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2 Jul 1778:

As in previous issues:
Turlington's Original Balsam of Life sold by A. Coutts
[Flavius Josephus book]
[Lover's Instructor book]
[Compleat Vermin Killer book]

[New partwork, in 10 weekly issues, 1s each: new illustrated editions of "Emblems, Divine and Moral" and "The School of the Heart" by Francis Quarles]

2 Jul 1778- NEWS:
The Royal Denbighshire Militia (commanded by Col. John Middleton) arrived at Whitehaven last Thu: "in the evening, a great number of people assembled to see them parade, and were agreeably entertained with an excellent band of music belonging to the battalion." The battalion's headquarters will be at Whitehaven, but two of the four companies (under Captains Richard Kenrick & Robert Watkin Wynne) will be stationed at Workington, and one at Maryport (under Capt. Philip Yorke). Further details of officers given.

An additional article, apparently from a Welsh source, describes the Denbighshire corps: "the officers (who vie with each other in the discipline of their men) are the principal gentlemen of the county, and the rank are composed of young healthy farmers"...

Whitehaven, last Fri evening "the Officers of the Denbighshire Militia gave a ball to the Ladies of this town at Mr. Watson's Assembly Room, where the band of music, belonging to the battalion, attended. On Saturday two companies, under the command of Captain Kenrick, marched for Workington. The same day a company, commanded by Lieut. Clough, marched for Maryport and were entertained at Nether-Hall, by Humphrey Senhouse, Esq; who has also furnished them with a guard-room, at Maryport, and a suitable piece of ground to exercise on."

"The Gentlemen volunteers at Maryport, continue to assemble every evening; they go through the different manoeuvres with great regularity."

The Whitehaven vessel The Two Marys (Capt. McAdam) arrived at Gravesend on 20 Jun, on its voyage from Dublin to London.

A letter from Philadelphia to a gentleman in Whitehaven states that "We pay from half a crown to half a dollar per pound, for fresh meat, and three shillings for half a peck of potatoes- a few days since I paid sixteen shillings for twenty-eight pounds of flour."

Whitehaven: "The weather was exceeding warm and sultry here last week; on Sunday evening a great deal of rain fell, and we have had several refreshing showers since, which have greatly cooled the atmosphere.- Many people, in this neghbourhood, have begun their hay harvest."

Bankrupt: Daniel Nicholson, dealer of Moorgill, Cumberland.

Last Sat: "the remains of Henry Curwen, Esq. of Workington-Hall, were interred in the family vault in Workington church, attended by a very great concourse of people. The following Gentlemen supported the pall, viz. Humphrey Senhouse, Esq; Robert Watters, Esq; John Spedding, Esq; John Senhouse, Esq; Thomas Hartley, Esq; James Craik, Esq; Mr. Peter Gale, and Mr. John Ponsonby."

On 18 Jul, James Burrow Esq. (son of the late Joseph Burrow, former Collector of Customs for the port of Whitehaven) died at his brother's seat in Kent; he had been Comptroller of Customs for Halifax in Nova Scotia, and a member of the Honourable Council for that province.

Last week at Dalemain near Penrith: Edward Hassell Esq., "much regretted".

Anonymous statistical analysis of the Bible (e.g. "The word AND occurs in the Old Testament 35,543 times")

"The Dying Lover" (anonymous, about a young man who appears to be starving himself to death after being rejected)

"An EPITAPH in a Country Churchyard" (anonymous):
"Not born, not dead, not christen'd, not begot,
Lo! here she lies, that was, and that was not
She was born, baptiz'd, is dead, and what is more,
Was in her life not honest, nor a whore.
Readed, behold, a wonder rarely wrote,
And while thou seem'st it to read, thou readest not."


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9 Jul 1778:

As in previous issues:
Numbered list of medicines etc. for sale by A. Coutts, Whitehaven
Freeman's Antiscorbutic Bitter Drops sold by A. Coutts
Books for sale by A. Coutts
[Quarles partwork]
[Flavius Josephus works]

For sale at Ribton Hall, 10 Jul: "all the valuable STOCK, late of JOSEPH MIREHOUSE, deceased; consisting of a Number of good Horses, Milch Cows, and sundry other Cattle, Corn thrash'd, Ewes and Lambs, Household Furniture, Implements of Husbandry, &c."
Also, To Let at the house of John Meals, Cockermouth, 13 Jul: several closes of good pasture land & hay ground at Ribton, for the present season.
Dated 4 Jul.

9 Jul 1778- NEWS:
Last Sat: at County Hall in Appleby, an election was held for a Coroner in Westmorland, to replace the late John Nicholson Esq.
Mr Bowness of Raisbeck near Orton was elected, and afterwards, "Sir James Lowther, Bart. gave an elegant entertainment to the Gentlemen, at the King's-Head."

The ballot for persons to serve in the Militia for the ward of Allerdale Above Derwent commences today in the Court-House at Whitehaven.

"The Ball at Mr. Watson's Assembly Room, on the 25th ult. was not given by the Officers of the Denbighshire Militia only (as mentioned, from report, in our last) but jointly by the Gentlemen of this Town, and the Officers of the Westmorland and Denbighshire Militia."

Last Thu the revenue cruizer Lynx (Banton) brought into Whitehaven harbour the Peggy (master, Thomas Morrison) of Glenluce, captured on its way home from France attempting to smuggle 260 ankers of spirits & several chests of dry goods.

Last Tue the Spy cruizer (Capt. Sharp) sailed on a cruize: "she is a remarkable fast sailer, and consequently exceeding fit for the purpose of giving intelligence, should any enemy appear in this channel."

The Nancy (Capt. Robbs) passed the Sound downwards on its voyage towards Whitehaven on 18 Jun.

The Whitehaven vessel Martin (Capt. Birkett) has arrived off Dover on its voyage from Gallipoli.

"In consequence of the embargo having been taken off the shipping in the different parts of Ireland on Friday last, a very great number of vessels have arrived in this and the neighbouring ports."

On 24 June "died at Dalemain, near Penrith, of an apoplectic stroke, Mrs. Hasell (not Edward Hasell, Esq; as mentioned by mistake in our last) Lady of Edward Hasell, Esq; and sister to Sir Philip Musgrave, Bart."

On 30 June, Joseph Crosthwaite, an apprentice to Mr Jonathan Asbridge, shoemaker of Keswick, was drowned while bathing in the River Greta. He was buried at Orthwaite in Uldale parish.

Last Tue, in Senhouse Street, Whitehaven, "in an advanced age": Mr Thomas Grayson, mason "much esteemed and respected".

Last Sun, by the Rev. Mr Clarke: Henry Lowes Esq. & Miss Ruth Cope, "an agreeable young Lady with a genteel fortune."

From Trevor Jones, of Whitehaven 2 Jul:
Being informed the inhabitants are much alarmed by the small-pox visiting this Town, and earnestly wish to prevent the infection spreading; I am prompted to lay before them the proposal of the very ingenious Dr. Haygarth, for that purpose, and the encouragement of the artificial small-pox.
I have the pleasure to inform the inhabitants, that the Doctor has, repeatedly, assured me the progress of the natural small-pox, at Chester, has been entirely stopped, several times, this last Spring, without the least difficulty."
[There follows a report from Chester about the practicalities of the innoculation and quarantine schemes]

A solution, by "Crito", to last week's "Epitaph" puzzle:
"To solve the paradox you quote,
A woman was, and yet was not,
She was, and was not, I believe it,
NOT was her name, as I conceive it."


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16 Jul 1778:

As in previous issues:
Numbered list of medicines sold by A. Coutts, Whitehaven
Turlington's Original Balsam of Life sold by A. Coutts
Fothergel's Drops sold by A Coutts
[Flavius Josephus works]

Official notice, Carlisle Custom-House: to be sold by auction in several lots at the King's warehouse in Carlisle, 29 Jul (starting 10am), clear of all duties: 4.5 gallons of foreign brandy; 253 gallons of rum; 6 gallons & 3 quarts of Geneva; 17 gallons of British brandy; 6.5 gallons of British Compounds; 33 pounds of Congo & Bohea tea; 1 pound of green tea. Purchasers "to make a sufficient Deposit to take away the Goods in 20 Days, or forfeit the same". Viewing at any time during Custom-House hours.

To be let by auction at the house of Joseph Meals, Cockermouth, 24 July: Ribton Hall & demesne, with other lands in Ribton (farmed by the late Joseph Mirehouse). Entry at Candlemas; Mrs Mirehouse, the widow, will show the premises; for further information apply to Mr Wordsworth in Cockermouth.
To be let, on the premises, 25 Jul: several parcels of hay ground at Ribton, for the present season.
Dated 9 Jul.

[Part 1 of "The Universal Family Bible", illustrated, to be published 25 Jul; to be continues in 100 weekly parts, price 6d]

[Peter Brett, stationer of the Strand, London, supplies London newspapers to all parts of the country "on the most moderate terms"]

16 Jul 1778- NEWS:
Last Sat, prices at the Corn Market in Carlisle: wheat 16s-18s per bushel; rye 12s & 13s; barley 9/6 & 10s; oats 6/9 & 7s; white pease 16s; grey pease 11/9; beans 11/8

Last Thu the Lord Bishop of Chester confirmed nearly 800 young people at St. Nicholas' Church in Whitehaven. "After the confirmation, an excellent sermon was preached by the Rev. Mr. Addison, of Workington, from John viii, 12."

Last Sun evening, Sir James Lowther, Bart. arrived at The Castle, near Whitehaven, and on Mon he reviewed the Westmorland battalion of militia, quartered in the town. "The battalion was under arms by six in the morning and marched to the Castle-hill, where they performed the manual exercise, and went through the different military evolutions with great spirit and regularity. Sir James was pleased to express his approbation of the whole performance, and made the men a present of ten guineas.- He left the Castle about five o'clock, on his return to Lowther-Hall, and is expected here again in a few days."

"The Maryport Company of Gentlemen Volunteers, assembled last friday evening at Unerigg Hall, the seat of John Christian, Esq; where they went through the manual exercise, and fired sixteen rounds, with great exactness, which afforded pleasure to a number of spectators. The Company was afterwards entertained by Mr. Christian, and many loyal healths were drank upon the occasion."

John Huddleston Esq. of Whitehaven has been appointed Quarter-Master and Pay-Master of the Cumberland Militia.

The Whitehaven vessel Albion (late Capt. Higgs) has arrived off Dover on its voyage from Grenada.

H.M. sloop Harpy (Capt. Wills) and the Wolf (Capt. Cole) have been appointed to convoy the Irish linen ships- Harpy was due to sail from Belfast on 7 Jul.

Whitehaven, last Thu: "the wife of Mr. Thomas Nicholson, in Tangier, was delivered of three boys, the Mother is in a fair way of recovery, but the children are dead."

8 Jul at Skelton, by the Rev. Mr Brown: Ralph Cooke Esq; (descended from the family of the Stanleys, Earls of Derby) chief steward of the Duke of Portland's Lordship of the Forest of Inglewood, & "the very agreeable Miss Dawson" daughter & customary heir of George Dawson Esq. of Unthank in Skelton parish (a commissioner of Land Tax and of the Chalkbeck to Penrith turnpike road, "with a fortune of 4000£"). "Immediately after the ceremony Mr. Cooke and his lady set out on the tour of England."
7 Jul at Bridekirk: Mr Thomas McGill of Great Broughton & Miss Ann Clennen of Little Broughton

From "A True Briton", quoting a portion of an article by Lord Bolinbroke about the practical difficulties of invading England. [No local content]

From "Prevention" on the best ways to prevent dogs spreading "canine madness" [i.e. rabies. No local content]

"The TIMES": anonymous- about the poor state of Britain's defences.


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23 Jul 1778:

As in previous issues:
Ribton Hall lettings
Auction at Carlisle Custom house [with coat of arms heading]
Panacea for the Itch sold by A. Coutts
Freeman's Antiscorbutic Bitter Drops aold by A. Coutts
List of books sold by A. Coutts.
[Universal Family Bible partwork]
[Flavius Josephus partwork]

Following the advert in the Chronicle of 28 March from Thomas Graham about Mr Richmond Bragg's mare; Graham now announces that although a friend of Bragg contacted him before the 25 April deadline, causing the sale to be postponed, no payment has been made , so the mare & colts will be sold by auction at the Huntsman & Hounds in Rickergate, Carlisle, at 2pm on 1 August unless Graham pays the requisite "reasonable charges and expenses" beforehand.

Mr Cowan's dancing school will open at Mr Watson's Assembly Room in Albion Street, Whitehaven, on 3 Aug, "where young Ladies and Gentlemen will be taught Dancing agreeable to the most approved and polite Methods."

To let by auction at the house of Mr Brough, at the Abbey, 18 Aug: estate at Kingside in Abbey Holme (property of Thomas Peile Barnes Esq.), for 7 years from Candlemas next. Includes "well built" dwelling house, outhouses etc. and over 70 acres of arable & meadow land, "most part of it very cogmodious and good Corn Land"; "likewise One Half of the Fog or After-Grass of 117 Days-work of Meadow, having Liberty to stint the 27th day of August, and continue to the 21st of December." The estate adjoins a "valuable" common on which it has an unlimited right. Conditions to be agreed at the time of letting. Mr Samuel Pattison will show the premises.

23 Jul 1778- NEWS:
Last Sat evening, Sir James Lowther returned to The Castle, near Whitehaven. On Mon, he and the officers of the Militia quartered here dined with Robert Watters Esq. at Limethwaite; on Tue with George Edward Stanley at Ponsonby Hall.

Whitehaven: "Last week, Manks herrings sold here, at seven for two pence."

On 7 Jul, commencement day at Cambridge, the Rev. John Law, of Emmanuel College, Archdeacon of Rochester, and son of the Bishop of Carlisle, was made a Doctor of Divinity.

Last week one Jonathan Newton, a pitman, was sent to Morpeth gaol, "charged with stealing a horse from Throckley, and another from Rutchester, and selling them at Rosla-hill, in this County" [i.e. Rosley Hill, near Wigton]

Sat last week: end of the cock-fighting match at Kirkby Lonsdale between the Gentlemen of Lancashire (feeder, David Smith) and the Gentlemen of Westmorland (feeder, Thomas Richardson). Of the 37 battles in the main, 19 were won by Lancashire, 16 by Westmorland, 2 drawn. "There were 12 bye battles; each party got 6.--- The odds were 7 to 4 on the latter, before fighting, and 5 to 4 and 6 to 4 the battles through, Richardson being superior cocked."

"The following Gentlemen, Priests of the Romish Communion, took the oaths prescribed by the late Act of Parliament, at the Sessions, last week, in the City of Carlisle, vz. Mr. Chaplin, Mr. Bolas, and Mr. Holywell."

[An item on the Greenland whaling season lists no ships from Cumbrian ports]

Last Fri: Mrs Smith, wife of the Rev. Mr Smith of Whicham, "much esteemed and greatly lamented by all who knew her".

"The Prodigal Son- of a Taylor"; anonymous; no Cumbrian references, though the hero does a great deal of travelling.

A reminder of the naval action between Admiral Blake and the Dutch fleet; similar to the more recent engagement between Admiral Keppel and the French. Anonymous; no Cumbrian references.

23 Jul 1778- SHIPPING:

[Name, Captain, From/to]
13 Jul- Nicholas, Revel, Newry; Bella, Steele, Dublin; Dove, Bowin, Holyhead; Granville, Williams, Newry
14 Jul- Benjamin, Simm, Kirkcudbright; Active, Tear, Isleman; Radcliffe, Hodgson, Dublin; Saltom, Dawson, Waterford; Diligence, Henry, Dumfries; Venus, Kirk, Water Orr
15 Jul- Success, Casson, Kirkcudbright; John & Mary, Hews; Friendship, Taylor; Jenny & Betty, Bell, Carlisle; Jenny, Brigs, Water Orr; Ann, Watson, Allonby
16 Jul- Spy, Sharp; Polly, Lacy; Rigby, Losh, Liverpool; Jane, Addy, Isleman; Chatham, Pearson, Ballantray
17 Jul- Benjamin, Simm, Kirkcudbright; George & Bella, Cowley, Duddon; Boscawen, Smith, Liverpool; Dalemtower, Fell; Content, Woodell; Orange, Losh; Prince Wales, Briggs; Richmond, Smithson, Dublin; Nelly & Nancy, Conway; Mally, Messenger, Isleman
18 Jul- Betty, Harris, Kirkcudbright; Seahorse, Kirkpatrick, Workington
19 Jul- Herst, Jackson, Lancaster; Open Boat, Henning, Allonby; Mally, McDowell, Harrington; Rose, Harrison, Dublin
20 Jul- Jenny, Lindsey; Benjamin, Simm, Kirkcudbright

15 Jul- Swan, Bacon; King George, Stobridge; Moor, Booth; Industry, Cragg; Felicity, Monkhouse; Betsy, Yowart; William, Hudson; Good Intent, Mathers; Musgrave, Sibson; Loyalty, Thompson; Olive Branch, Angus; Senhouse, Watson; Love, Machell; Fox, Salkeld, Dublin; Jenny, Stuart, Whithorn; Mary, Doyle, Wexford; Benjamin, Simm, Kirkcudbright; Mally, Caffrey, Parton; Eagle Packet, Maxwell, Isleman
16 Jul- Dove, Dargue, Dublin; Jenny & Betty, Bell, Carlisle; Active, Tear, Isleman
17 Jul- Polly, Lacey, Liverpool
18 Jul- Nelly, Briggs, Water Orr; Benjamin, Simm, Kirkcudbright; Lyon, Richards, Whithorn; Juno, Jackson, Dublin; John, Rudd, Stranraer; John & Mary, Hews, Carnarvon; Industry, Stuart, Whithorn
19 Jul- Prosperous, Thompson; Ledger, Hodgson; Dove, Bowen; Truelove, Littledale; Peace, Ritson; Benn, McMellon; James & Ann, Peele, Dublin; Good Intent, McNeel, Kirkcudbright; Defiance, Griffin; Nelly & Nancy, Cocnaway [sic], Isleman
20 Jul- Catharine, Williams; Garland, Piper; William & Mary, Moor, Dublin


13 Jul: Hopewell, Grey, Greenock; Charming Jenny, Carson, Kirkcudbright; Blessing, Mordaff, Ulverstone; Martin, Bowes, Cork
14 Jul: Assistance, Atkinson, Dublin; Active, Allison, Cork
15 Jul: Peter, Coward, Dumfries; Seaflower, Kilpatrick, Dumfries; Peggy & Patty, Chambers, Dundalk
16 Jul- Henry, Clark; Dorset, Allison; Minerva, Jackson, Dublin; Vulcan, Harrison, Ulverstone; Two Sisters, Foulks, Conway; Happy, Jackson, Drogheda; Peter, Brown, Dublin
17 Jul- Bella, Crosthwaite, Sligo; Lark, Key; Triton, Martindale, Dublin
18 Jul- Etty, Thompson, Newry

15 Jul- Success, Peil Letter Kenny; Dove, Hargrove; Portland, Miliken; George, Clark, Dublin
16 Jul- Hopewell, Gray, Allonby; Peter, Coward, Harrington
18 Jul- Seahorse, Kirkpatrick; Deborah, Brockbank; Brothers, Makinson; Charming Jenny, Casson; Unicorn, Westray, Harrington

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30 Jul 1778:

As in previous issues:
Mr Cowan's dancing tuition
Kingside estate, Abbey Holme, to let
Sale of Mr Bragg's mare & foals
Fothergel's Drops sold by A. Coutts
List of medicines etc. sold by A. Coutts
[Flavius Josephus partwork]
[Universal Family Bible partwork]

To let by auction at the Court House, Whitehaven, 3 Sep, 11am-1pm: tolls on the Whitehaven turnpike roads at the Long Bransty, Scragill and St. Bees gates, for 3 years from noon on 10 Oct next. Last let for: Scragill £5/11/6 per week; Bransty £4/8/0 per week; St. Bees £10 per year (all over and above the expenses of collecting the tolls). The successful bidders must give surety for payment of the rent. Signed Henry Littledale, clerk to the trustees, Whitehaven, 28 Jul.

Immediately above the main news column appears an announcement: "Mr. COWAN, DANCING-MASTER, being engaged at St. Bees School, sooner than he expected, respectfully acquaints the Ladies and Gentlemen of Whitehaven, that his School will not open here till MONDAY the 2d of November."

30 Jul 1778- NEWS:
Last Sat: "a fine vessel, pierced for 32 guns, called the Mars, was launched at Workington. She was built by Mr. Wood, and is esteemed the largest ship ever built in this county.

Whitehaven: "Sir James Lowther, Bart. left the Castle on Sunday last- during his stay he met the Trustees of thia harbour, at the Court-House, and several measures were proposed and agreed to, for the improvement and defence of this town and harbour."

The Senhouse (Capt. Collins) "from the Coast of Africa, laden with gold-dust, ivory, &c. is taken by the Burgoyne, letter of marque, Capt. Simms, and carried into Liverpool."

"Upwards of two thousand hogsheads of tobacco came home in the West India fleets lately arrived."

The Whitehaven vessel Monarch (Capt. Hall) "and six other victuallers, from Corke, are arrived at Philadelphia."

"We are informed, that the Rev. Joshua Southward is nominated to the perpetual Curacy of Ponsonby, and appointed officiating Minister of Haile, vacant by the death of the Rev. Mr. Cannell."

22 insolvent debtors were discharged last week at the Sessions in Carlisle, "to the great joy of several distressed families".

"his Majesty's one hundred guineas" (for animals up to 5 years old, carrying 8st. 7lb.; heats 4 miles each):
Sir James Lowther's brown mare: 4 - 2 - 3
Sir Walter Vavasour's "Hypocrite": 1 - 4 - 1
Mr Thomas Bell's "Long Unknown": dr.
J.B. Coulson Esq's "Contest": 3 - 1 - 2
Mr Isaac Cape's "Rebecca": 2 - 3 - dr.

Sweepstakes ("twenty guineas each h.f. and a Hogshead of Claret"):
W. Spencer Esq's bay filly: 1
Sir James Lowther's bay filly: 2
Sir Michael le Fleming's bay filly: 3
M. Dunn Esq's chestnut colt: 4
Lord Surrey's bay filly: 5

Sir James Lowther has ordered that the Castle, near Whitehaven, should be "elegantly fitted up and finished; and we hear Sir James intends to make it his place of residence a considerable time this season."

Last Sun night, starting about 11pm, there was "a violent shower of rain" at Whitehaven, which continued "for a considerable time." "The small rivulets in the neighbourhood were surprisingly increased, and several farmers will suffer considerably, by their fields of corn being laid under water; large quantities of hay have also been destroyed."

Whitehaven, last Tue morning: "several of the loudest claps of thunder were heard here, ever remembered in this part."

Last Sun, at Trinity church, Whitehaven, by the Rev. Mr Sewel: Mr John Wilson, & Miss Tyndall of Duke Street

Mon last week at Annaside near Bootle: Mr Walter Graham, "many years an officer in the customs".
Last week at Hensingham "in an advanced age": Mrs Elizabeth Tate.
A few days ago in Scotch Street, Whitehaven: Mrs Briggs, wife of Capt. Robert Briggs.

"AN ADDRESS to a LADY" (anonymous but "For the CUMBERLAND CHRONICLE"). The lady is poetically named as Mystilla.

From "X", making accusations of corruption in the King's name.

30 Jul 1778- SHIPPING:

[Name, Captain, From/to]
23 Jul- Hector, Pearson, Wicklow; Peggy, Darley, Rushin; Echo, Allison; Nelly, Woodburn; Sedgwick, Allison, Dublin; Mary & Ann, Maddox, Waterford; Thompson, Johnson, Dublin; Hawke, Coupland, Seas; Draper, Carter, Maryport
24 Jul- Seaflower, Gibbins; Lively, Watts; Thomas, Westray, Dublin; Abbey, Connolly, Youghall; Benjamin, Simm, Kirkcudbright; Mary, Williams, Fisgard; Archibald, Boyle, Drogheda; Jenny, Adams, Donnaghadee; Betty, Wood, Balbriggan
25 Jul- Jenny, Stuart, Whithorn; Open Boat, Lowes, Harrington
26 Jul- John, Rudd, Wigton; Nancy, Hews, Chester; Mally & Peggy, Walker; Fox, Salkeld; John & Thomas, Yowart, Dublin; Mally, Kelly, Isleman; Peggy, Ramsey, Bray

23 Jul- Nicholas, Lindsey, Water Orr; Tryal, Briggs, Dumfries
24 Jul- Benjamin, Simm; Mally, McDowell, Kirkcudbright; Eagle Packet, Maxwell, Isleman; Diligence, Henry, Dumfries
25 Jul- Hannah, Mossop, Dublin; Saltom, Dawson, Waterford; Rogers, Benson; Charlotte, Stuart; Kitty, Fisher; John & Mary, Mayson; Betsy, Younghusband, Dublin; Richard, Wraith, Wexford
26 Jul- Open Boat, Lowes, Allonby; Jenny, Minnah, Whithorn; Success, Perrie, Stranraer
27 Jul- Success, Casson, Kirkcudbright

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6 Aug 1778:

As in previous issues:
Mr Cowan's dancing classes [with revised 2 Nov date]
Kingside estate in Abbey Holme to let
Whitehaven turnpike tolls to let
List of books sold by A. Coutts
Spilsbury's Drops [for scurvy, gout, rheumatism, indigestion etc.] sold by A. Coutts
Panacea for the Itch sold by A. Coutts
Turlington's Original Balsam of Life sold by A. Coutts

For sale "A neat POST CHAISE, little worse than New, with good Harness, &c." Apply to the Chronicle office.
"This will be only once more advertised"

[Peter Brett, stationer of London, supplies London newspapers to all parts of Great Britain & Ireland]

6 Aug 1778- NEWS:
Tue last week: "the Fifty Guineas given by Sir James Lowther, Bart. and Walter Stanhope, Esq; was won by John Hutton, Esqr's bay colt, Valentine."
Wed last week: "the Hunter's Plate was won by Wilson Bradyll, Esqr's chestnut gelding, Batchelor."
Thu last week: "the Earl of Carlisle's Eighty Guineas, and Twenty-five Guineas, given by Anthony Storer, Esq; (Member for Carlisle) was won by J.B. Coulson, Esqr's bay horse, Contest."
Last Fri: "his Grace the Duke of Portland's Fifty Guineas, was won by Martin Dunn, Esqr's chsetnut colt, Vice President"
Last Sat: "the Subscription of Fifty Guineas was won by John Hutton, Esqr's chestnut Filly, Gentle Kitty."

Last Tue: "Phillip Yorke, Esq; Captain of the company of Denbighshire Militia, stationed at Maryport, gave a Supper and Ball, at Mr. Nelson's long room, to the Ladies and Gentlemen of that neighbourhood."

Last week, by the Rev. Mr Smith: Mr John Skelding of Langler, & Miss Betty Grice of Bootle, "an agreeable young Lady with a genteel fortune".
Last Sun at Crosscannonby, by the Rev. Mr Wilson: Mr George Smith of Maryport, & Miss Mally Graham, of the same place.

A few days ago at his house at Scurgill, near Penrith: Andrew Whelpdale Esq., Deputy Clerk of the Peace for Cumberland, "a Gentleman much respected and greatly rergetted."
Lately at Penrith: Mr Thomas Abrahams, "(one of the people called Quakers) formerly an eminent Merchant Grocer in this Town."

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Tue, 12.54am, 01.17pm
Wed, 01.41am, 02.04pm

13 Aug 1778:

As in previous issues:
Post Chaise for sale ("This will be no more advertis'd")
Whitehaven turnpike tolls to let
List of books sold by A. Coutts
Panacea for the Itch sold by A. Coutts
Freeman's Antiscorbutic Bitter Drops sold by A. Coutts

Creditors of the late Andrew Whelpdale, gent. of Skirgill (in Dacre parish) are asked to send their accounts to John Wordsworth of Cockermouth, attorney for the executors. Debtors should make their payments to Wordsworth or Mr William Stimson, mercer in Penrith. Dated Penrith, 5 Aug

"JOHN BECK, begs leave to acquaint his Friends and the Public, that he has now opened his Cellar, near the Custom House, where he purposes selling by Wholesale and Retail, on the lowest Terms, the following Articles":
Best West India Rum; best Coniac & British Brandy; best Holland & british Geneva; FOREIGN WINES- Claret, Madeira, Red & White Port, Frontignac, Sherry, Sweet Mountain; CORDIALS- Shrub, Raspberry, Cinnamon, Mint, Carraway, Annaseed, Citron, Clove; Best Bitters; "A great Variety of British Sweets and Vinegar, of the Best Quality."
"N.B. Also may be had of the said JOHN BECK, London Porter in Hogsheads, Barrels and half Barrels, and a Quantity of Tar in Barrels." Dated Whitehaven, 11 Aug.

[Just published: new edition of "The Complete English Cook, or, Prudent Housewife"]

13 Aug 1778- NEWS:
"We are informed, from undoubted authority, that the Militia men, allotted for the wards of Allerdale above and below Darwent, are to meet at Whitehaven on the 25th of this month and to march the next day, and not on the 18th as was ordered."

Whitehaven, last Fri evening: "a great number of people assembled in a riotous manner, in Lowther-street. In order to prevent disagreeable consequences, the drums of the Denbighshire and Westmorland Militia beat to arms, and the officers and men were instantly on the parade. The tumult speedily subsided, and the soldiers were dismissed about ten o'clock, without any mischief happening. It is necessary to observe, that all peaceable and well-disposed inhabitants should be careful to avoid joining such riotous assemblies, as the retributive hand of justice, cannot, on such occasions, distinguish the innocent from the guilty."

The Hazard (Capt. Fletcher) arrived at Whitehaven from Dominica last Mon, after a 7-week voyage. She had arrived at St. Kitts on 21 Jun, one day after the fleet left, so sailed home without a convoy.
"The Richardson, Capt. Hogg, was well, at Dominica, and expected to sail for London with the convoy in July."

Whitehaven, yesterday (12 Aug): the annual fair "for merchandize and toys"; "notwithstanding the badness of the day great numbers of people resorted to town."

"We are informed, that the anniversary meeting to celebrate the Birth-Day of Sir James Lowther, Bart. will be held at the Black-Lion Inn, in this town, on Saturday next.- William Hicks, Esq; in the Chair."

"An express from Lord Barrington, dated War-office, August 8th at night, addressed to the Commander in Chief of his Majesty's forces at Whitehaven, arrived here on Tuesday evening, advising, itelligence heving been received, that four French and American privateers were on their departure from the French ports, wih intent to infest the coasts of Great Britain, and Ireland, as opportunities may offer. The Commanding Officer, Colonel Myddleton, immediately ordered the guards at the forts to be doubled, and proposes taking every necessary step to place the troops properly for guarding and defending the coast: and
On Tuesday night, the Gentlemen of the Committee of Safety dispatched Capt. Isaac Sharp, in the Spy smack, to communicate the above intelligence to the Commanders of any of his Majesty's ships of war in the channel, and also to the Chief Officers at any of the ports he may be able to reach, in the Isle of Man, North of Ireland, and the Coast of Galloway in Scotland."

Whitehaven, "a few days ago": "A Serjeant, on guard, belonging to the Westmorland Militia, observing a person viewing the fort, with great attention, seized him and sent him to the commanding Officer- the supposed spy was found to be a Gentleman of great fortune and family."

"A correspondent informs us, that one William Troughton, of the parish of Corney, in this County, tho' upwards of 90 years of age, has performed, this year, the laborious task of mowing his own hay ground, which consists of six days' work, with only the assistance of a person for one day; he performed it for several years past without help."

A few days ago at Carlisle: Mr John Milliken, bookseller, & Miss Jenny Coulthard, "an agreeable young Lady endowed with every accomplishment to render the matrimonial state completely happy, with a fortune of 1000."
Last week at Bridekirk: Timothy Parker Esq. of London, & Miss Nancy Hoskins, daughter of Alexander Hoskins Esq. of Broughton.

"The DISCONSOLATE SHEPHERDESS: A PASTORAL": "From Mr. GRAHAM'S Poems, Lately published."

Also two comic verses (anonymous).

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20 Aug 1778:

As in previous issues:
Whitehaven turnpike tolls to let
John Beck's wine cellar
Creditors of Andrew Whelpdale
Spilsbury's Drops sold by A. Coutts

The Inclosure Commissioners for Egremont are to hold a meeting on 3 Sep at the King's Arms (John Benson's) in Egremont, "for hearing, enquiring into, and determining the Claims and Objections referred to their Determination". Signed John Steble, John Hodgkin & John Jackson, 8 Aug 1778.

20 Aug 1778- NEWS:
Sir James Lowther's birthday, which occurred last Sun, was celebrated in Whitehaven last Sat. "Many of the principal Gentlemen of this place, and the Officers of both corps of militia quartered here, assembled at Mr. Walker's, the Black Lion Inn, where an elegant entertainment was provided, and many loyal and constitutional toasts were drank. It was pretty late before the company parted, and the whole was conducted with the usual degree of conviviality and good humour,- William Hicks, Esq; in the chair. Peter John Heywood, Esq; was appointed President for the ensuing year.

Also at the Black Lion last Sat, a subscription was enteredin into by several gentlemen for holding a monthly Assembly at Mrs. Hayton's Assembly Room in Howgill Street.

The Denbighshire and Westmorland battalions of militia, quartered here, appeared in their new cloaths last Sunday.

The weather around Whitehaven "has been very favourable some time past; which affords the pleasing prospect of a fine harvest season; we hear from several parts of the country that barley and wheat are in great forwardness, and that some farmers have already begun to cut down.

Last Wed, the body of a man was found on the seashore near Harrington. "He seemed to have been a considerable time in the water, and was interred the same evening in Harrington church yard."

"An ODE For the BIRTH DAY of his Royal Highness the PRINCE of WALES, August 12, 1778." by Thomas Hastings

20 Aug 1778- SHIPPING:

[Name, Captain, From/to]
13 Aug- Boyne, Coulthard; Cumberland, Fleming; Success, Harris; Betsy, Armstrong, Dublin; Mally, Todd, Workington; Thomas, Carrel, Dundalk; Inchinquin, Button, Seas
14 Aug- Friendship, Pearson, Dublin; Mary Ann, Simm, Newport
15 Aug- Ann & Francis, Whitfield, Chepstow; Mary & Betty, Jackson; Blake, Corkhill; Content, Woodall; Charlotte, Stuart, Dublin; Frederick, Reed; Lovely Nelly, Postlethwaite, Dundalk; Michael, Neugent; Catharine, Poor, Dungarvon; John & Mary, Mayson, Dunlary; John, Rudd, Wigton
16 Aug- Dennis, English, Workington; Jane, Jones, Chester; Henry & Joseph, Tickell; Ann, Watson, Workington; Three Brothers, Kelly, Dungarvon; Ann, Fisher, Dublin

15 Aug- Success, Harris; Boyne, Coulthard, Parton; Benjamin, Simm, Kirkcudbright; Eagle Packet, Maxwell, Isleman
16 Aug- Mally, Kelly; Active, Tear, Isleman; Nicholas, Lindsey, Dumfries; Mally & Nancy, Ecclestone; Daniel, Savage, Belfast; Mary, Doyle; Jenny, Kinclough, Wexford; Leven, Saterthwaite, Ulverstone; Two friends, Roach; Rainbow, Fowler, Dungarvon; John & Mary, Mayson, Parton; Industry, Stewart, Whithorn; Lark, Anderson; Beaver, Bushby; Ann, Hornby; Prosperous, Thompson; Peggy, Dailey, Dublin; St. Bees, Williamson, Memel; Venus, Moses, Cork; Mary & Betty, Boadle, Waterford; Hawke, Coupland, Appledore
17 Aug- Sedgwick, Allison; Nelly, Woodburn; Jenny, Thompson; Dallemtower, Fell; Mally & Peggy, Walker; Industry, Atkinson; Mally, Messenger; Ledger, Hodgson; Loyalty, Thompson; Allison, Adamson; Benn, McMellon; Commerce, Robinson, Dublin; Mary Ann, Maddox, Waterford; Abbey, Collony, Youghall


13 Aug- Nelly, Tear, Ramsey; Mary, English; Betty, Fowler, Dublin; Speedwell, Humphreys, Belfast
15 Aug- Industry, Hayston, Strangford

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27 Aug 1778:

As in previous issues:
Whitehaven Turnpike tolls to let
John Beck's wine cellar
Creditors of Andrew Whelpdale
Freeman's Antiscorbutic Bitter Drops sold by A. Coutts
Turlington's Original Balsam of Life sold by A. Coutts
List of books sold by A. Coutts
[The Complete English Cook]

W. Jackson, dancing-master, intends opening his school at the Golden Ball (Mrs Walker's) in King Street, Whitehaven, on 1 Sep. "Those who please to favour him with their Children, may depend upon their being taught in the most polite, genteel and fashionable Manner, and that in every Respect proper Care will be taken". "N.B. Cotillions and Figure Dances will be taught as performed at Court, and other polite Assemblies." Dated 26 Aug, Whitehaven.

To let by private contract: Banks-Hall, a house about a mile from Whitehaven, with three rooms per floor, plus stable, barn, chaise-house, garden, orchard & c20 acres of arable land "well tilled and watered, fenced with Wood Hedges, and very compact; also the Use of a Lime Kiln, and Limestone for the Use of the said Estate." The house "commands an extensive and pleasant Prospect of the adjoining Country, of the Sea, and of the Town and Harbour of Whitehaven". Also: "A Quantity of old and new Hay to be Sold, and Fog to be let." Enquiries to Dr. Aery. "This will be no more advertised". Dated Whitehaven 26 Aug.

EDITOR'S NOTE (at head of local news section):
"It having been inviduously propagated, for some time past, in several parts of this County, that This Paper would shortly be give up.- The Proprietor of the Cumberland Chronicle, fully sensible of the many obligations he lies under, begs leave to assure the Public, that Such report has no foundation in truth, and that it has only been circulated to mislead those who have hitherto patronised this work, and chiefly calculated to serve the private views of a few individuals.

27 Aug 1778- NEWS:


Held last week, before the Hon. Sir Beaumont Hotham Kt. (one of the Barons of H.M. Court of Exchequer) & the Hon. Edward Willes Esq. (one of the Justices of H.M. Court of King's Bench): "The Black-Lead mines, at Borrowdale, in this County, are now open; it is supposed that a thousand pounds worth of it has been dug out each day, during the course of the two last weeks, though there are only six men employed in the mines."

"Last Sunday forenoon, a smart shock of an earthquake, attended with a rumbling noise, was felt thro' the whole vale of Borrowdale, in this county. The motion was excessive quick, and a person who was on the spot informs that the house he was in was very perceptibly agitated- the inhabitants were very much alarmed, but we do not hear of any misfortune having happened."

"John Pocklington, Esq.; who lately purchased the Vicar's isle (now called Pocklington's isle) in the lake near Keswick, has erected a fort thereon for seven cannon- in digging the foundation, the ruins of a Druid's temple was discovered, which lay hid from the eye of the traveller, for ages, but will now be preserved, with the greatest care, for the inspection of the curious. Mr. Pocklington purposes, by other means, to beautify the isle, and render it an ornament to the lake. From the affability and public spirit of this Gentleman, it must, in a great measure, be owing that the Lake at Keswick has been so much visited, this summer, more than formerly."

The Earl of Suffolk has presented the Rev. Mr Nicholson, curate of Morpeth, to the living of Millom

"The men allotted to serve in the militia for this county, who were to march from this place yesterday, have received orders to stay here till further notice."

A wether sheep fed by Mr Fisher of Portinscale, when killed last week, produced 20lb of suet; "the hinder quarter weighed about 17lb; and though but a small sheep, was particularly noticed, and supposed to be the fattest ever seen in that market"- it was sold at 4.5d per lb.

Recent bankruptcies include: Daniel Coates of Haltwhistle in Northumberland & John Reay of Alston in Cumberland, woollen-manufacturers

Last Sun: Mr Isaac Wilson, grocer of the Market Place (Whitehaven), & Miss Betty Mossop of Prior Scale
Last Sun: Capt. Henry Mossop of the Hannah, & Miss Mally Harrison of George's Street (Whitehaven)
Last week: Mr Matthew Simpson of Green-bank & Mrs Somers of New Town

Last Fri in Duke Street, Whitehaven: Mrs Dixon, wife of Mr Dixon, supervisor, "much respected, and greatly lamented by all who knew her"
Lately at Workington: Miss Crosthwaite, of that place;

"Soliloquy of a Lady of Fashion" (anonymous)
"To the Commanders of the British Navy" (anonymous):
"HAIL! British Chieftains,- heroes of the main!
'Tis yours to breathe false Gallia's tumid vein;
To cool that rage, with English ball and fire,
Which would to gen'ral monarchy aspire"

27 Aug 1778- SHIPPING:

[Name, Captain, From/to]
20 Aug- Fly, Murphy, Youghall; Spy, Sharp, Seas; Adventure, Knail; John & Mary, Cain; Eagle Packet, Maxwell, Isleman; Brayton, Harrison; Orange, Losh, Dublin; Jane, McGowen, Wigton; Mary Ann, Robinson; Granville, Williams; Hibernia, Boyd, Belfast; Tryal, Daglish, Dumfries; Seaton, Cragg, Workington; Hibernia, Boyd, Belfast
21 Aug- Nelly, Briggs, Water Orr; Prosperity, Piper, Dublin; Hawke, Douglas, Wigton; Robert & Nelly, Lowden, Workington
22 Aug- William, Thompson; Howgill, McDonald, Dublin; Rigby, Losh, Liverpool; Happy Return, Danson, Lancaster; Hannah, McCreedy, Whithorn; William & Nancy, Cannon, Chester; Chatham, Pearson, Isleman
23 Aug- Lively, Watts; Ann, Briggs, Dublin; Rising Sun, Fennell, Youghall; Benjamin, Simm, Kirkcudbright; Bachelor, Elwood, Chepstow; Peggy, Jolly, Ferrytown
24 Aug- Jane & Sally, Nelson, Stranraer; Betty, Harris, Kirkcudbright; Nicholas, Lindsey, Water Orr
25 Aug- John & Mary, Cain; John, Kelly, Isleman; Jenny, McGowen, Wigton; Bella, Steele, Dublin
26 Aug- Eagle Packet, Maxwell, Isleman; Industry, Broadfoot, Whithorn

20 Aug: Juno, Jackson; Peace, Ritson; Garland, Piper; Truelove, Littledale; William, Crosby, Dublin; John, Rawson, Memel; Fanny, Whinn, Maryport; Open Boat, Young, Isleman
21 Aug: Eleanor, Cornick, Wexford; John & Mary, Cain, Isleman; Juno, Allonby, Milford; Isabella, Fisher; John & Betty, Hamit; Blessing, Curwen; Thomas, Westray; Wilson, Benson; Mary Ann, Carlisle; Thomas, Carrel, Dublin; Eagle Packet, Maxwell, Isleman
24 Aug- John, Rudd, Isleman; Venus, Kirk, Kirkcudbright
25 Aug- Peggy, Jolly, Harrington; Kitty, Jones; Sugar Loaf, Skariet, Ravenglass; Phoenix, Richardson, Cork
26 Aug- John & Mary, Cain, Isleman


20 Aug- Charlotte, Dixon, Kirkcudbright; Flimby, Mokinson; Mary Ann, Simm, Whitehaven; Seaflower, Robinson, Dublin; Liberty, Wilkes, Ross
21 Aug- Peggy, Blair, Dumfries; Betty, Stamper, Cantra; Nelly, Teare, Isleman
22 Aug- Providence, Tiffin, Ulverstone; Mermaid, Ruth, Chepstow

20 Aug- Blythe Ann, Atkinson; Eleanor, Hargrove; Dove, Hargrove; Liffey, Grayson; George, Clark; Dorset, Allison; Commerce, Burrel, Dublin; Seaton, Cragg, Whitehaven
21 Aug- Felicity, Atkinson; Liberty, Yoward; Endeavour, Atkinton; William, Hudson; Bellona, Kelsick; Diligence, Thompson; Glory's Increase, Wilson, Dublin; Robert & Ellan, Lowden; Flimby, Mokinson, Whitehaven

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