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1 Nov 1777:

As in previous issues:
Black Bank/ Guards farm to let
Scale Lands, Arlecdon for sale
Farms at Blennerhasset to let
Sugar etc. imported on Triton for sale
Beeswax wanted
Flavius Josephus partwork sold by A. Coutts
Dr. Freeman's Specific Drops sold by A. Coutts
Dr Freeman's Fothergel's Drops sold by A. Coutts
Northumberland etc. sheet almanack
Skelton & Co. lottery agency
William Alexander lottery agency
[Nicholson & Co. lottery office, London]
[Fuller & Morris lottery office, London]

"To the PUBLIC
WHEREAS a RICHARD JACKSON, of Whiny-Hall in the Parish of Kirklinton; JEFFERY IRVING, of Rocliff, and a third Person, Name unknown, called on Tuesday last at DANIEL HAYTON'S, Barley Mow in Kirkbride, and meeting accidentally with one DANIEL RITSON, of the same Place, a credulous and undesigning man, pretended, as he was just passing, they had found a Purse of some considerable Value, and provided he would go into the Public House and spend Sixpence with them, he should have an equal Share of the Contents. The said DANIEL RITSON, struck with the Proposal, went in and spent the Evening with them. The Purse, upon Examination, contained some Pieces of Gold and a Parcel of Bank Notes, as they pretended, to a very considerable Amount; but to make them passable, it was necessary every one present should sign his Name to the said Notes.
Now, it is strongly suspected that the said DANIEL RITSON, ignorant of such Transactions, has either signed his Mark (not being able to write his Name) to or indorsed some Promissory Notes, these Sharpers will avail themselves of, greatly to his Disadvantage.
This is therefore to give NOTICE that such Notes, wherever they appear, are a real intended Fraud and Imposition upon the said DANIEL RITSON; and it is at any Person's Peril to pass or accept the same, as he will be deemed an Accomplice, in the said Fraud, and indicted upon the Statute." [not signed]

Looking back on the first year of the Chronicle, and thanking the public, particularly in Cumberland and the Isle of Man, for their support. "We cannot, however, in justice to ourselves, forego this subject, without taking notice of the malevolent predictions of some, who have not scrupled to prophecy, in several parts of ths County, and in the Isle of Man, that the Cumberland Chronicle would speedily be given up; but as it still exists and proves such to the followers of Baal, i.e. lying prophets- we, therefore, think it necessary to caution our Readers, 'Beware ye of the leaven of the Pharisees, which is hypocrisy.'"

1 Nov 1777- NEWS:
Whitehaven: "SATURDAY last, being the anniversary of his Majesty's accession to the throne, the officers of the customs here assembled, and spent the evening with the usual convivality."

"It is said his Grace the Duke of Norfolk, and the Earl of Surry, his eldest son, will be at Graystock, in this county, shortly after Christmas."

18 Sep: The Whitehaven vessel Peace and Plenty bound from Memel to Liverpool, went aground on the N.W. point of Stronsea, "but got off, after discharging part of the cargo, without receiving any material damage."

Whitehaven: The price of sugars here has risen 2 shillings a stone in the past week- but it has been heard that a fleet from the West Indies is on its way to England with fresh supplies.

Whitehaven: there was a strong gale last Sat, "and several light vessels from Ireland were put ashore on the out-side of the North Wall"; several others joined them as the gale continued through "tide time" on Sun morning. Although the gale continued with "great violence" until Mon night, "we do not hear of any considerable damage among the shipping of this or the neighbouring ports- most of the vessels on shore near this harbour have since been got off."

The Whitehaven vessel Three Brothers (Captain Tindall) has gone aground in the Isle of Man; "the vessel is gone to pieces but the crew and materials are saved."

Whitehaven, Thu morning: "a horse and cart accidentally fell off the old Quay; the horse was killed, but no person was hurt."

Whitehaven, last Sun: "Mr. John Rumney, Merchant in this town, and his new married Lady arrived here from London."

The Rev. Mr Nicholson, of Wythop, has been appointed to a curacy in the diocese of Durham.

Maryport, last Sun night: a man calling himself William Sterling, claming to be a shoemaker, applied for a job to Mr John Harris, who needed a worker. He complained that he was very wet, so Harris lent him a coat and a pair of stockings and shoes, plus a shilling to tide him over. The next morning the "worker" vanished. "He seems to be of a middle age, about five feet eight inches high, red haired, and takes snuff."

Mr Chew, attorney of Maryport, has been appointed by the Vice Chancellor of the County Palatine of Lancaster to take & swear affidavits concerning debt cases, which will be convenient for anybody in the area wishing to instigate debt proceedings against Lancashire people or businesses.

"We are informed that, during the heavy rains this week, several small rivulets, near Graystock, and Castlesowerby, were surprizingly swelled, considering their usual size; we do not hear of any damage done by the floods in those parts, except the removal of a wooden bridge from an amazing height."

"A correspondent writes, that the fields of corn, for these 4 or 5 days past, near Castlesowerby, Skelton and Graystock, presented a very disagreeable prospect; great quantities of corn remain on the fields, and a great deal unshorn. One farmer had 40 acres of oats to shear last Tuesday, and several others have from 1000 to 1500 stooks out- and that the weather had been very boisterous, with almost constant rain since last Sunday."

At Carlisle last Sat, wheat sold from 18s to 16s a bushel; oats 6/6 and 5/4; barley 8/6 and 7/8.

Last week: Mr Oliver Uffinson & Miss Ann Glaister, both of Whitehaven.

Last Mon, at his house in Chapel Street, Whitehaven, in his 66th year: Mr Daniel Benn "much respected ... an eminent architect and master mason, under whose direction the works of this harbour have been carried out for many years past; which, together with St. James's Chapel, the Castle near this town, and the new County Gaol of Westmorland, &c. &c. are monuments of his great knowledge and abilities."
Last Tue at Harrington: Mr Littledale, former Master of the Neptune, much regretted. Wed morning, in his 80th year: Mr Stephen Carter, "an old and reputable inhabitant" of Whitehaven.

Criticising a piece which appeared in the "Cumberland Pacquet", from "A Moralist" [who criticised the "Pacquet" for not actively dismissing a story which appeared in the London papers of an earthquake at Ravenglass calling the author of the piece: "a Lyar, a Fool, and a Scoundrel ... because no Earthquake has been felt there (thank Heaven!) nor within two miles of it,-----time immemorial."]. The "Chronicle" correspondent, under the name of "Impartial", points out that the "Moralist" went too far in his condemnation as in fact, within his own memory, "A violent shock of an earthquake was felt about ten years ago at Bootle, Muncaster, Irton, and all along by Ravenglass, on the sea coast."

Anonymous of Hesket-New-Market writes a short essay "On FRIENDSHIP".

"AUTUMNAL REFLECTIONS" by C. Graham of Penrith (dated 19 Oct)


Sun, 12.02am, 12.09pm
Mon, 12.25am, 12.48pm
Tue, 01.12am, 01.36pm
Wed, 02.01am, 02.27pm
Thu, 02.51am, 03.18pm
Fri, 03.44am, 04.10pm
Sat, 04.36am, 05.02pm

8 Nov 1777:

As in previous issues:
Farms at Blennerhasset to let
Daniel Ritson fraud [names amended to Richard Jackson of Whiny-Hall, John Irving of Berwiestown, and John Ward, place unknown- see also publisher's note below]
Flavius Josephus partwork, sold by A. Coutts
Fothergel's Drops sold by A. Coutts
Skelton & Co. lottery agency
William Alexander lottery agency
[Richardson & Goodluck lottery office]
[Fuller & Morris lottery office]

Wanted immediately "BY a Master in full Employment, an Apprentice to the SAIL-MAKING BUSINESS". Enquire to Mr John Foster in New Lowther-Street, Whitehaven.

A general meeting of "his Majesty's Liuetenants, Deputy Lieutenants, and Justices of the Peace" has ordered that the Westmorland Battalion of Militia is to meet at Kirkby Kendal on Nov 17, at 10am, for 28 days of training and exercise. Penalty for non-attendance, £20 (or up to 6 months in gaol of not paid). Signed John Burn, Clerk of the General Meetings, 30 Oct 1777.

Wanted for the George (Capt. Askew) and the Martha (Capt. Hutchinson) Letters of Marque: "a few stout Apprentices to the Sea, and able Landsmen", who will be entitled to shares of any prize taken "according to the Ships Articles". The ships will be ready for sea in less than 10 days; apply to the Masters. Dated 6 Nov.

For sale by auction at Haile's Coffee Room, Whitehaven, 13 Nov: "The Good Ship FANNY", c160 tons burthen, now in the port of Whitehaven. Inventories may be seen at Haile's, or Mr Smith's in Workington, Mr Grave's in Harrington, or Mr Nelson's in Maryport. 20 guineas payable in hand, the rest after 4 months, subject to satisfactory security.

To let, for a term of years as agreeable, the farm belonging to Mrs Skelton at Rowrah in Lamplugh parish, "in good Condition, well watered and fenced, with a good Dwelling House and suitable Out-Buildings, all in very good Repair" adjoining the Arlecdon & Lamplugh Commons "on which it has an unlimited Right; also the Brother Stint in Ennerdale." Enquiries to Mr John Skelton. "N.B. The Farmer may have a few Sheep with the Estate, if he chuses." Dated 8 Nov.

Spilsbury's Antiscorbutic Drops are sold in Whitehaven by A. Coutts.

Apologising for including the name of Jeffery Irving in last week's advert on the Daniel Ritson fraud: "We have undoubted authority to assure the Public, that Jeffery Irving, so far from being at Kirkbride, as described in the Advertisement, was then at Newcastle, in the service of a Mr. Musgrave, and did not return from thence till the Saturday following.- In order to render every justice in our power to the character of the said Jeffery Irving, we cannot omit mentioning that he is an honest, tho' poor man."

8 Nov 1777- NEWS:
The Whitehaven vessel Christian (Capt. White) has arrived off Dover from Quebec, with news from America. "Capt. White says that he had never been at sea in such tempestuous weather before, having had a continued hard gale of wind since he left Quebec."

Whitehaven: "We are informed that several respectable inhabitants of this town intend to present, at the next Quarter Sessions, all those who keep swine and suffer them to go at large in the streets; a measure which no doubt will put a stop to that great nuisance." "As it has now become very common, for several ill disposed persons to break windows, and otherwise disturb the peaceable inhabitants of this town, in the night time. We hear that it was determined yesterday, at a meeting of the Gentlemen of the Committee to prosecute all such offenders, if discovered, with the utmost rigour of the law."

The Whitehaven vessel Mary (Capt. Ashburner) has arrived at New York.

Letters from New York also mention that the Letter of Marque Isis (Capt. Hudson; owner Samuel Martin Esq. of Whitehaven) has arrived there "with the New York ships from Jamaica which she took under convoy, on parting from the grand fleet" on 1 Aug.

"The Gentlemen who annually resort to Dalton, in Lancashire, for the purpose of hunting, left that place on Sunday last- The Earl of Derby, and several other Gentlemen of distinction of the first rank, shared the sport there this season."

NB: Almost the entire back page of the paper is occupied by American reports from the London Gazette. These had been issued as a free sheet on Wed, but are repeated here as "it is possible that some of our readers have not been supplied with a Copy".

Lately: the Rev. Mr Atkinson of Walton, Lancs., and Miss Betty Hodgson of The Oaks, Millom, "an accomplished young lady with a genteel fortune."
Last Tue: Mr Solomon Fox of Haverigg and Miss Betty Parkin, daughter of Mr William Parkin of Limethwaite, Millom, "a young woman possessed of every qualification requisite to render the marriage state happy."
Last Sun, at Bootle: Mr William Parke and Miss Eleanor Shaw.

Last Sat, at St. Bees: Miss Scott, sister of the Rev. Mr Scott, Master of St. Bees Free School; "sincerely regretted by all who knew her" ... "after a long and painful illness which she bore with true christian patience."
Last Sun: Mrs Elizabeth Fisher, wife of Mr William Fisher of Parton.
Last Sat, at Graystock Hall, "in an advanced age": Mr George Calvert, Steward to the Hon. Earl of Surry.

"On John the Painter" by "J.C." age 15, of the Free School, Lancaster.


Sun, 05.27am, 05.53pm
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Tue, 07.10am, 07.36pm
Wed, 08.02am, 08.28pm
Thu, 08.55am, 09.22pm, clock slow 15m
Fri, 09.50am, 10.19pm
Sat, 10.48am, 11.18pm

15 Nov 1777:

As in previous issues:
Apprentices etc. wanted for the George (time period same as last week)
Farms at Blennerhasset to let
Farm at Rowrah to let
Scale Lands, Arlecdon, for sale by auction
Westmorland Militia training
Fothergel's Drops sold by A. Coutts
Dr. Boerhaaves Leyden Pills sold by A. Coutts
Spilsbury's Antiscorbutic Drops sold by A. Coutts
Wlilliam Alexander, lottery agency
Skelton & Co., lottery agency
[Richardson & Goodluck Lottery Office, London]
[Fuller & Morris Lottery Office, London]
[Northumberland etc. Sheet Almanack]

Mr Cowan of Whitehaven proposes opening a dancing school in Mr Beck's Long Room, Carlisle, on 12 Jan, "where young Ladies and Gentlemen will be taught Dancing agreeable to the most approved and polite Methods." Dated 10 Nov.

L. Tordiff, formerly of St. Bees, lately assistant to Mr Ward, has taken over the school in Church Street, Whitehaven, previously occupied by Mrs Wilkinson, and intends opening it on 24 Nov, to teach English, Latin, Greek, and "the Art of Reading and Speaking with Propriety; also Writing and common Arithmetic, if required." Maximum 30 scholars; fee 7/6 per Quarter. Contact Mr Tordiff at Mr Spitall's in Church Street. Dated 15 Nov.

At the Hexham Turnpike meeting on 5 Nov it was decided "from the Amount of the Subscriptions for the Cumberland part of the Road, West of Alston Parish" not to extend the road further west than the Mere Burn on the Alston boundary. However, another meeting will be held at Mrs Marley's in Gateshead on 21 Nov, 11am, to attempt to raise further subscriptions for this section before application is made to Parliament for a Turnpike Act.

For sale by auction at the house of Thomas Straughton, Bitch Hill, Oughterside, 20 Nov: several cows & heifers, with calf; young cattle; 5 mares (three of which, aged 5, 3 and 2 years, were got by Mr John Lucock's famous horse Judge "out of a strong Yorkshire Mare, and are well calculated for Hunters, or Saddle Mares"). Six months' credit available with suitable security.

Cumberland Register Office (Skelton & Co., Market Place, Whitehaven), general advert (registration fee still 1/0) plus:
Several sums of money wanted on bond
Sums of £700, £500 and £300 available to lend
Wanted- an apprentice to a sailmaker
"A young Man, who can be well recommended, wants to be employed as a Curate or a Schoolmaster."

Notice from Samuel Martin, Whitehaven: "THE OWNERS of such unarmed VESSELS, as may be intended for AMERICA, and wish them to go under CONVOY of my SHIPS (by which a considerable saving will be made in their Insurance) may have sailing Orders and Signals at Fifty Guineas; Part of which Sum will be given my Captains, as an inducement for particular Care of such as take the Benefit of their Convoy." Dated 13 Nov.
[NB: Whitehaven Record Office has a microfilm copy of the "diary" of Samuel Martin's son George, begun in 1779 as part of the family firm's claims for compensation for losses they suffered due to the American War of Independence]

At a general meeting of the Cumberland Lieutenancy, it was resolved that the Cumberland Militia shall begin exercises at Cockermouth on 24 Nov, for 14 days (usual penalties for non-attendance). Signed J. Wennington, clerk of the General Meetings, 10 Nov.

[Almanacks sold by George Hawkins of London]

15 Nov 1777- NEWS:
Tue morning, "a man was found, on the common near Cockermouth, almost starved with cold. He had been seized, the evening before, with a fit of the rheumatism, and thereby rendered unable to resch home; but is now in a fair way of recovery."

Whitehaven: "We hear some of the Trustees of this harbour have taken notice, that the ship masters who have been indulged with liberty of putting their ballast out in carts, on condition of carting it to Bransty Rocks, have only carted it to the end of the North East Wall, and dropt it, from which place it will immediately wash to the harbour's mouth, and increase the bank, to the great prejudice of the trade, of this place- But it is expected the delinquents will be fined, the first fitting day."

Last Sat, Mr Joseph Gill, formerly of Whitehaven, and Mr Joseph Potts, were elected as Aldermen for the City of Carlisle.

Last Mon morning: "a gentleman riding from Cockermouth, over a part of the common called Mouta, to the village of Parsonby, the ground, though seemingly good and dry, gave way and the horse sunk 'till only its head appeared above the ground. Several men were employed for upwards of six hours in digging out the horse, which they effected with great difficulty. Circumstances of this kind happen frequently on the grounds which cover limestone, occasioned, it is said, by large pieces of stone falling into cavities similar to those observed, sometimes, in limestone quarries."

Last Sun morning, a young woman illicitly entered a house in Whitehaven ("by what means is not yet discovered") and went upstairs, expecting the family to be at Church. However the mistress of the house was at home, and was greatly alarmed as the servant had locked the door on leaving. It is believed that this was not the young lady's first such visit.

Whitehaven: "We are credibly informed, that Margaret Laidley, who was lately chastised in the Market-place, has, during her confinement, since that time, shewn great signs of contrition; and it may be presumed, if promises can be relied on, that she will hereafter become a useful member of society- a recent instance of the great good arising from being whipped at the Cross."

Last Tue morning, at Redhow, Loweswater, a servant girl saw a fox among the geese as she entered the farm-yard. She informed her master, who stationed her at the yard gate with a stick in her hand to cut off the fox's retreat (the yard being surrounded by buildings). "Reynard being thus put to his shifts, and eager to avoid his enemies, jumped on the hog-stye", but a raven which had lived around the farm for many years promptly attacked the animal, and "after many hard struggles, with bloodshed on both sides, to the great astonishment of all present, the fox lost his life." The geese had been confined in the yard following a fox attack the previous Saturday, but after the battle, the family realised that unexplained incidents over the past couple of days were the result of the fox having hidden in the cart-house to gain easy access to the "protected" birds.

Bankrupt: William Gilpin, merchant of Whitehaven.

Last Fri at Bassenthwaite: Mr Moses Bell and Miss Ann Ritson, "a maiden Lady, aged 52, with a handsome fortune."
Lately at Workington: Mr William Collins, and Miss Ruth Messenger of Harrington.
Last Tue: Mr Thomas Rawson, watch-maker, and Miss Bella Smith, "an agreeable young Lady with a genteel fortune" (both of Cockermouth).
Same morning (i.e. last Tue): Mr William Little, bricklayer of Cockermouth, and Miss Tickel of Crookdage.
Same morning (i.e. last Tue): Mr John Stoddart "an eminent Taylor in Flimby", and Miss Jane Bowman of Cockermouth.
Same day (i.e. last Tue) at St. James' Church, Whitehaven: Mr Thomas Westray, and Miss Nanny Sinclair of Whitehaven.
Last Wed: Mr Matthew Stoney Hill and Miss Jane Barwise (both of Whitehaven)
Yesterday: Mr William Brice "one of the captors of the ship Mercer", and Miss Biddy Hornby (both of Whitehaven).

Last Sat, "very suddenly": Miss Isabella Littledale, daughter of Mr Isaac Littledale, merchant of Whitehaven, in her 12th year.
Last Tue morning: Mrs Dorothy Radcliffe, wife of Mr Richard Radcliffe of Cockermouth "universally esteemed and sincerely regretted by all who knew her".
Last Sun, in Coate's Lane, Whitehaven: Mrs Ann Speight, "much respected", in her 75th year.
Last Thu at Overend: Mr Daniel Jefferson, formerly an innkeeper of Whitehaven.

"MOONLIGHT. A Ramble for the Heart." by "M" for the Chronicle (dated Nov 9)

From "J.J." [place unspecified], criticising currently fashionable ways of introducing young girls into adult society.

15 Nov 1777- SHIPPING:

8 Nov- Dove, Dargue; Assistance, Farish, Cork; Kitty, Fisher, Dublin
9 Nov- Open Boat, Christian; Open Boat, Bondey, Annon; Jane, Broadfoot, Whithorn; Margaret, McKey, Skinburness
10 Nov? [space here, but number missing]- Ann, Thompson; William & Nancy, Cannon; Lively, Watts, Dublin
11 Nov- Nancy, Dixon, Dundalk; Kitty, Jones, Duddon
12 Nov- Hannah, McCreedy, Wigton; Jenny & Betty, Bell, Carlisle; Ceres, Moor, Memel; Hannah, Mossop, Cork

10 Nov- Lynx, Banton, Seas
11 Nov- Margaret, McKey, Water Orr; James, Key, Harrington; Herring, Howard; Industry, Henry; Eagle Packet, Maxwell; Open Boat, Bondey; Open Boat, Christian; Adventure, Knail; Pitt, Saile; Whose afraid, Stowell, Isleman; Tartar, Love, Liverpool; Friendship, Shennon; Mary & Kitty, Eglon, Wigton; Jenny, Stuart; Jane & Sally, Nelson, Whithorn; Providence, Evins, Beaumoris
13 Nov- Prince Frederick, Sawer, New York; Saltom, Dawson, Waterford; Liberty, Brockbank; Content, Woodall; Lovely Nelly, Postlethwaite; Patience, Moor; Jackson, Sharp; Orange, Losh; Prince of Wales, Briggs; Mally, Caffrey; Betsy, Younghusband, Dublin; Mary Ann, Robinson, [?- no destination]


7 Nov- Brothers, Key, Dublin; Nancy, Spedding, Whitehaven
8 Nov- Concord, Wilson, Cork; Hope, Bell, Belfast
9 Nov- Bolton, Scott, Fort William
10 Nov- Peggy, Michal; Peggy, Simond; Charlotte, Dixon, Kirkcudbright

13 Nov- Peggy, Simond, Harrington


7 Nov- Morning Star, Messenger, Strangford
9 Nov- Liberty, Huddart, Sligo
10 Nov- Mary, Pearson, Highlands; Rise in June, Davis, Cardigan
12 Nov- Kirkham, Bone, Cork
13 Nov- Tindell, Potts, Corke
14 Nov- Ranger, Graham, Dumfries

13 Nov- Vulcan, Harrison, Skinburness
14 Nov- Friends, Fearon; Phoenix, Metcalf; Experiment, Collin, Patience, Martindale; Betty, Hodgson; Bella, Thursby; Nancy, Collin, Dublin; Betty, Marshall, Workington

Sun, 11.49am, 12.07pm
Mon, 12.21am, 12.51pm
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Thu, 03.19am, 03.45pm, clock slow 14m
Fri, 04.12am, 04.36pm
Sat, 05.00am, 05.22pm

22 Nov 1777:

As in previous issues:
Farm at Rowrah to let
Scale Lands, Arlecdon, for sale
Fothergel's Drops, sold by A. Coutts
Turlington's Balsam of LIfe sold by A. Coutts
Numbered list of medicines etc. sold by A. Coutts
[Northumberland etc. Sheet Almanack]
[Almanacks etc. from George Hawkins of London]

Mr Hadwen announces that the final 12 weeks of this season's dancing at Whitehaven will begin on 1 Dec.

"By His MAJESTY'S Servants
(The Day on which the Theatre is to be opened will be expressed in the Hand Bills.)
The comic opera "Lionel & Clarissa; or School for Fathers" starring Mr Baker from the Theatre Royal in York as Lionel; with the farce "The Reprisals; or Tars of old England". Cast lists given for both; the company includes Mr Baker (as above), Mr Fowler, Mr Wilmot, Mr Brooke, Mr Mills, Mr Comerford, Mr Norris, Mr Birch, Mr McGeorge, Miss McGeorge, Miss Hurst, Mrs Jefferys, Mrs Bogle, and Mrs Collins (also from the York Theatre Royal)
Boxes 2/6; Pit 2/0; Gallery 1/0. "To begin exactly at Six o'Clock".
"TICKETS to be had, and Places to be taken at A. COUTTS'S, Printer, in the Market-Place, where the BOX BOOK is kept." "Nothing under full Price- No Servants admitted without paying, nor any person ever to be admitted behind the Scenes."
Performances Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays.

Just received from London by A. Coutts of Whitehaven, "a large Assortment of STATIONARY WARES" including sealing wax, coloured wafers, sand and sand boxes, folding knives, rulers, ink stands & ink pots, ink, paper, Bibles, nautical books etc.

22 Nov 1777- NEWS:
Nominations for Sheriff of Cumberland for the next year are: John Briscoe of Crofton; John Pennington of Muncaster; and William Hasell of Dalemain, Esqrs.

Last week at Threlkeld: the annual hunt for the gentlemen of Cockermouth and district. "Great numbers of Sportsmen attended, from different parts of the country,who were treated with the greatest hospitality by the neighbouring Gentlemen:- after the sports of the day, which were excellent, the evenings were spent with the greatest harmony and decorum. On the third day of the hunt the hounds killed all the stock of sheep belonging to a young shepherdess, which was honourably paid for by the Gentlemen. On Saturday they killed a buck, which ran abut three miles in full view. The same day, a neighbouring pack of hounds killed a fox."

Whitehaven, Thu night, 9-10pm: "many of the peaceable inhabitants of this town were alarmed by the repeated discharge of a musket, fired by some frolicksome persons on the top of the hill, near the windmills- several old women believed some of the Americans to be at hand, while others, with more probability, conjectured the firing proceeded from a ship at sea."

"A correspondent informs, that several persons in this County have died, lately, of a putrid fever- and further observes, that were people not so forward in going (too often from a principle of ostentation only) in such crowds to funerals, particularly to those of persons who have died in malignant fevers, the evils arising from infection, if not entirely removed, would be greatly lessened."

Last Wed was the last performance of the season by the Austin company at Chester: the comedy "The Way of the World" (with the "Contrivances" or "Captain in Petticoats") for the benefit of Mr and Mrs Austin. The vessel carrying the scenery was due to sail for Whitehaven yesterday. "It is said, several of the company will be in town this evening; and it is expected the Theatre here will be opened in the course of next week"...

Last Thu night, several quarters of beef were stolen from the New Market in Whitehaven; on Fri, one quarter was found by a dog, in a quarry a little above the New Town, so a watch was set, and a man who came to remove the meat was arrested.

At Bowness on the River Esk (i.e. presumably Bowness on Solway) lives a fisherman named John Boyd, aged 96; his son, also a fisherman is 78, and his daughter nearly 81. "It is further remarkable, the latter is now married to her seventh husband, who is two years older than herself."

"The magazines and other London Goods, which were expected to be received here this day, are not come to hand, owing to the waggon not arrivng in time at Kendal."

Last week at Kendal: Mr Alexander Leighton, printer, and Miss Betty Rotherham.
Lately: Mr James Andrews of Maryport, and Miss Mary Ann Birket of Workington.
Last week: Mr John Curwen and Miss Dolly Westray (both of Workington).
Lately at Wigton: Mr John Rook and Miss Mary Dand (both of Caverton).
Last week at Wigton: Mr John Hodgson and Miss Mary Harrison (both of Wigton).
Last Sun at Caldbeck, by the Rev. Mr Gash: Mr Joseph Williamson of Hudscales and Miss Sarah Bewley of Fellside.
Last Tue at Broughton: the Rev. Mr Gilpin and Miss Law, daughter of T.M. Law Esq. of Broughton.
Same day (i.e. last Tue): Mr Robert Hall "one of the captors of the ship Mercer" and Miss Thomason Topping of Whitehaven.
Last Wed: Mr John Harris and Mrs Jane Cockin
Last Tue at Crosthwaite Church: Mr Troughton and Miss Ann Graves.

Last Sun "after a long and painful illness": Mrs Williamson, wife of Mr John Williamson of Bransty.
Same day (i.e. last Sun): Mrs Jane Tidyman, widow of the late Mr Tidyman of the Brewery at Whitehaven, aged 70.

"Horace. Book II. Ode iii" translated by J. B___s of B___n.

"To the PRINTER of the Cumberland Chronicle" by B____y of Egremont, referring to a poem published in the Cumberland Pacquet, under the title "The Whimsical Lover":
"SOME Verses, last Tuesday, i'th' Cumberland Pacquet,
In our little village have made such a racket,
That fain to wipe off th' imputation of Author,
I thought once of having recourse to the law, Sir:
Some pleas'd with the subject, some praising the measure!
Indeed 'twou'd have given a by-stander pleasure;
But, innocent I, who is charg'd with the ink on't,
Can never be thought to sit down and not think on't.
Be it known then, that he, who has broach'd the opinion
Shall be call'd to account, tho' the cob of a million:
And, if 'twas not to hurt him, I'd break all his bones,
For, vindictive, I vow they were done by one J___s,
Whose body, tho' burning, but whether with love,
Is a case, from his conduct, the easiest to prove."

22 Nov 1777- SHIPPING:

14 Nov- Peggy, Michal, Workington
15 Nov- Industry, Broadfoot, Whithorn; Howgill, McDonald,Dublin; Adventure, Knail, Isleman
16 Nov- Robert, Moor, Cork; Eagle Packet, Maxwell, Isleman
17 Nov- Mayflower, Barnes, Skinburness; Fortune, Ulgerson, Drontheim; Richmond, Smithson, Dublin
18 Nov- Success, Barnes, Harrington; Inchinquin, Button, Plymouth
19 Nov- Betsy, Potts; Tryal, Nelson, Maryport
20 Nov- Mary, Conkey, Dundalk; Friends, Fisher, Dublin

14 Nov- Integrity, Shepherd; Prosperity, Piper; Betsy, Armstrong; Thomas, Carrel, Dublin
15 Nov- Venus, Kirk, Kirkcudbright; Ann & Francis, Whitfield; Ratcliffe, Hodgson; Ann, Thompson; Elizabeth, Fletcher; Love, Machell; John & Bella, Priestman; Echo, Allison; Prosperous, Thompson; John & Thomas, Yowart; Allison, Adamson; Joanna, Fisher, Dublin; Jenny & Betty, Bell, Carlisle
16 Nov- Minerva, Cragg, Cork; Thomas, Westray, Dublin
17 Nov- Adventure, Knail, Parton
19 Nov- Eagle Packet, Maxwell, Isleman


18 Nov- Seahorse, Kirkpatrick, Dumfries; Flimby, Mokinson, Workington

16 Nov- Peggy & Mally, Donaldson; Jane, McCrokel, Dumfries; Peggy, Blake, Dundalk
17 Nov- Success, Barnes, Drogheda; Nancy, Scott, Belfast


15 Nov- Brothers, Peel, Annon; Agnes & Betty, Bell, Bangor; Nancy, Hughes, Liverpool
18 Nov- Tryal, Holiday, Wigton

14 Nov- Griffin, Wilkinson; Friends Adventure, Barnes; Tryal, Nelson; Mermaid, Briscoe, Dublin
18 Nov- Betty, Potts, Whitehaven

Sun, 05.37, 06.07
Mon, 06.29, 06.49
Tue, 07.10, 07.30
Wed, 07.51, 08.12
Thu, 08.33, 08.54, clock slow 12m
Fri, 09.08, 09.37
Sat, 09.59, 10.22

29 Nov 1777:

As in previous issues:
Farm at Rowrah to let
Scale Lands, Arlecdon, for sale
Whitehaven Theatre re-opening
Stationery etc. just received by A. Coutts
Spilsbury's Antiscorbutic Drops, sold by A. Coutts
Specific Drops, sold by A. Coutts
List of medicines etc. sold by A. Coutts
Cumberland Register Office [wants & offers as last week]
[Almanacks from George Hawkins, London]

"Expeditious Travelling.

NEW POST COACH, on Steel Springs. In three Days, by way of Ripon, Harrowgate, Leeds and Sheffield.
Sets out from Beck's Coffee-house, in Carlisle, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings at four o'Clock, and arrives by five in the Evening, at the Cross Keys, in Wood Street, LONDON: Also a Coach sets out from thence on the same Days at seven o'Clock in the Evening, returns by the same Course, and arrives at Carlisle at nine o'Clock in the Evening."
Inside passengers, Carlisle-London £3/4/9; Penrith-London £3/0/3. First 14lb of luggage free, 4d per lb over that. Children on the lap, half price.
Outside passengers, Carlisle-London £2/2/0; Penrith-London £1/19/0.
Parcels 3s each up to 9lb; add 4d per lb over that.
"Passengers taken up on the Road", 3d per mile inside, 2d per mile outside.
"For the Convenience of Passengers travelling Westward, a Coach sets out every Monday and Thursday from Sheffield to Birmingham, in one Day; proceeds through Worcester, Gloucester and Bath to Bristol, the next Day; from thence to Exeter and Plymouth.
All Luggage, Parcels, Game, &c. delivered the Evening the Coach arrives."
Passengers are urged to report misconduct by drivers to the proprietors: Beck (of the Carlisle Coffee-house), Richards (The George, Penrith), Oliver (The George, Brough), Bazin (The George, Catterick-Bridge), Tetlow (The Oak Tree, Leeming-lane), Haddon (The Unicorn, Ripon), Tengate (The White Hart, Harrowgate) and (for the Leeds-London section) Mountain & Co.
"N.B. The Proprietors will not be accountable for Money, Plate, Jewels, Watches, Writings, or other Goods above the value of 15£ unless entered as such, and paid for after the rate of one Pound for every hundred.
For Entry of Passengers and Parcels, apply to Mr. A. Wilson, Mercer and Draper, Carlisle."

For sale by auction, at the house of John Course, Workington, 17 Dec : the good snow Neptune (last master, Jonathan Littledale) burthen c180 tons. Inventories to be seen at The Globe, Whitehaven (Mr Smith's); Mr Nelson's, Maryport; Mr Grave's, Harrington; Mr Smilh's [sic] and the place of sale, Workington.
"N.B. Persons having Demands against the Snow NEPTUNE, are desired to bring them in to Mrs. LITTLEDALE at Harrington."

For sale by auction at Foulsike, Loweswater, 24 Dec: "a Parcel of large OAK TIMBER, and other Timber for Coaling, the Property of Mr. JOSEPH SKELTON." To view, contact Isaac Johnstone, farmer at Foulsike.

29 Nov 1777- NEWS:
"LAST Monday, the battalion of militia for this County was embodies at Cockermouth; and on Tuesday two companies marched into the town, where they will perform their exercise for the remainder of the fourteen days."

Fri last week: Mr Cowper had his ball at Mr Carter's school, Maryport; "his pupils went through the different dances with great spirit, and a degree of reglarity which reflected great credit on their Teacher. The company who attended on the occasion was the genteelest ever remembered at that place."

Last Wed, at Unerigg Hall: labourer Thomas Relton fell from a scaffold "and was killed on the spot".

Whitehaven: Messrs. Austin & Whitlock and their company arrived 3 days ago and "are in hourly expectation of the sloop arriving, from Chester, with their wardrobe; and, the wind being now fair, they are in expectation of opening the Theatre, in Roper Street ... on Monday next, or Wednesday at farthest. The Bills will be distributed on the instant of the sloop's arrival." The Company will only perform about 28 nights in Whitehaven as they are booked in Newcastle from Feb.

Whitehaven, this morning: "a fine new vessel, called the Thompson, built by Mr. D. Bowes, for Mr. Richard Johnstone, was launched from behind the North Wall."

Whitehaven, last Wed night: "there was a very genteel assembly of young Gentlemen and Ladies, at Mr. Buck's, the King's-Arms. The Ladies were elegantly dressed, and the whole was conducted with the utmost gentility and decorum."

19 Nov, at Lowther Church: Mr George Bambridge, "lately an eminent Cook to Sir James Lowther, Bart." and Miss Mary Barker, "daughter of Mr. John Barker of Lowther New Town, a most accomplished and agreeable young Lady with a fortune of 2000£."


29 Nov 1777- SHIPPING:

21 Nov- Favourite, Key, Carrickfergus
22 Nov- Patience, Moor, Dublin
25 Nov- Nancy, Hews, Maryport; Jenny & Betty, Bell, Carlisle; Industry, Howard; Thomas, Carrel, Isleman; Tryal, Briggs, Dumfries; Mary & Kitty, Eglon, Wigton; Nelly, Burnet, Harrington; Edward, Addey, Wexford
26 Nov- Eagle Packet, Maxwell, Isleman; Minerva, Jackson, Newry

21 Nov- Kitty, Jones, Ravenglass
24 Nov- Commerce, Robinson, Dublin
26 Nov- Nelly, Barnet, Harrington; Seaflower, Slater, Parton; Mayflower, Barnes, Skinburness
27 Nov- Jane, Broadfoot, Whithorn; Nelly, Woodburn; Lark, Anderson; Peggy, Ramsey; Hartley, Fanning; Laurel, Stuart; Success, Barnes; Betsy, Yowart; Beaver, Flinn; Tryton, Martindale; Wells, Collins; Brayton, Harrison; Hector, Pearson; Mally & Peggy, Walker; James & Ann, Peele; Rose, Harrison, Dublin; Boscawen, Smith, Liverpool; Martin, Birkhead, Falmouth; Hawke, Douglass, Whithorn; Hannah, McCreedy, Kirkcudbright; Peggy, Michal, Wigton


27 [sic] Nov- William & Margaret, Williams, Liverpool
24 Nov- George & Charlotte, Fearon, Dumfries

24 Nov- Ann, Watson, Liverpool
27 Nov- Tryal, Holiday, Wigton; Ranger, Graham, Kirkcudbright; Rose in June, Davis; Fly, McKenzie, Cardigan; Cookson, Robinson; Royal Oak, Gibson; Friendship, Lister; Draper, Carter; Liberty, Huddart, Dublin

Sun, 10.46am, 11.09pm
Mon, 11.33am, 12.00pm, clock slow 10m
Tue, 12.07am, 12.25pm
Wed, 12.50am, 01.15pm
Thu, 01.40am, 02.06pm
Fri, 02.32am, 02.58pm
Sat, 03.23am, 03.46pm

6 Dec 1777:

As in previous issues:
Snow Neptune for sale by auction
Wood for sale at Foulsike
New Carlisle-London Post Coach
Whitehaven Theatre opening for new season [still no firm date]
Fothergel's Drops sold by A. Coutts
Specific Drops sold by A. Coutts
Stationery etc. newly arrived from London, sold by A. Coutts
Medicines etc. (numbered list) sold by A. Coutts
[Almanacks from George Hawkins, London]
Cumberland Register Office [sums of money available to lend now £600, £400 & £300; other details as before]

Notice that the last sitting of the Bankruptcy Commissioners for William Gilpin, merchant of Whitehaven, will be at the Indian King Inn, Whitehaven (Isaac Nicholson's), 11am, 20 Dec. Creditors who have not yet proved their debts should bring evidence. Signed H. Littledale, solicitor for the Commissioners, 5 Dec.

Wanted: 24 seamen, 12 able landsmen and a few "stout apprentices" for the ship Monarch (Captain James Hall), an armed victualler with 24 carriage guns, carrying a Letter of Marque, now at Cork and bound for New York or Headquarters. All "will be protected by Government, and entitled to a share of Prizes." Apply to Mr James Spedding (the owner), or Mr John Robinson, pier-master at Whitehaven. Dated 6 Dec.

Now loading for Glasgow, the brig Dido (master, Francis Telfer), "will be clear and ready to sail in Ten Days". For freight or passage, apply to Telfer, or to Christopner Robinson & Co. in Whitehaven. Dated 6 Dec.

6 Dec 1777- NEWS:
Whitehaven, last Sat: "the division of the Militia of this County, quartered here, fired at two targets placed on the shore. The Grenadiers, under the command of Lieut. Walker, and Capt. Cowper's company, commanded by Lieut. Denton, were drawn up betwixt the Bulwark and the North Wall, about 70 yards from the targets, where each man, advancing, fired singly; then by files of three each, and lastly in sub-divisions. The whole fired three rounds each; the Grenadiers lodged 33 bullets in one target, and Capt. Cooper's company 27 in the other. Great numbers of people attended, and the firing, in general, was deemed excellent; few or none of the bullets dropped, and very few went over. On Wednesday morning the two companies marched for Cockermouth, where the battalion will be disembodied tomorrow."

"On Monday last the two companies of Militia, at Workington, went through their exercise before a great number of the neighbouring Gentlemen; the men were very clean, looked well, and performed the military manoeuvres with great regularity. After they had left the field they were invited to the Hall, where they were refreshed, with the true spirit of English hospitality."

"A Correspondent, at Hesket-New-Market, informs that on Friday sennight an old bachelor, a well-known humorist, in company with a few bucks, complained much of his disappointment in love matters; and scrupled not to intimate the great toil he had undergone in search of a wife. One of the company told him he would sell him one, which he had married about six months ago, assuring him that she was both young and handsome. The bachelor liked the proposal, and the price, which was five guineas, being agreed on, a bargain was immediately struck; one half of the purchase money was paid in hand, and the other was to follow, on the delivery of the good woman- it is expected the bargain will stand good, and be speedily concluded to the satisfaction of all parties, as the bachelor is very desirous to have a wife, and the other not less so to part with one."

Fri last week: "as Mr. William Gash was putting into the harbour of Maryport, his boat held against the beech [sic] and he, endeavouring to put her off, unfortunately fell into the water, and was so much bruised that he died the next morning. He was a young man greatly respected and esteemed by all who had a personal acquaintance with him."

Whitehaven, last Mon: St. Andrew's Day celebration (held over from Sun). "A great number of North Britons, accompanied by several other Gentlemen of this place, repaired to Nicholson's, the Indian King, in Roper-Street, where they spent the evening with great good humour."

"Messrs. Austin and Whitlock have, this Day, received an account, by letter from West Chester, that the sloop, having their whole wardrobe on board, sailed from the mouth of the River Dee on Saturday last at one o'clock with a fair wind; but it blowing a very hard gale, and contrary, at six o'clock on Saturday evening, the sloop has not been heard of since; but it is hoped she is drove into Beaumaris Bay."

"The matter respecting the capture of the ship Mercer came on to be heard in Doctors Commons on Tuesday last, when the Judge was pleased to decree two thirds of 125£ for one eighth salvage of the ship, and two thirds of the proceeds of the cargo, amounting together to 20,393£ 14s 8d to be allotted and paid to the salvors. And did pronounce Jonathan Sharp, William Brice, William Burn, Daniel Montgomery, Robert Ferguson, Hugh Winks, Edward Pearson, William Verco, Charles Davy Bur,nell, Robert Hall, and Nathaniel Stewart to be the principal salvors, and entitled each to a double share. And also decreed that J. Murphy, C. Verco, G. Langlands, A. Adair, N. Jackson, and N. Demoulpied are intitled each to a single share as assistants after the capture."

Whitehaven, Tue night: "the Assembly, at Mr. Watson's Room in Albion-Street, was very brilliant. The Ladies, as usual, were extremely elegant, and the first Minuet was danced by Peter John Heywood, Esq; and Miss Wyburgh."

"A Supplement containing the remainder of the Gazette Extraordinary, will be published with all expidition and laid before our readers." [More than a quarter of this issue is devoted to the said Gazette, giving the latest news of events at Valley Forge etc. in America]

Mon last week at Caldbeck Church, by the Rev. Mr Wilmot: Mr John Renneyson and Mrs Betty Newton, both of Hesket New-Market.
"Same time and place" (i.e. Mon, Caldbeck): Mr Thomas Crosthwaite and Miss Ann Porthouse.

Wed last week, "of a most rapid decline", in his 32nd year: Mr John Blencowe, at Lowick Hall, home of his brother Dr Blencowe. "The mildness and sweetness of his disposition obtained him the esteem of all those who were his intimates in his life time, as they now truly lament his death."
Lately, near Wigton: Mr Richard Air, "much regretted".
Last Tue, in Queen-street, Whitehaven, in her 60th year: Mrs Crane, "greatly respected".

"O! may you walk, as years advance,
Smooth and erect, as now you dance;
May you, on each important stage,
From bloom of youth to wither'd age,
Assert your claim to merit's prize,
And, as at present, charm our eyes;
Observing still decorum's laws,
And moving with the same applause,
May you, through life's perplexing maze,
Direct your steps with equal praise;"



13 Dec 1777:

As in previous issues:
Crew wanted for the Monarch
New Carlisle-London Post Coach
Wood for sale at Foulsike
Snow Neptune for sale
Specific Drops, sold by A. Coutts
Turlington's Balsam of Life, sold by A. Coutts
Fothergel's Restorative Drops, sold by A. Coutts
Dr. Boerhaave's Leyden Pills sold by A. Coutts
List of medicines etc. sold by A. Coutts
New season at Whitehaven Theatre [amended- first performance to be 15 Dec]

For sale by auction, by the assignees of the estate and effects of William Gilpin, ex Whitehaven merchant, at his former house on Queen-street, Whitehaven:
29 Dec, from 10am (and 30 Dec if necessary)- All his plate, linen, household furniture and books, "together with a Quantity of empty BOTTLES, several CASKS, and sundry Utensils used in the Wine Business." Purchasers to pay ready money.
31 Dec-
2 freehold dwelling houses in Charles-street, Whitehaven (frontage 15 yards, depth 33 yards) now in possession of William Gilpin, weaver, and others as tenants. Yearly free rent £1/3/3 payable to Sir James Lowther, Bart. Purchaser to have possession from Whit; 10 guineas payable in hand, the rest at 3 & 6 months, subject to satisfactory security.
Freehold stable & yard in New-street (aka Brick-street), Whitehaven (frontage 12 yards 1 foot; depth 8 yards), now in possession of David Casson & Thomas Harrison as tenants. Yearly free rent 3/9 payable to Sir James Lowther, Bart. Purchaser to have possession from Whit; 5 guineas payable in hand, the remainder at 3 & 6 months.
Parcel of ground on the west side of Howgill-street, Whitehaven (frontage 14.5 yards, depth 66 yards; adjoins the house and ground of Thomas Hartley Esq. on the north). Subject to convenants for building etc. thereon by 17 Mar next; yearly free rent £2/18/- payable to Sir James Lowther, Bart. Purchaser to have immediate possession; 5 Guineas payable in hand, the rest at Whit.
A good double pew or seat in Trinity Chapel, Whitehaven (in the middle aisle below stairs, no. 12).
Another pew or seat in the East Gallery of the same chapel (no. 152).
Purchasers of the pews must give security within 1 month, at which time they may take possession.
Enquiries to the assignees, Mr Oswell Sumpton and Mr John Beck, or to Mr Littledale, attorney in Whitehaven.
Also, anybody interested in purchasing Gilpin's shares in the Nether-hall Furnace (one eighth share, and a seventh part of one sixteenth share) should contact the assignees, "who intend to fix some future Day for the public Sale thereof."

For sale by auction at Mr Haile's Coffee Room, on the evening of 18 Dec: the goos sloop Linnet (burthen c45 tons) "with all her Materials, well calculated for the Coal and Coasting Trade." 10 Guineas payable in hand, the remainder in 4 months. Inventories available at the place of sale.
Enquiries to Fletchers & Co., "Who have for Sale, choice MADEIRA WINE, Hogshead and Barrel STAVES, Dantzic and Riga OAK LOGS fit for Coopers and Joiners; and a Quantity of Dantzic two and a half and three Inch Deck PLANK; likewise WHITE HERRINGS from the North and Isle of Man Fisheries, for Home Consumption and exportation."
"N.B. An Apprentice wanted for the Cooper's Business."

Notice from the Excise Office, Whitehaven:
For sale by auction, 20 Dec, 2pm, at the King's Excise Ware-house, in several small lots: brandy, rum & gin, duty-free. Purchasers "to make a sufficient Deposit to take away the Goods in six Days or forfeit the same." Goods may be viewed any time before the sale.

"DAVID WALKER at the Sign of the HORSE and JOCKEY, in the Market-Place, begs Leave to acquaint his Friends and the Public in general, that he has tapped his Home Brewed Ale this Day, and flatters himself that it will give general Content, and having a large Quantity on Hand, of a proper Age, he hopes to be able to supply all his Friends." Dated Whitehaven, 13 Dec.

The Ship Richardson (Captain Gilbert Hogg) "A Remarkable easy Ship at Sea, a prime Sailer, and genteely fitted, with suitable Accommodations for Passengers" will sail from Whitehaven on 8 Jan, for Cork, to join the first available convoy to Dominica and Grenada. For freight or passage, contact the Captain, or Mr Thomas Harrison.
"N.B. Three or four stout Apprentices are wanted, apply as above."
Dated Whitehaven, 13 Dec.

For sale by private contract: two freehold estates at Distington (both free of all tithes) called Whinbank and Pikaside. Contact Mr Peter Gale in Whitehaven. To view, contact the present farm tenants John Rittson (Whinbank) and John Valentine (Pikaside).

Light chestnut mare [described] stolen from West Mellon near Rotherham on the night of 2-3 Dec. One guinea reward, and all reasonable charges, payable for information leading to her return; in Whitehaven, contact Mr John Fenwick, Methodist preacher, in Cockermouth Mr William Wilson, grocer; in Carlisle Mr John Spark.

Subscriptions for the proposed monthly "Arminian Magazine" (dedicated to publishing "some of the most remarkable Tracts on the Universal Love of GOD") are available in Whitehaven from A. Coutts, printer & bookseller, and Mr Thomas Hodgson.

13 Dec 1777- NEWS:
Last Wed: the Letters of Marque George (Capt. Askew) and Martha (Capt. Hutchinson), both "compleatly fitted and capitally manned" sailed from Whitehaven for Hallifax and New York, after saluting the town. "The weather has been rough, but they will not return here for a trifling blast."

The Whitehaven vessel Peace and Plenty (Capt. McAdam) has arrived at Liverpool after its voyage from Memel; the Commerce (Allison), at Dominica, from New York; the Martin (Birkett), at Falmouth, from Whitehaven; the Hartley (Jackson), at Pensacola, from London. "Capt. Jackson writes that that province was in the greatest distress for want of provisions, when his arrival with a full load of beef and pork was a most seasonable relief to the inhabitants."

"On the arrival of the Gazette Extraordinary at Appleby, on Friday sennight, the Mayor of that Corporation set the bells aringing, which continued at intervals, 'till late on Saturday night. There were bone-fires each night, and the Mayor gave a treat to the Gentlemen of the Corporation, at which many loyal toasts were drank."

"We hear, that on Monday last there were rejoicings, at Maryport, on account of the success of the British army, under General Howe, in America. In the evening there were illuminations, bone-fires, cannon fired in the streets, &c. what is very remarkable, there were no riots, nor any trespass whatever committed."

"This morning arrived the sloop Holy Oak, Hugh Davis, Master, with the wardrobe belonging to the Theatre, which has been detained by contrary winds this fortnight past. The sloop was generally thought to be lost in the hard gale this day fortnight; but though she was then out, received no damage- the Theatre will be opened on Monday next."

Last Sat: "a woman was detected stealing 16lb. of woollen yarn, in Keswick market, she was immediately led round the Market Place by the Bell-man, who, at intervals, proclaimed This is the woman who stole the yarn. She was afterwards delivered up to the mob, who drove her a mile out of town."

Mr. George Day, formerly a surgeon in Whitehaven, and his brother Sir John, are now en route for Bengal, in the Indiaman Lord North.

"As we apprehend that many of our Subscribers were not supplied with the Supplement, containing the remainder of the Gazette Extraordinary, given gratis with our last, we request, that such will apply at the Printing Office."

Last Sat, at St. Mary's Carlisle: Mr Samuel Coleman "an eminent Brazier" & Miss Jenny Faulder of Beaumont "with a fortune of 500£".
Last Thu: Mr John Bateman, "Agent Engineer" of Sir James Lowther's Howgill collieries, & Mrs Jackson of Queen Street, Whitehaven, "a widow Lady with a fortune of 5000£."

Last week at Liverpool: Mrs Rogers, wife of Capt. Rogers of Liverpool and daughter of the late Mr Joseph Barwise ("formerly an eminent Grocer" in Whitehaven), "in the bloom of life, much regretted by a numerous acquaintance".
Last Tue, "in an advanced age": Mr John Smith, "many years an under Steward of the Coal Works" near Whitehaven


13 Dec 1777- SHIPPING:

6 Dec- John, Rudd, Wigton; Elizabeth, Woodburn, Dumfries
7 Dec- Kitty, Agnew, Stranraer; Jenny & Betty, Bell, Carlisle
10 Dec- Lynx, Banton, Seas; Joanna, Fisher; Betsey, Armstrong; Integrity, Shepherd; Orange, Losh, Dublin; Eagle Packet, Maxwell, Isleman
11 Dec- Providence, Brown, Dumfries; Prince of Wales, Briggs; Jackson, Sharp; Wells, Collins; Rose, Harrison; Hartley, Fanning; Content, Woodall; Prosperous, Thompson, Dublin; Lark, Anderson, Dunlary; Mary Ann, Robinson, Belfast
12 Dec- Ann & Francis, Whitfield; Nelly, Woodburn; Elizabeth, Fletcher; Lovely Nelly, Postlethwaite, Dublin

8 Dec- Eadentown, Brown, Drogheda; Mary & Jenny, Myler, Wexford; Prosperity, Monkhouse, Plymouth; Thomas, Carrel; Grace, Brownrigg, Dublin; Joyce & Ann, Fearon, Newry
9 Dec- Jenny, Lindsey, Belfast; William, Pennyman; Tryal, Nelson, Dublin; Tanner, Hamilton, Isleman; Mayflower, Barnes, Maryport; Charming Jenny, Carson, Kirkcudbright; Mary & Kitty, Eglon, Wigton
10 Dec- Rigby, Shepherd, Workington; George, Askew; Martha, Hutchinson; Lively, Frears, New York
11 Dec- Nicholas, Lindsey, Water Orr


5 Dec- Mally & Peggy, Donaldson, Dumfries
10 Dec- Lark, Armstrong, Balbriggan; Industry, Hayston, Belfast; Rigby, Losh, Whitehaven
11 Dec- Blessing, Couse, Derbyhaven

4 Dec- Delight, Bulteel; Dove, Hargrove; Clifton, Priestman, Dublin; Ellen, Heart, Ulverstone; Charming Jenny, Casson, Kirkcudbright; Mermaid, Ruth, Harrington; Content, Bouch, Isle Fleet
7 Dec- Sarah, Crosby, Harrington; Nelly, Teare, Ramsay
8 Dec- Betty, Fearon, Dumfries; James, Selby; Deborah, Brockbank; Speedwell, Jackson, Dublin
10 Dec- Dove, Hargrove, Harrington


5 Dec- Birmagime [sic, but see below], Dockray, Dumfries
9 Dec- Mayflower, Barnes, Whitehaven

4 Dec- Hope, Inman; Nelson, Baylis; Rachel & Mary, Smith; Agnes & Betty, Bell; Plaindealer, Thompson; Welcome, Osborn; Britain, Wilson, Dublin; Tindall, Potts, Isleman; Nancy, Hughes, Liverpool
8 Dec- Jenny, Irving, Carlisle
9 Dec- Tryal, Bridges, Dumfries
10 Dec- Thomas & Hannah, Wilson, Dublin; Birmingham, Dockray, Carlisle

Sun, 10.29am, 11.00pm
Mon, 11.31am, 12.02pm
Tue, 12.07am, 12.32pm
Wed, 01.00am, 01.31pm
Thu, 01.59am, 02.25pm
Fri, 02.52am, 03.15pm, clock slow 2m
Sat, 03.39am, 04.02pm

20 Dec 1777:

As in previous issues:
Auction of William Gilpin's property
Estates at Whinbank & Pikaside for sale
Seamen etc. wanted for the Monarch
New Carlisle-London post coach
Wood for sale at Foulsike
David Walker's home brewed ale
Mr Cowan's dancing lessons
Ship Richardson to sail for Dominica etc.
Specific Drops sold in Whitehaven by A. Coutts
Dr. Boerhaaves Leyden Pills sold in Whitehaven by A. Coutts
Fothergel's Restorative Drops sold in Whitehaven by A. Coutts
Stationery etc. lately received from London by A. Coutts
Arminian Magazine, subscriptions from A.Coutts

For sale by auction at the house of John Smith, innkeeper, in St.Bees, 9 Jan, 2pm (unless sold earlier by private contract, of which notice will be given): 2 "new built Dwelling-Houses" (subject to £40 mortgage) on the east side of the street in St. Bees, now occupied by Mr William Bowman as tenant. Leasehold (1,000 years from St. Bees free Grammar School governors, yearly free rent 1d). To view, contact Mr Bowman; further particulars from Mr Heywood, Whitehaven.

Wanted immediately "by a Master in full Employment" in Whitehaven, several journeymen tailors: "they may depend upon good Work and Wages." Apply at the Chronicle office. Note on current rumours of press-gangs: "The Report prevalent in the Country, that there is an Impress at Whitehaven, is entirely without Foundation." Dated 20 Dec.

Thomas Bowes of Moor in Millom gives notice that as his wife Mary Bowes "has threatened to live separate from me, and as it is likely that such Separation will shortly take place" he warns that he will not be answerable for any debts she may contract after the date of this notice: 16 Dec.

"His MAJESTY'S Servants" will perform the comedy "She Stoops to Conquer", with the farce "Bon Ton, or High Life Above Stairs" at the Theatre in Whitehaven on 22 Dec, at 6pm. Miss Hardcastle will be played by Miss Adcock, "Being her first Appearance on this Stage". Boxes 2/6; Pis 2/-; Gallery 1/-. Tickets and reservations for the Boxes at A. Coutts: "To prevent the Disappointment some have experienced, by the Box-Book being sent out, the Managers request it ass a favour that Ladies and Gentlemen will either call themselves, or send their Servants, to take Places for the Boxes." No performance on Christmas Eve, but there will be performances on the Friday and Saturday. The company are currently rehearsing the comedy "A New Way to Pay Old Debts" and the tragedy "The Orphan of China".

20 Dec 1777- NEWS:
Whitehaven: "The Theatre here was opened on Monday evening, when the Comic Opera, called Lionel and Clarissa was perfoemed to a very genteel audience; on Wednesday The Countess of Salisbury, and last night The Double Mistake, written on the plan of the Duenna was represented to a brilliant assembly. The performances of this week have been received with universal applause; and from the great care Messrs. Austin and Whitlock take to have every piece performed in the highest dramatic taste, it is generally believed that the Town will be highly entertained this season."

Tue morning, when the Eagle Packet (Capt. Maxwell) was off Mackrel's Head, William Moorland, one of the seamen, fell overboard while shaking a reef out of the mainsail, and was drowned.

Whitehaven, Thu night: "some unlucky boys made much disturbance in the Market-Place, which greatly alarmed several families". Some were identified, "and it is said that complaints have been lodged against them" with the appropriate authorities.

Whitehaven: "We hear that the Magistrates, and Principal Inhabitants of thlis town, intend to meet at Mr. John Buck's, on Tuesday next, to give directions for prosecuting any cartmen, &c. who shall hereafter be found riding on their horses or carts, in the streets. And also all those who shall suffer their swine to go at large, within the limits of the town."

"General Burgoyne's letter to Lord George Germain, dated Albany, Oct. 20th. containing an account of his motions from the 13th of September until the time of his surrender, will be given gratis to our Subscribers on Monday- the whole of the particulars, contained in the Gazette, would nearly form half a weekly paper."...

POEM: "ELEGY On the Death of Miss SCOTT, of ST. BEES" by "Academicus"

"HARK!- from the gloom of yonder ancient fane,
What means yon deep, yon sad funereal toll,
That solemn sounds along the list'ning plain,
And strikes with reverential awe the soul?

And why does Grief, with all her haggard train,
Disturb the tranquil peace of Bega's shore?
Why are those bow'rs, where still the Muses reign,
The scenes of joy and calm content no more?

CORDELIA's dead!- Ye young! ye gay, attend!
Let Admonition her sad tale relate!
CORDELIA's dead!- Can youth, can charms defend
Their frail possessors from their destin'd fate?

Her's was the blooming beauty of the Spring,
When opening flowers their early sweets disclose."

20 Dec 1777- SHIPPING:

12 Dec- John & Peter, Fennal, Colerain
13 Dec- Adventure, White, Isleman; Holy Oak, Davis, Chester; Paggy, Ramsey, Wicklow; Radcliffe, Hodgson; Mary, Reed, Dublin; Jane & Sally, Nelson, Whithorn
14 Dec- William, Kearman, Liverpool; Mary & Betty, Boadle, Waterford; Pitt, Key, Isleman; Liberty, Brockbank, Dublin
15 Dec- Cavendish, Satterthwaite; Ann, Casteel, Peelafouther; Nancy, Spedding, Workington; Renown, Curwen, Dublin
16 Dec- Betty, Little, Harrington
17 Dec- Open Boat, Curwen, Maryport

13 Dec- Duchess, Aikin, Workington; Jenny & Betty, Bell, Sarkfoot
14 Dec- Nelly, Briggs, Water Orr; Venus, Kirk, Kirkcudbright; Industry, Cragg; Ann, Diggs; Bolton, Watson; St. Bees, Whailey; Hussar, Gurley, Seas
15 Dec- Mary, Conkey, Dundalk; Mary & Betty, Jackson; Cumberland, Fleming; Mally, Messenger; Friends Adventure, Andrews; Allison, Adamson; Hector, Pearson; Charlotte, Stuart; William, Thompson; Bella, Steele; Dallamtower, Fell; Boyne, Coulthard; Ann & Mary, Culson; Mally, Caffrey; Juno, Jackson; Powell, Huddlestone; Catharine, Williams; Truelove, Littledale; Assistance, Farish; Williamson, Phillipton; Blessing, Curwen; Fox, Salkeld; Garland, Piper; Ledger, Hodgson; Dash, Corkhill; Olive Branch, Angus; Seaflower, Gibbins; Good Intent, Barnes; Westmorland, Ellison; Howgill, McDonald; William & Thomas, Piper; William, Watson; James, Thompson; William & Nancy, Cannon; Tryal, Ryley; Kitty, Fisher; Hannah, Mossop; Isabella, Newton; Britannia, Allison; Curwen, Younghusband; Resolution, Banks; Lowther & Senhouse, Hinde; Senhouse, Watson; Ann, Rudd; John & Mary, Mayson; Vigilant, Williamson, Dublin; Granville, Williams, Belfast; Elizabeth, Woodburn, Gottenburgh; Glory, Jackson, London; Littledale, Kelsick, Cork; Eagle Packet, Maxwell, Isleman
16 Dec- Friendship, Pearson; Benn, McMellon; Betsy, Younghusband; Peggy, Ramsey, Dublin; Lively, Frears, New York
17 Dec- Betty, Wood, Dublin
18 Dec- Renown, Curwen, Harrington; William, Kearman, Isleman; Edward, Naddy, Wexford; Lark, Anderson; Nelly, Woodburn; Rupert, Braithwaite; Chriswell, Johnson, Dublin


10 Dec- Experiment, Collins; Nancy, Collins; Phoenyx, Metcalf, Dublin; Sally, Bell, Drogheda
11 Dec- Griffin, Potts, Belfast; Marigold, Steel, Strangford; Royal Oak, Gibson; Draper, Carter; Betty, Hodgson; Matilda, Dickinson, Dublin
12 Dec- Patience, Martindale, [Dublin?]
13 Dec- Cookson, Robinson; Lion, Harrison, Dublin
15 Dec- Jenny, Banner, Dumfries
16 Dec- Tryal, Holiday, Dumfries

13 Dec- Kirkham, Bone, Dublin
14 Dec- Brothers, Peele; Ann & Francis, Borriskell, Dublin; Ranger, Graham, Wigton
15 Dec- Mary & Betty, Thornburn; Bella, Thursby; Friends Adventure, Barnes; Phoenix, Metcalf, Dublin; Mayflower, Barnes, Lancaster
17 Dec- Matilda, Bell; Griffin, Potts, Dublin

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SUPPLEMENT introduction:
"We hardly need make any apology for not inserting this letter, in the Chronicle of Saturday, as its extraordinary length speaks sufficiently in our behalf, when it is considered we are engaged to publish our paper within ten hours after the arrival of the Post- and as our well known impartiality would have suffered, in the opinion of the Public, had we curtailed this intelligence, having before given what was good news entire. The remainder of the Gazette, will appear in the Chronicle of Saturday next. At the same time assuring our Readers that we will not, on any occasion, curtail the good news and publish the bad undiminished; well knowing that a strict impartiality best becomes the servants of the Public.

27 Dec 1777:

As in previous issues:
Houses at St. Bees for sale
Auction of William Gilpin's property
Mary Bowes separation warning
Seamen etc. wanted for the Monarch
Ship Richardson for Dominica etc.
Arminian Magazine, subscriptions from A. Coutts
Dr Boerhaave's Leyden Pills sold by A. Coutts
Specific Drops sold by A. Coutts
Fothergel's Drops sold by A. Coutts
Stationery etc. sold by A. Coutts [with additional note of Alamanacs for sale]
New post coach, Carlisle to London

For sale by auction at Mr Haile's Coffee Room, Whitehaven, 1 Jan 1778: the good brig Beaver (c50 tons burthen) & the sloop Linnet (c45 tons burthen) "with all their materials as they arrived from the Sea, well calculated for the Coal or Coasting Trade; are well found and ready to proceed on a Voyage". Inventories at the place of sale. To buy in private sale, contact Fletchers & Co., who also "have for sale choice Madeira Wine; Dantzick and Riga Oak Logs, of Different Sizes; Hogshead and Barrel Staves; two and a Half and three Inch Dantzick Deck Plank; White Herrings from the North Isle of Man, Fishery; a few Bales of Grenada Cotton.

Farm to let at Rowrah, Lamplugh parish, belonging to Mrs Skelton; term negotiable. Good condition, "well watered and fenced, with a good Dwelling House and suitable Out-Buildings, all in very good Repair", adjoining Arlecdon and Lamplugh Commons "in which it has an unlimited right; also the Brother Stint in Ennerdale." Enquiries to John Skelton; "N.B. The Farmer may have a few Sheep with the Estate, if he chuses." Dated 27 Dec.

To be performed by His Majesty's Servants at the Theatre, Roper Street, Whitehaven, 29 Dec: "The DOUBLE MISTAKE; Written on the Plan of the DUENNA. With all the Original Music, Songs, Trios, Catches and Glees, as performed with Universal Applause, one Hundred Nights, at the Theatre-Royal in London. ... The Dresses entirely new and procured at a great Expence". With the farce "A Trip to Scotland; OR Cupid turn'd Driver. (As performed at Drury-Lane with great Applause). Boxes 2/6; Pis 2/-; Gallery 1/-. "To begin exactly at Six o'Clock. Vivant Rex & Regina."

Egremont Inclosure: third meeting to be held at the King's Arms, Egremont (house of John Benson, innholder), 7 Jan 1778, 9am to 6pm, to hear objections to claims etc. Dated 20 Dec, signed John Steeble, Robert Wilkinson, John Hodgkin.

27 Dec 1777- NEWS:
Grain prices at Carlisle market last Sat: wheat 16s to 17/6; barley 7s to 8s; oats 5s to 5/6; grey pease 9/6; beans 10s.

National news of local interest: "The bounty of 5£ for every able seaman, and 2£ 18s for every ordinary one, ceasing on the 31st instant, his Majesty, with the advice of his Council, has extended the time limited to the 28th of February next."

Whitehaven, Tue evening: Mr Cowan, dancing-master, had his ball at Mr Watson's Assembly Room, Albion Street "where his pupils performed the Minuet, Cotillion, &c. before a genteel and crowded assembly, with a degree of propriety that reflects great honour on their Master." Cowna's school at Carlisle opens 12 Jan.

"A few days ago, an attempt was made to break into the house of Mr. Joseph Hutchinson, at St. Bees. The thieves had forced the window open, and took away a few small articles within their reach- it is supposed they were frightened from their purpose, by some person passing by, before they could make a fair entry."

Whitehaven, this morning: Workington mariner John Grisdale was found drowned in the harbour; "he has left a wife, and several children."

"Last Sunday evening, a funeral sermon was preached, before a very crowded and genteel audience, in the Dissenting Meeting-House at Carlisle, by the Rev. Mr. Miln, from these words,- Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord. Rev. xiv, 13. The discourse was so emphatic, and the character of that good man drawn in such lively and affecting colours, that it drew tears from most of the audience."

Tue last week at Alstone: Thomas Graham Esq. of Carlisle & "the accomplished and agreeable Miss Ann Whitfield" of Clairgill "with a fortune of 70,000£".
Last week: Mr Henry Fleming, merchant of Whitehaven, & Miss Rothery of Church Street, Whitehaven.
Lately at Millom Church: Mr Cragg, age 71, & Miss Pearson, age 20.
Last Tue: Capt. William Reed, & Miss Jane Kirk of Kelsick Lane.

Last Thu at Carlisle, in his 49th year: Thomas Benson Esq., steward to the Duke of Portland, "a man whose private and public virtues render him a real loss to Society, the poor in particular, in him have lost a most benevolent and sympathising friend."

"Within this fortnight we have received a variety of Literary Articles, from our Correspondents, to enumerate which would take up more room than we can conveniently spare, but such as are deemed worthy of insertion, will be laid before our Readers as soon as possible."


Infirmo capiti fluo utilis; utilitis Alveo.

Come taste of my waters, pellucid and pure,
Your health to preserve, your diseases to cure;
had I but appear'd upon classical ground,
Of my virtues, long since, you'd all heard the sound.
Like the fountains which FLACCUS so merrily sings,
Or of Baiae, the noted salubrious springs,
Why silent ye Muses? Your Helicon fam'd
Was inferior to me- Why should I not be nam'd?
What tho' I'm obscure, and the Bards have forgot me,
Kind Nature an ample reward does allot me,
Not Harrowgate, noted, nor Scarborough Spa,
Not Buckstone, nor Matlock, nor Tunbridge can shew
A catalogue larger, of services done,
Than I, by my medical virtues, alone.
Think not I'm a quack, who his nostrums displays.
Let facts bear the test, and ascertain my praise;
Bear witness ye miserable cripples, who came
From far distant borders, weak, sickly, and lame.
Slow crawling on crutches, when, by my fresh aid,
Your muscular systems athletic were made:
Invigoured, robust, to your country you go,
Without crutch or staff, as my records do shew.
Be witness ye neighbouring gentry, all round
The three nearest counties, my praise ye resound;
Who gratefully own, what I have done, and do,
And annually pay me a visit or two.
But my favourite BIRCH, and LETHAM also,
My steady friend PARR, and EGLANBY too,
My dear foster sons, whom I nurs'd, with great care,
And reliev'd from complaints most shocking to hear:
Their lives I prolong'd, by the blessing divine,
And they, in my annals, deservedly shine.
 I'M always cathartic, both gentle and easy,
And, drank with discretion, will never displease ye.
If emetic, I prove, 'tis to some country clown,
Who too rash, and too greedily, swallows me down.
My virtues detergent obstructions remove,
And for scurvy, and itch, I a remedy prove;
Cuaneous, and leprous, complaints I relieve,
And those whom oedematous tumours do grieve.
You libertines too, come, be not afraid,
And soft macaronies, accept my kind aid.
Despise not my potions, I greatly compose
Your vessels inflate with an over-night's dose;
Your intestines, by refrigeration, I heal,
And the stomach prepare for an ensuing meal.
In short, were my virtues, with truth, represented,
My avenues, htere, would be much more frequented.
My rivals may trumpet it loud as they will,
Let mine be the province, my work to fulfil.

Hail! happiest corner of this happy isle,
Hail! happy natives of this favourite soil,
Where sea and land, where rocks and woods unite
To yield support, health, profit, and delight;
Where, rarely, if some ailment interfere,
A cheap, and wholesome, med'cine's plac'd so near.
Thrice happy ye! Who in this blest abode,
Grateful, and just, in Virtue's paths have trode,
And live to praise, and magnify, your GOD.

27 Dec 1777- SHIPPING:

19 Dec- Birmingham, Dockray, Carlisle; Eagle Packet, Maxwell, Isleman
20 Dec- Prosperity, Piper; Beaver, Flinn; Love, Machell, Dublin; Industry, Howard, Isleman; Kitty, Jones, Duddon; John & Peter, Clair, Ulverstone; Mayflower, Jackson, Lancaster; Aggy & Sally, Blackburn; Leven, Saterthwaite, Peelafouther
21 Dec- Peggy & Betty, Kennall, Isleman; James & Ann, Peele, Dunlary; Thomas, Carrel, Mallowhide
22 Dec- Boscawen, Smith, Liverpool; Echo, Allison; Ann, Sturgeon; Eaden Town, Brown; John & Thomas, Yowart; Thomas, Westray; Tryon, Martindale; Seaflower, Slater, Dublin
23 Dec- Dove, Dargue, Cork; Lowther, Lawrence, Kingsail; Saltom, Dawson, Waterford; Musgrave, Sibson, Dublin; Lark, Harrison, Cork

19 Dec- Jane & Sally, Nelson; Kitty, Agnew, Stranraer; Providence, Harris, Dumfries; Cavendish, Saterthwaite, Peelafouther; Adventure, Knail, Isleman; Lynx, Banton, Seas; Nancy, Spedding, Workington; Friends, Fisher, Dublin
20 Dec- Birmingham, Dockray, Maryport; Hartley, Fanning, Dublin; Holy Oak, Davis, Carnarvon
21 Dec- John, Rudd, Wigton; Hannah, Casteel, Inverary; Aggy & Sally, Blackburn, Sarkfoot
23 Dec- Eagle Packet, Maxwell; Industry, Howard, Isleman
24 Dec- Dido, Telfer, Glasgow; John & Peter, Fennall, Dungarvon
25 Dec- Mary Ann, Robinson, Newrey; Peggy & Betty, Kinnall; Pitt, Key, Isleman


19 Dec- Rose, Steel, Dublin
20 Dec- Peggy, Simond, Lancaster
21 Dec- Clifton, Priestman, Drogheda; Truelove, Curwen. Waterford
24 Dec- Jenny, Irven, Dumfries

19 Dec- Rigby, Shepherd, Liverpool
20 Dec- Endeavour, Atkinson; Warrington, Ashley; Lark, Armstrong, Dublin