlborough Street.

[New partwork: "A New and Complete System of Geography", in 100 weekly parts: first issue 7 Nov, price 6d]

[A Caution to the Public, respecting the NEW and OLD TRANSLATIONS of the Works of Voltaire."- by the London publishers of the new edition]

5 Nov 1778- NEWS:
The Whitehaven letter of marque Sovereign (Capt. Flin) arrived at New York, 6 Sep, with a fleet from Corke after a 10-week crossing. On 9 Aug, at 37.41 N, 48.31 W, "they fell in with two French ships and a snow, from Cape Francois for Marseilles; one of the ships mounted 20 nine and 4 eighteen pounders, with 100 men, the other 20 six pounders, with 60 men, and the snow 8 four pounders, with 23 men; which vessels the Sovereign, the Empress of Russia, and the Britannia, armed transports, engaged for upwards of four glasses, when the snow struck, and the ships were chaced by the Sovereign and Britannia till ten at night. During the engagement, the Sovereign fired upwards of 230 round shot, besides grape, and received the hottest fire of the enemy for upwards of an hour and a half; she had one man killed, and Capt. Boyd, of the Pembroke, belonging to Glasgow (who, with four of his people, had gone on board the Sovereign, to assist in working the guns) was wounded and died in a few hours. In lat. 39.30 the Sovereign met, and exchanged a few broadsides, with a privateer brig, belonging to Boston, mounting 20 guns, with 90 men, but the privateer sheered off and escaped by the help of her oars; she was taken two days after, but one of his Majesty's ships, and carried into New York."

The Whitehaven vessel Mayflower (Capt. Crosby) has been sunk at Rhode Island while on transport service. It is also reported that the Whitehaven transports Yowart (Capt. Barns) and Esther (Capt. Ledger) have been sunk at the same place.

"Several parties continue to beat up here for seamen to man the privateers, and letters of marque, fitting out at this port, and Liverpool. To those mentioned in our last we have to add, the Terrible, Capt. Ash, now fitting out at Liverpool.- a vessel known to sail very fast, and to have accommodations superior to most armed vessels, and not inferior to a King's frigate." [See advert]

"The Rev. Dr. Percy is presented to the deanery of Carlisle, vacant by the death of the Rev. Dr. Wilson, the late Dean."

Anonymous, probably not local: "The Sailor's Rouze, on the glorious Success of the English Privateers" (to be sung to the tune "Hearts of Oak").



12 Nov 1778:

As in previous issues:
Wilson & Robinson, coach builders [still with billiard table]
Ship Hartley for sale by auction [& brig Albion still sailing in about a fortnight]
Turlington's Original Balsam of Life sold by A. Coutts
[Caution about editions of Voltaire]
[New System of Geography partwork]
[Nicholson's Old State Lottery Office]

For sale by auction at Rydal, 30 Nov: "A large quantity of OAK TIMBER, and other Wood, growing in Deer-House Wood in Lough-Rigg, belonging to Sir MICHAEL LE FLEMING, about one Mile from the Lake of Windermere." Upwards of 1,300 large oak trees "proper for House Building, Beams, Planks, and sundry other Purposes in Ship Building". John Gibson of Rydal Hall will show the wood.
Also, "a large Quantity of OAK and ASH-TIMBER, and other Wood; growing upon the Estate called New-Hall, near Staveley, about four Miles from Kendal". Same owner; farmer will show the wood.

Usual basic advert, plus:
"Wanted at the above Office,
Several Sums of Money, from 1000£ to 100£, on undeniable Security.
Several ready furnished Lodgings.
Also an APPRENTICE to a PAINTER in full business.
A good Dwelling-House in Plumbland's Lane to be let."

PUBLISHER'S NOTICE: "This Publication having now entered on its third year, we take the liberty of returning our grateful thanks to our Friends and the Public, for the generous support it has received, and of assuring them, That our best endeavours shall always be exerted to render this Paper useful and entertaining."

12 Nov 1778- NEWS:
Whitehaven: "LAST Thursday being the anniversary of the Gunpowder Plot, and ever-memorable landing of King William III, the same was observed here with the usual demonstrations of joy. At noon, the two corps of militia, quartered here, were drawn up in Lowther Street, and each fired three vollies, in honour of the day. The evening concluded with bonfires, burning tar barrels, &c."

Last Tue, at Mr Jackson's ball in the Assembly Room on Albion Street, Whitehaven, "the Company was very numerous, and his Pupils gave universal satisfaction".

Last Tue, the letters of marque George (Capt. Askew) & Revenge (Capt. Grayson) sailed from Whitehaven, after saluting the town.

The privateer Hazard (Capt. Jackson), fitting out at Whitehaven, "is nearly compleated; her guns arrived last Friday, and, it is said, she will sail in a few days."

Whitehaven: "The parties beating up here for seamen, &c. to man the vessels now fitting out at Liverpool, continue to meet with great success- about 30 seamen and landsmen set off for that place yesterday."

The theatrical season at Chester will finish next Wed, and Messrs. Austin & Whitlock's company will immediately set out for Whitehaven. "The Theatre here will, in the mean time, be properly aired, and elegantly fitted up."

Last Sun at Gosforth church, by the Rev. Mr Nicholson: Mr John Kitchen of Seascale & Miss Betty Porter "of the same place".
Lately at Brigham, by the Rev. Mr Dixon: Mr Dodgson of Lymcroft & Miss Grace Leathes, of Low-Side in Brigham parish.
Mon last week: Mr Thomas Towers of the Hill in Millom, & Miss Betty Jackson of Moor, in the same parish.

"An EPIGRAM" by B____y of Eg____t:
"HOW's FANNY pray?" "Alas! She's got a phthisic."
"Then send for Doctor A---- that Rock in physic."
Dear me- good Sir!- the rock she fears to hit,
For rocks are things on which too many split.

12 Nov 1778- SHIPPING:

[Name, Captain, From/to]
3 Nov- Lark, Anderson, Parton; Rodgers, Benson, Dublin; Dumfries, McWhirr, Liverpool
4 Nov- Allison, Adamson, Dublin
5 Nov- Seahorse, Kirkpatrick; Jenny, McKey; Grizie, Cracket, Dumfries; Wilson, Benson; Bella, Steele, Dublin
6 Nov- Open Boat, Jackson, Isleman; St. Matthew, Kennell, Dublin; Venus, Kirk, Kirkcudbright; Spy, Briggs, Glasgow; Nancy, Blair, Lancaster; Eadentown, Brown, Dumfries
7 Nov- Jenny & Betty, Bell, Carlisle; Echo, Allison; John & Bella, Priestman; William Bratney, Dublin; Peter, Cowart, Dumfries; Open Boat, Bigland; Good Intent, Mathers, Maryport; James & Thomas, Benn, Cambletown; Industry, Broadfoot, Whithorn; Adventure, Jackson, Killough; Rosemount, Kirkwood, Wigton; Margaret, Becca, Kirkcudbright
8 Nov- Hannah, McCreedy; Jenny, Norris, Wigton; Blessing, Curwen; Pitt, Sayas, Isleman; Jenny, Stuart, Whithorn; Jackson, Ward, Newry
9 Nov- Hussar, Gurley, Seas; Esther, Bell, Carlisle; Eagle Packet, Maxwell, Isleman; Benn, McMellon, Dublin
10 Nov- Ann, Briggs, Dublin; St. Bees, Williamson, Memel; John & Mary, Walker, Annon

4 Nov- Nancy, Cable, Liverpool; Theodosia, Laase, Strangford; Eagle Packet, Maxwell, Isleman; Hawke, Robb; Jenny, McGowen, Wigton; Dumfries, McWhirr; Tryal, Briggs; Providence, Brown, Dumfries
5 Nov- Peggy, Martin; Hector, Pearson; Lark, Anderson; Sedgwick, Allison; William, Crosthwaite; Hartley, Fanning; Thomas, Carrell; Jenny, Thompson; Tryton, Martindale; Commerce, Robinson; Vigilant, Williamson; Isabella, Fisher; Nelly, Woodburn, Dublin; Prosperity, Monkhouse, Plymouth; Liberty, Yowart, Galloway
7 Nov- Open Boat, Jocken, Isleman; Jenny, McKey, Dumfries; Commerce, Martindale, Dublin
9 Nov- Thomas, Harris, Maryport; Good Intent, Matthers; Ledger, Hodgson; Lively, Watts; Betty, Taylor; William & Nancy, Richardson, Dublin
10 Nov- Dallomtower, Allison; Mally & Peggy, Walker; Fox, Salkeld; Charlotte, Stuart; Minerva, Welch, Dublin; Revenge, Grayson; George, Askew, New York

Thu, 05.30am, 05.52pm
Fri, 06.19am, 06.41pm
Sat, 07.04am, 07.26pm
Sun, 07.48am, 08.10pm
Mon, 08.32am, 08.53pm
Tue, 09.14am, 09.36pm
Wed, 09.58am, 10.20pm

19 Nov 1778:

As in previous issues:
Cumberland Register Office [with one addition:] "A young Man, who can be well recommended, wants Employment as a Clerk, or as an Assistant to a School-Master."
Wilson & Robinson, coach-makers.
Timber for sale at Rydal
Freeman & Co's Antiscorbutic Bitter Drops available from A. Coutts
Pacacea for the Itch available from A. Coutts
[Caution about the old translation of Voltaire]
[Almanacks for 1779]

"This Day is Published, THE Northumberland, Cumberland, Westmorland and Durham ALMANACK, for the Year 1779.
In a Sheet or folded up for the Pocket. Calculated to latitude 54. Containing,
1. The Fasts, Festivals, &c. Moons Signs, Rising and Setting of the Moon, Rising and Setting of the Sun, and the Equation of Time every Day in the Year.
2. Terms and Returns, Eclipses, &c.
3. A List of the Royal Family and Judges.
4. The Members of Parliament, Officers of the Militia, Fairs, and Quarter Sessions for Northumberland, Cumberland, Westmorland, and Durham.
A more accurate Tide Table of the Coast than has ever been printed.
Printed for T. Carnan, in St. Paul's Church-yard, who dispossessed the Stationers Company of the exclusive Privilege of printing Almanacks, which they had unjustly monopolized 170 years." [Also lists other publications from the same firm]

19 Nov 1778- NEWS:
Nominations for Sheriff of Cumberland: John Pennington Esq. of Muncaster; Williams Hasell Esq. of Dalemain; John Christian Esq. of Unerigg

The Letter of Marque Martha (Capt. Hutchinson) belonging to Samuel Martin of Whitehaven, returned to Whitehaven last Thu after a 30-day voyage from Quebec: "She brings advice, that the new Governor, Gen. Haldimand, is much esteemed and had taken every possible precaution for the defence of the province, and that the garrison of Quebec were in high spirits, and under no apprehension of attack from the rebels."

Last Tue, the privateer Hazard (Capt. Jackson) sailed from Whitehaven on a 4-month cruize after saluting the town.

Last Sat, 10 18-pounder cannon, with carriages, ball etc. "sent by Government as a further defence for this port", were landed at Whitehaven from the Glory (Capt. Jackson)

The Whitehaven vessel Neptune (Capt. Hudson) has been captured by the French frigate l'Amphitrite, and taken into Brest.

Anonymous but "For the CUMBERLAND CHRONICLE"
"Fere nullum caput calumnia fugit.
AH monster! - What may I call thee? - Does the sting of conscience follow thee? - Do the fiends of night, habitual to thy thoughts, prompt thee to scandal and detraction? - Dost thou strive to lull the throes and reflections of thy guilty breast, by endeavouring to make innocence of a colour with thyself? - Mistaken creature! These fiends, thy monitors, have led thee wrong, have plung'd thee into a wreck of troubles adequate to thy guilt. Does virtue, goodness, does modesty lead to defamation? Make answer to thyself - Torn by pride and disappointment, didst thou seek revenge at the expence of every thing that ought to be dear to thee, thy veracity, thy honour, 'But the wicked are like the troubled sea that cannot rest, whose waters cast up mire and dirt.' - Piteous wretch" Did I ask if conscience followed thee? - Yes, and follow thee it will wheresoe'er thou goes - until thou hast sued for pardon from the offended - until thou hagst made ample satisfaction for thy cruelty and guilt. - But if thy heart be hardened, - if these thy counsellors encourage thee to kick against the pricks, I'm sorry for thy fate, and can forgive thee - if thou can'st repent and forgive thyself."


Thu, 10.42am, 10.04pm [sic]
Fri, 11.30am, 11.54pm
Sat, 12.07am, 12.19pm
Sun, 12.43am, 01.08pm
Mon, 01.32am, 01.57pm
Tue, 03.10am, 03.34pm, clock sl. 12m 52s
Wed, 03.58am, 04.22pm

26 Nov 1778:

As in previous issues:
Timber for sale at Rydale
Numbered list of medicines etc. for sale by A. Coutts
["Northumberland, Cumberland [etc.] Almanack"]
["New & Complete System of Geography" partwork]

may be accommodated with Genteel Lodgings and Diet, by applying to Mrs. ASBRIDGE, in Tangier Street", Whitehaven.

For sale by auction, 1 Dec at the Golden-Lion (John Nelson's) in Maryport: the brigantine Tyndal (late commander, Martin Potts) "As she now lies in the Harbour of Maryport; Burthen Two Hundred Tons, or thereabouts, well suited for the Coal or Coasting Trade. Built at Maryport, Seven Years old." 20gns payable in hand, the rest at 3 & 6 months, subject to security.
Inventories at the place of sale, on board the vessel, and at Mr John Smith's, Workington. Dated Maryport, 14 Nov.

This day is Published, (Price only Five-pence) By JAMES ASHBURNER,
At the Printing-Office, in Kendal,
The Sheet Almanack,
For the Year of our Lord God 1779,
Calculated for the Counties North of Trent, by I. ATKINSON,
On a Plan the most extensive and serviceable that has yet been offered to the Public:
The Moon's Phases, or the different Appearances which the Moon puts on, with the Hours and Minutes of her shining each Night; a Scheme particularly useful to those who travel after the Day is gone, as it shews the Quantity and Duration of Light with which the Traveller will be benefitted:- The Tide-Table; Eclipses; Common Notes, and Moveable Feasts; Tables of the Duties on Houses and Windows; of the Land-Tax since the Revolution; of the Gold and Silver Coin of Great-Britain, its Weight and Value; and a Table of Days, by which the Number of Days between any two in the Year, at any given distance of Time, may be easily known, being a Table serviceable to the Gentleman, Tradesman, Mechanic, and Farmer, who have Interest, Wages, or any other Matters to pay or receive, dependant on any Number of Days.
The C A L E N D A R contains,
The Holidays; a Prognostic of the Weather; the Day's Increase and Decrease; the Rising Southing, and Setting of the Planets Venus and Jupiter; the Southing of the Seven Stars; the Rising and Setting of the Sun and Moon; with the Moon's Southing and Age. A table of the Kings and Queens of England since the Conquest; the Birth-Days of the Royal Family of Great-Britain, and of the principal Sovereigns in Europe; the Terms and Returns; and an Alphabetical List of the Fairs in the Counties of Northumberland, Durham, Cumberland, Westmoreland, Lancashire, part of Yorkshire, and the Fairs in Derbyshire, Cheshire, and Staffordshire"

By His MAJESTY's Servants.
At the THEATRE in Roper-Street.
On FRIDAY the 27th of November, 1778,
Will be presented,
The last New Favourite TRAGEDY, called
P E R C Y,
(Written by Miss MOORE)"
[Cast list given- led by Mr Whitlock as Percy]
"The Characters dressed in the Habits of the Times.
The Play to open with a beautiful New Scene
Representing RABY CASTLE.
(Painted by Mr. WALTERS, of Newcastle.)
To which will be added a New COMIC OPERA, in Two Acts, called
(As performed in London with universal Applause.)
[cast given]
To begin exactly at Half past Six o'Clock.
TICKETS to be had at A. COUTTS's Printing-Office in the Market-Place, where Places for the BOXES are to be taken.
Nothing under full Price will be taken, nor any Person admitted behind the Scenes.
The Theatre is New Painted, the Boxes Papered and fitted up in an Elegant Manner.

To let: messuage & tenement at Johnby in Greystock parish, 5 miles from Penrith, including: house, 2 barns, byer, stable, other "convenient Out-Houses", c75 acres of arable, meadow & pasture ground, with 10 cattle-gates in a stinted pasture called Johnby Wyth's and right of common on the extensive common called Johnby Craggs. Entry at Candlemas next.
Also to let: messuage & tenement at Unthank Town-head, in Skelton parish, 5 miles from Penrith, including barn, 2 byers, stable, granary, "other convenient Out Houses" and 120 acres of arable, meadow & pasture ground.
Also to let: another tenement at Unthank, including 2 barns, 2 byers, a stable, & 52 acres of arable, meadow & pasture ground.' "A certain Quantity of Bushel Corn is paid for each Tenement in lieu of Tythes in Kind."
Enquire to Mr Dawson at Unthank.

For sale by auction at the King's Arms, Whitehaven (house of Mrs Sarah Buck, innholder)- "if not before disposed of by Private Contract, of which Public Notice will be given": "several Freehold Messuages, Dwelling-houses, and Shops, fromting the Green-Market, in Whitehaven"; frontage 24 yds, 7 yds 2.5ft back; yearly free rent 6d to Sir James Lowther, Bart.
The premises will first be offered in 5 lots (plan at Mrs Buck's), then all together.
Purchaser of each lot to pay 5 Gns. in hand (20 Gns. for all together) and the balance at 3 & 6 months, subject to security. May take possession at Whitsuntide next.
Enquiries & offers to buy by private contract- apply to the proprietor, Anthony Benn Esq.

26 Nov 1778- NEWS:
Whitehaven: "Messrs. Austin and Whitlock's Company are all arrived from the Theatre-Royal in Chester, and open to-morrow night with the Tragedy of Percy (never acted here but once) and the favourite Opera of the Quaker, which they performed at Chester many nightw with much applause- The Theatre has been well aired, is new painted, the boxes papered, and every part of the house fitted up in an elegant manner. There will be a new mode in the letting the boxes, which the Ladies shall have proper notice of.

The Workington vessel Venus (Capt. Moyses), bound for New York, has been captured by the French and taken into Cadiz.

Whitehaven: "Yesterday forenoon, during a hard gale of wind at N.W. the sloop Providence, Robert Chitty, master, from Chichester to Liverpool, with wheat, attempting to come into this harbour was drove on the battlement of the old quay, and went to pieces. The crew were saved, but the cargo is entirely lost."

Whitehaven, Mon morning: the Whitehaven vessel Peggy (Capt. Martin) "was put on shore behind the North Wall. It is expected she will be got off without receiving anly considerable damage."

"The weather has been remarkably wet for several weeks past"- this has particuarly affected harvests in Yorkshire & Durham.

Lately at Westward: the Rev. Mr Pape, "universally esteemed and sincerely lamented ... he taught that school upwards of thirty years, during which time he merited the applause of all: His life on earth was s ent in doing good; his manly virtues have rendered hum, when dead, post funera virum."
Last week, after a lingering illness: Mrs Bradley, wife of Mr Bradley, surgeon in Whitehaven.
Last Sat, at his house in Lowther-street, Whitehaven, in his 76th year: Daniel Fleming Esq., "many years Land Surveyor of his Majesty's Customs in this port."
Last week: Mr George Christian, sail-maker in Douglas, Isle of Man.


26 Nov 1778- SHIPPING:

[Name, Captain, From/to]
17 Oct [i.e. Nov]- Vulcan, Harrison, Liverpool
18 Nov- Tryal, Briggs, Dumfries
19 Nov- Success, Casson, Kirkcudbright
20 Nov- Friends Goodwill, Woodburn, Peelafouther
21 Nov- Lark, Anderson, Mallowhide; William, Crosthwaite, Rush; Lively, Watts; Brother, Falcon; Ann & Francis, Whitfield; Radcliffe, Hodgson; Content, Woodall; Two Marys, McAdam; Lovely Nelly, Postlethwaite, Dublin; James, Brownrigg, Liverpool; Sally, Dawson, Ulverstone
22 Nov- Eagle Packet, Maxwell, Isleman
23 Nov- Richmond, Smithson, Dublin; Felicity, Monkhouse, Chester; Good Intent, Johnson, Liverpool; Peggy, Martin, Wicklow; Friends Adventure, Sheridan, Halifax; Portland, Minniken, Workington
24 Nov- Delight, Muzeel, Workington; Pleasant, Reed, Parton

17 Nov- Lynx, Banton, Seas
18 Nov- Eagle Packet, Maxwell; Active, Teare, Isleman; Salton, Dawson, Waterford
19 Nov- Pitt, Sayas, Isleman; James & Thomas, Benn, Dublin; Vulcan, Harrison, Maryport; Venus, Kirk, Kirkcudbright; Nancy, Dixon, Carlisle
20 Nov- Grizie, Cracket, Dumfries; Nancy, Blair, Strangford; Industry, Broadfoot, Whithorn
21 Nov- Seahorse, Kirkpatrick, Dumfries; Nancy, Spedding, Workington
22 Nov- Diligence, Brown, Dumfries
24 Nov- Hartley, Harris, Maryport

Thu, 03.58am, 04.22pm
Fri, 04.45am, 05.09pm
Sat, 05.31am, 05.54pm
Sun, 06.17am, 06.40pm
Mon, 07.04am, 07.29pm
Tue, 07.54am, 08.20pm
Wed, 08.47am, 09.15pm

3 Dec 1778:

As in previous issues:
Houses in Whitehaven Green-market for sale
Atkinson's Sheet Almanack
Panacea for the Itch sold by A. Coutts

For sale by auction at Messrs. Anthony Ponsonby & Co's yard in Catharine-street, Whitehaven, Dec 10, 2pm, "in Lots suitable to the Buyers": a cargo of fine deals & pine plank "cut for the London market" and imported from Quebec in the Martha (Isaac Hutchinson, master). After these, a parcel of dressed white oak hogshead staves will be sold.
J. Wilson, broker, Whitehaven, 30 Nov.

For sale by auction at the King's Excise Ware-house, Whitehaven, 11 Dec, midday, "in several small Lots": brandy, rum, gin & soap "clear of all Duties". Goods may be viewed at any time before sale; purchasers "to make a sufficient Depoosit to take away the Goods in Fifteen Days or forfeit the same. GOD save the KING"

Miss Hadwen, who has been assistant to Mrs Durand nearly 7 years, intends opening a school in Howgill-street, Whitehaven at the beginning of April 1779, "where she purposes teaching all Sorts of Needle-work, Reading, Spelling, &c." 3s entrance fee + 6s per Quarter. "Learning the Tambour, Five Shillings" "Those who please to favour her with their Children may be assured the greatest Care shall be taken."

"NOTICE is hereby given, to all Persons who have any Claim or Demand upon the Brigantine or Vessel called the EDENTON, MATTHEW BROWN, Master (formerly the Nicholson of Dumfries, WILLIAM LOWDEN then Master) are desired to send in their Accounts to the Warehouse of CHRISTOPHER ROBINSON, and Co., Merchants, Whtehaven, on or before the First Day of March next, who are authorized to receive the same."

To be performed at the Theatre, Roper Street, Whitehaven, 4 Dec, 6.30pm: the comedy called The Provok'd Husband, with the comic opera called The Quaker. [details given, similar to last week]

[Just published: new edition of "School for Scandal"; also the "Ladies Pocket Book" for 1779, by Fielding & Walker of London]

3 Dec 1778- NEWS:
Last Thu, the Saltom (Capt. Dawson), coming in to Whitehaven harbour laden with coal, "took the oground near the end of the bulwark; she has since been got off but has received considerable damage".

On 24 Nov, the Whitehaven vessel George (Capt. Askew), bound for New York, was taken off Cape Clear by 3 French men-of-war, of 80, 74 & 60 guns, but was retaken the next day by the privateer Favourite (Capt. Waring) and brought into Fowey- however, only 3 of the George's crew were still on board.

The Liverpool privateer Revenge (Capt. Ramsey) put in at Whitehaven last Fri "through stress of weather".

The Whitehaven vessel Monarch (Capt. Hall) has arrived at Corke from New York.

"Last week, a barn, byer, and other out buildings, occupied by a poor farmer, at Warnell Fell, in the Parish of Sebergham, were set on fire by some children and totally destroyed, together with his wheat, barley, &c. The poor man has a wife and five small children."

Last Sat: "Capt. Harrington and P.J. Heywood, Esq; appeared at the Court of King's Bench, to receive Sentence: the Former for sending a Challenge and posting Charles Lutwidge, Esq; as a Scoundrel and a Coward, and the latter for carrying the said Challenge- the GENTLEMEN acknowledged the Fact, and, after a Hearing in Extenuation of the Crime, the Captain was sentenced to pay a Fine of 100£, and Mr. Heywood 50£."

The bell was stolen out of Mungrisdale chapel in Greystock parish in the night of 23 Nov.

Last Mon at St. Bees church, by the Rev. Mr Scott: Mr Peter Siddleton, & Miss Mary Atkin of Moor-close near Workington.

Lately at Killhead, North Britain: Sir John Douglas, Bart., who is succeeded in title & estate by William Douglas Esq. (now Sir William), M.P. for Kirkcudbright, now residing at Arkelby Hall near Cockermouth.

"VERSES written by a Gentleman, on a Lady's saying she wished for NOTHING more than SHE POSSESS'D"; Anonymous- no local connection, but quite interesting.


Thu, 09.44am, 10.14pm, clock slow 9m
Fri, 10.46am, 11.18pm
Sat, 11.50am, 12.07pm
Sun, 12.23am, 12.55pm
Mon, 01.27am, 01.58pm
Tue, 02.29am, 02.56pm
Wed, 03.24am, 03.50pm

10 Dec 1778:

As in previous issues:
Houses in Whitehaven Green-market for sale
Creditors notice re the Edenton
Whitehaven Excise Office auction
Deals & plank auction at Ponsonby's yard
Miss Hadwin's school
Turlington's Original Balsam of Life sold by A. Coutts
Numbered list of medicines etc. sold by A. Coutts

"NOTICE is hereby given, That a mutual Separation is this Day entered into between NATHANIEL JACKSON, Mariner, and MARY his Wife. And that no Person is to trust the said MARY JACKSON on his Credit, as no Debts or Engagements hereafter to be contracted by her are to be paid by him, according to Agreement."

On 11 Dec, at 6.30pm, his Majesty's servants present, at the Theatre in Whitehaven, the tragedy called "The REVENGE", with Mr Heatton as Zanga the Moor "(Being positively his last Appearance on any Stage)". The play is followed by Mrs Bogle's rendition of the song "The Banks of the Dee", then by a farewell epilogue from Mr Heatton, then by the burletta "MIDAS, with the Assembly of the Gods". [Cast lists given, usual booking details]

10 Dec 1778- NEWS:
The Whitehaven vessels Sovereign (Capt. Flinn) and Hero (Capt. Blakeney) are both arrived at Corke from New York.

[In fact, every item of "local" news this week is from Ireland or Liverpool !]

Last Fri at St. James' Church, Whitehaven: Mr Thomas Clementson, tobacconist, & Miss Mally Dargue, daughter of Capt. Cuthbert Dargue.
Lately at Carlisle: Mr Losh "an eminent surgeon and apothecary", & Miss Robinson "with a genteel fortune".
Last week at Lorton, by the Rev. Mr Fisher: Mr Jopson, & Miss Norman of Buttermire.

Last Sun, in his 73rd year, after a short illness: Mr William Palmer "universally esteemed and sincerely regretted ... an eminent ship-builder" in Whitehaven.

(both anonymous, but headlined "For the CUMBERLAND CHRONICLE"):
"VERSES written under a Piece of excellent Penmanship, performed by a Gentleman who wrote good Poetry"

10 Dec 1778- SHIPPING:

[Name, Captain, From/to]
1 Dec- Kitty, Jones, Peelafouther; Vigilant, Wiliamson, Dublin
3 Dec- Fanny, Whinn, Carlisle; Jane, Winks, Isleman; Beaver, Bushby, Newry; Jenny, McKey, Dumfries; Mayflower, Barnes, Lancaster; Hope, Peters, Workington
5 Dec- Nancy, Dixon, Carlisle
6 Dec- Fox, Salkeld; Charlotte, Stuart; Grace, Brownrigg; William & Nancy, Richardson; Boyne, Coulthard; Prosperous, Thompson; Jenny, Thompson; Prince of Wales, Briggs; Friendship, Pearson, Dublin; Jenny, Norris, Wigton; Nelly, Woodburn, Parton; Jannet & Angus, Thompson, Greenock
7 Dec- Minerva, Welch; Dallomtower, Allison, Dublin
8 Dec- Eagle Packet, Maxwell, Isleman; Chriswell, Johnstone; Hector, Pearson, Dublin; Draper, Wilson, Maryport; Seaflower, Slater, Drogheda

1 Dec- Success, Harris; Nelly, Woodburn, Parton
2 Dec- John & Mary, Walker, Newcastle
3 Dec- Hussar, Gurley, Seas; Eagle Packet, Maxwell, Isleman; Delight, Muzeel; Portland, Minniken; Juno, Jackson; Pleasant, Reed; Rupert, Braithwaite; Bella, Steele; Dove, Dargue; Ann, Fisher; Curwen, Younghusband; Lark, Anderson; John & Thomas, Yowart; Betsy, Younghusband; James & Ann, Peele, Dublin; Two Brothers, Johnson, Kellybages; Hannah, McCreedy, Wigton
4 Dec- Britain, McNamara; Allison, Adamson; Mally, Pennyman; Sedgwick, Allison; Moor, Casson, Kirkcudbright; Fanny, Whinn, Carlisle; Tryal, Briggs, Dumfries; Peggy, Brockbank; Friends Goodwill, Woodburn, Ulverstone
5 Dec- Providence, Brockbank, Workington
7 Dec- Mary, Dixon, Harrington

Thu, 04.16am, 04.39pm
Fri, 04.57am, 05.25pm
Sat, 05.48am, 06.09pm
Sun, 06.30am, 06.51pm
Mon, 07.13am, 07.34pm
Tue, 07.56am, 08.18pm
Wed, 08.41am, 09.03pm

17 Dec 1778:

As in previous issues:
Houses in Whitehaven Green Market for sale
Miss Hadwin's School to open
Freeman's Antiscorbutic Bitter Drops sold by A. Coutts
Panacea for the Itch sold by A. Coutts [Dr. Miller's recipe, if you're interested]
[New edition of "School for Scandal"]

Daniel Joughin and Arthur Colvin, apprentices on the Whitehaven brig Brayton (commander, John Harrison) have "deserted their master's service". 1 guinea reward for information leading to them being apprehended; 2 guineas plus expenses to anybody "out of Whitehaven" who apprehends them. Anybody harbouring them will be prosecuted "with the utmost Rigour of the Law."
Joughin is 19 or 20, short, with light brown hair & fair complexion. Colvin may be 25 or 26, is about 5ft 8in-9in high, "stout made, dark Visage, black Hair, and much marked with the Small Pox."

This week's presentation by His Majesty's Servants at the Theatre in Whitehaven, commencing 6.30pm on 18 Dec, is "A New COMEDY, (Never Perform'd Here)"- title unspecified. It is accompanied by "a New Musical Entertainment, of one Act, call'd BUXOM JOAN" [cast list given].

"WHEREAS some mailcious, evil-disposed Person or Persons have propagated a Report That the REVENGE PRIVATEER, now in this Harbour, is intended for the coast of Africa.- To prevent the same from spreading abroad, an Action at Law is now commenced against a certain Person; and Notice is hereby given, that the OWNERS of said Vessel are determined to prosecute any other Person or Persons who shall hereafter propagate any such False Reports." Dated Whitehaven, 16 Dec.

"Now loading at Cotton's Wharf, Southwark, LONDON, for WHITEHAVEN, The BRIG
(Capt. POWE) Is near loaden, and will sail about the First of January, 1779, and expectd taking the Benefit of the Convoy, who will sail about that Time." Enquire to John Piper in King-street, Whitehaven. "This will be no more advertised."

17 Dec 1778- NEWS:
"We hear from Penrith, that in the course of last week, they have had the heaviest falls of rain, near that place, ever known in the memory of the oldest man living."

Wed last week: "a poor widow was found dead by the side of a small rivulet, near Plumpton, about four miles from Penrith. She was unfortunately drowned in attempting to ford the rivulet, which was considerably swelled by the heavy rains. She has left four helpless children."

Last Fri: "the rivers Lowther and Emont were swelled to an enormous height. It is computed that the river Emont rose 8 feet perpendicular, overflowing al its banks."

"At Little Salkeld, a small village, about six miles from Penrith, situated on the River Eden, a very remarkable circumstance happened.
Mr. Robert Wells, of that place, riding out in search of some young horses grazing in a field near the river, had occasion to cross it; in attmepting to get over he sat his horse till he observed him swimming, and fearful of being forced down the river, he threw himself from the horse into a tree, where he remained from Friday evening till 4 o'clock on Sunday morning, without any person being able to assist him, as the river rose considerably higher on Friday night. A boat was procured, and brought upwards of seven miles on a waggon, and four people made an attempt to reach Mr. Wells, but the boat was overset by the rapidity of the current, and two of the men, who could not swim, were presevred by catching hold of the twigs of a tree, and sustained themselves from 4 o'clock on Saturday afternoon till 4 next morning, when they and Mr. Wells were safely brought off by the country people, with the help of ropes, &c."

"There are in circulation guineas of the date of 1776, which are not of more value than 16s. 9d. they weigh well and pass the patent gage; they are of a paler colour than the guineas of the same date, and do not ring so well; and the figure six in the date is very observable, as it is below the seven considerably." [Reports of counterfeit coinage are often taken from other newspapers for warning purposes, and do not necessarily mean that the coins were in circulation locally.]

[Four Isle of Man weddings, including:]
Last Sun at Ramsey: Mr Edward Christian of League, & Miss Newsham."

Last Thu in Queen-street, Whitehaven "in the bloom of youth, after a few days illness": Miss Biddy Temple, "a young lady of a most amiable disposition and daughter of the late Mr. John Temple."
Wed last week, in Queen-street, Whitehaven, "in an advanced age": Mrs Elizabeth Benson.
Wed last week, in Church-street, Whitehaven: Mrs Thompson, wife of Capt. Thompson.

Anonymous but "For the CUMBERLAND CHRONICLE":
"A NEW SONG On the brave Commodore LOCKHART, who commanded the Tartar Privateer, last War" (Tune: Heart of Oak)

17 Dec 1778- SHIPPING:

[Name, Captain, From/to]
10 Dec- Vine, Martindale, Cork
12 Dec- William, Hudson,[blank]
13 Dec- Lynx, Banton, Seas; Industry, Atkinson, Dublin; Nelly, Teare, Isleman
12 Dec- Lark, Anderson, Drogheda; Frederick, Jackson, Newry; Hannah, Ashburn, Liverpool
15 Dec- Integrity, Peele, Dublin

11 Dec- Vine, Martindale, Workington
12 Dec- Kitty, Jones, Harrington
13 Dec- Mayflower, Barnes, Carlisle; Jenny, Norris, Wigton

Thu, 09.26am, 09.50pm
Fri, 10.15am, 10.39pm
Sat, 11.03am, 11.28pm, clock slow 2m
Sun, 11.54am, 12.07pm
Mon, 12.18am, 12.42pm
Tue, 01.07am, 01.32pm
Wed, 01.55am, 02.18pm

24 Dec 1778:

As in previous issues:
Houses in Whitehaven Green Market for sale
Fothergel's Drops sold in Whitehaven by A. Coutts

Stolen or strayed from Naward Barns, in Brampton parish, on 28 Nov: a chestnut filly "with a White Ratch down her Face, a long Tail, and Two White hind Feet; rising Three Years old." One guinea reward for information leading to her return or capture of the thief: apply to Anthony Richardson of Naward Barns.

New books available from J. Milliken, printer & bookseller of Carlisle:
"The GENTLEMAN'S COMPLETE Memorandum Book and British Register, for the year 1779", bound in red leather, with pockets for notes; price 1/8. Includes lists of the Royal family, MPs, military officers, judges, etc., plus tide tables, fair dates etc.
and a variety of almanacks for 1779, including "The Kendal Diary, calculated for the Counties of Durham, Northumberland, Cumberland, and Westmorland"

Still kept at A. Coutts' shop in Whitehaven Market Place, & 1s to register [basic advert as usual]:
"Wanted at the above Office
Several Sums of Money, from 1000£. to 100£. on undeniable Security.
Several ready-furnished Lodgings.
Also an APPRENTICE to a PAINTER in full Business.
A young Man, who can be well recommended, wants Employment as a Clerk, or as an Assistant to a School-Master.
A good Dwelling-House in Plumbland's-Lane to be let."

Now landing at Whitehaven, from the Friend's Adventure (Capt. William Sheridan) from Halifax, Nova Scotia: "A Quantity of Hogshead and Barrel Staves, of excellent Quality, Spars (fit for Top-masts, Yards, &c.) Anchor Stocks of all Sizes, and Two Hundred Suits of Soldiers' Cloathing, also a Parcel of Old Junk, suitable for Mooring Cables, or Junks." Enquire to the Captain, on board, or to Mr John Sarjeant at the Ropery. Mr Jacob Dixon of Lowther-Street will show the staves.

At the Theatre in Whitehaven, 26 Dec, starting 6.30: the celebrated comic opera "THE DUENNA, OR DOUBLE ELOPEMENT", concluding with a GRAND MASQUERADE SCENE. Also the farce "Three Weeks after Marriage, OR, What we must all come to". [cast lists given; tickets from A. Coutts as usual]

[A second chance to start collecting a partwork by T. Longman Co., London: a new edition of Mr Chambers's "CYCLOPAEDIA, OR UNIVERSAL DICTIONARY OF ARTS AND SCIENCES", which will when complete comprise four volumes; published 3 sheets per week, 6d each instalment]

24 Dec 1778- NEWS:
Whitehaven, last Sat: "a fine vessel called the Sion, built for Capt. Grindall" was launched "from behind the Bulwark".

Whitehaven Theatre, Fri evening: "Messrs. Austin and Whitlock's Company performed the new Comedy called The School for Scandal, to the universal satisfaction of a brilliant and crowded audience."



24 Dec 1778- SHIPPING:

[Name, Captain, From/to]
15 Dec- Jenny, Irven; Thomas, Heslop, Dumfries; Jenny, Clementson, Carlisle; Thompson, Johnson; Robinson, ____, Cork
16 Dec- Friends, Fisher, Cork
17 Dec- Mally & Peggy, Walker; King George, Stobridge; Olive Branch, Angus, Dublin
18 Dec- Betty, Palmer; Rose, Harrison; Ann, Fisher, Dublin; Industry, Broadfoot, Whithorn
19 Dec- James & Thomas, Benn, Londonderry; Mally, Hannah, Whithorn; Mally, Messenger, Belfast
20 Dec- Dove, Dargue; Bella, Steele, Dublin
22 Dec- Hawke, Douglas, Wigton

18 Dec- Jenny, McKey, Dumfries; William, Hudson, Workington
20 Dec- Jenny, Clementson, Carlisle
21 Dec- JanHet & Agnus [sic], Thompson, Annan;

Thu, 02.41am, 03.04pm
Fri, 03.26am, 03.48pm
Sat, 04.10am, 04.33pm
Sun, 04.55am, 05.18pm
Mon, 05.42am, 06.06pm
Tue, 06.31am, 06.57pm
Wed, 07.25am, 07.53pm

31 Dec 1778:

As in previous issues:
Staves etc. from the Friend's Adventure
Gentleman's Complete Memorandum Book
Turlington's Original Balsam of Life sold by A. Coutts
[Chambers' Cyclopaedia]

"WANTED, A Partner in a Post-Chaise to London." Inquire at the Chronicle office. Dated Whitehaven, 30 Dec.

For sale by auction at the Swan (Isaac Wilkinson's), Penrith, 19 Jan: estates formerly belonging to the late Mr Andrew Whelpdale, "either together or in Parcels":
a messuage & tenement with various closes & parcels of ground, at Stoffield in Kirkoswald parish (bought by Whelpdale from Thomas Nicholson); the barn, byer & stable are freehold, the land called Bridges Tenement is customary (paying 7s yearly rent to Lyonel Wright Fletcher Esq.) and the remainder of the estate is also customary (paying 7.5d yearly rent "and a God's-Penny for a Fine", to Sir Philip Musgrave, bart.). These premises are currently let to Thomas Atkinson for £22 yearly, "clear of all Taxes".
messuages, tenements, closes & parcels of land at Stainton in Dacre parish (bought by Whelpdale from George Allinson), with land in Flusco lately allotted to Whelpdale "in right of the said tenements", and further land in Flusco which was allotted to Whelpdale, as purchaser, "in Right of the Tenements of JOHN HARRISON and ANN his Wife." "The premises have Plenty of Limestone, and are within Three Miles, or thereabouts, of the Town of Penrith.
10% deposit payable by the winning bidders. Enquiries to William Hasell Esq. & Mr William Sisson at Penrith, Peter Brougham Esq. at Dovenby, and Mr John Wordsworth at Cockermouth.
Dated 28 Dec.

"(Positively the last time of performing it.)"
At the Theatre in Whitehaven, on 1 Jan, starting 6.30pm, His Majesty's Servants will perform the "Celebrated New TRAGEDY, called The Battle of Hastings" ... "To which will be added a Tragi-Comic, Heroic, Farcical, Burlesque Piece, in three Acts (Written by SAMUEL FOOTE, Esq.;) called the TAYLORS, OR A Tragedy for Warm Weather." Cast lists given. Details as usual.

[Just Published, price 1s: School for Scandal]

[New partwork edition of Middleton's New Dictionary of Arts and Sciences; first of 80 issues to be published 2 Jan, price 6d]

31 Dec 1778- NEWS:
Last Mon at Carlisle: "there was a Grand Procession of the Ancient Free Masons there (accompanied by the Lodges of Annan, Lochmaben, Penrith, and Dalston) from the Lodge Room to the Meeting House, where an excellent and suitable sermon was preached by the Rev. Mr. James Henderson, preacher of the Gospel, from Lochmaben, from Psalm cxxxiii, ver. 1. After which the Brethren repaired to Mr. John Burkit's, at the Lion and Lamb, where they spent the evening in innocent and jovial mirth, suitable to the occasion.- The sermon will be published in a few days, at the request, and for the benefit, of the Brethren."

"A farmer, in the parish of Drigg, housed upwards of 500 stocks of oats, on the Friday and Sunday before Christmas.- A circumstance as remarkable as it is uncommon, in these parts."

The Liverpool privateer Revenge sailed from Whitehaven last Sun, but on Mon "was put back in a hard gale of wind at N.W. In coming into the harbour, she struck between the quays (being too soon for the tide) and disabled her rudder. She then drove against the Bulwark and received considerable damage- after her guns and other weighty articles were taken overboard, she got into the harbour on Tuesday."

During the same gale, on Mon, the Whitehaven vessel Rupert (Capt. Henry Braithwaite), "coming in from Dublin, took the ground near the old quay. A hawser being brought from the vessel and fastened on the quay, in order to heave her in, it slipped and unfortunately struck Capt. Braithwaite overboard. It was sometime before he was taken out of the water, and every means used, by the Gentlemen of the Faculty, to restore him proved fruitless, though they persevered, in the usual methods, several hours.- Mr. Braithwaite was a man universally esteemed, and sincerely lamented by all who knew him. He was interred yesterday, and was followed to the grave by a very great concourse of people."

Whitehaven, Tue morning: "the Lively, Capt. Watts., of this port, in endeavouring to enter the harbour, was drove behind the Bulwark, where she received some damage, but has since been got off."

Wed last week: "at the timber-rearing of the new and most beautiful seat, now building by George Edward Stanley, Esq.; to [sic] Ravenscar (about ten miles from this town) the workmen, together with the neighbours for several miles round, were plentifully entertained by that Gentleman."

"A Correspondent informs us, that yesterday he gathered a nosegay, composed of seven different flowers all in full bloom, in the garden of Mr. Smith, in St. Bees."

Bankrupt: William Milligan, of Kendal.

Last Sun at Gosforth: Mr Abraham Caldbeck of Irton, & Miss Sally Mossop, of Seascale in Gosforth.
Last Sun: Capt. Richard Ledger, & Miss Watson, daughter of Capt. Wilson Watson, of Scotch-street, Whitehaven.
Last Sun, at the Old Church (Whitehaven): Capt. Joseph Smallwood, & Miss Alpha Draper, daughter of the late Mr John Draper, "Teacher of the Mathematics"
Last Tue: Mr Rodgers of Liverpool & Miss Bella Nicholson, of Scotch-street, Whitehaven

31 Dec 1778- SHIPPING:

[Name, Captain, From/to]
23 Dec- Mary, Reed; Juno, Jackson, Dublin
24 Dec- Jenny, Robb, Harrington
25 Dec- Mally, Pennyman, Isleman; Nancy, Spedding, Workington; Wells, Collins, Waterford
26 Dec- John, Ferguson, Guernsey; Jane, Addy, Isleman; Diligence, Brown, Dumfries
27 Dec- Jenny, Irven, Dumfries; Britain, McNamara, Isleman; Jane, Broadfoot, Whithorn
28 Dec- Betsy, Younghusband; Rupert, Braithwaite, Dublin; Endeavour, Carlisle, Workington; Dumfries, McWhirr, Liverpool; George & Charlotte, Fearon, Maryport
29 Dec- William & John, Ramsey, Guernsey

24 Dec- Eagle Packet, Maxwell, Isleman; Hope, Peters, Abberduffy; Mary Ann, Robinson, Belfast; Jackson, Sharp, Newry; Nelly, Teare, Isleman
25 Dec- Industry, Broadfoot, Whithorn; Thomas, Heslop, Dumfries; Draper, Wilson, Dublin
27 Dec- Nancy, Spedding, Workington

Thu, 08.30am, 08.54pm
Fri, 09.18am, 09.42pm
Sat, 10.06am, 10.30pm
Sun, 11.18am, 11.42pm
Mon, 12.06am, 12.30pm
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